Erika Pole Dance

Leirekasten Hungarian Pole Dancer Munich

Germany – Part 3 of 3 One Night in Munich

After finishing with Kaira in Munich’s Leirekasten bordello, I went downstairs with a smile to take in the scene a bit more before heading back.  The fun atmosphere was opposite of the subdued Skyriver in Kuala Lumpur. Soon enough it was time to go and I hailed an Uber.

Waiting for my ride

It would be 18 long minutes so I thought “why don’t I do one more round” of walking around before it arrived. Mostly I saw the same girls though there were a few other girls that were now free, but there weren’t any must haves.

I was heading down when a petite smiling blonde named Giulia caught my eye.  The giggly Giula kind of looked like Ivanka Trump. She was a doll and I chatted with her, smiled and moved my fingers toward her cleavage which was barely held in place by loose lingerie.  I wanted to flip her black lace to the side but with restraint I subdued my desires. I wanted her but I wasn’t yet recuperated so I continued heading back down.

Change of Plans

By now I had decided that Giula was a must. I cancelled the Uber and sat around a bit more, recuperating for Giulia. Moments later, another girl had caught my eye. She was tall, skinny, had a European esque chiseled face, black pointy rimmed glasses and pulled back curly black hair. Her look was mesmerizing. She didn’t laugh much or chat much with people, appearing not too friendly.

Leirekasten munich pole dance
Erika Pole Dance

The music started up and she and two other girls got up on the poles and danced. Her butt was right in my face for the first round. She mesmerized me even more.She did a second round on another table and pulled her top down for the encore of her dance, revealing her gorgeous bare breasts. I wanted her body, her looks, but I knew the bubbly Giulia was perfect for me. Feeling ready, I went upstairs to see Giulia and as luck would have it, her door was closed. Hoping for the best, I went back downstairs to wait a little while more.

bordello closed
Door Closed

After lounging around some more, the black hair girl came over and asked me if I wanted to have some fun. I said give me 5 minutes as I’m waiting for someone. Five minutes later, I went upstairs and Giulia’s door was still closed. It was getting late so it would be now or never.

Alternate Reality

I remembered the following events as lasting an eternity, but in my video, it was really a just a few seconds.

Returning downstairs again, the girl had sat next to some guy trying to chat up some business. After what seemed to be a millennium, she stood up and started walking away. I sighed relief and went up to her and said, “Let’s go”. She took me by the hand, and led me through a door behind the bar that said “VIP”. Crap… we never talked price… would this cost a fortune through the VIP door?

Video of Erika

We reached her room down the hall and turned out to be €100 for 30. I told her I only have a €100 and just enough remaining for a taxi. She wanted me to spend more time and more money with her, alerting me to the ATM out front. Thanks but no thanks.

My First Hungarian

Her name was Erika, 25 from Hungary. I initially thought she would be cold but she loved to tease and skillfully used her hands to rocket my senses off the chart. Seldom seen from a brothel girl, was her ability to use her eyes, and she used them well to seduce. When we were about to kiss, she held off when just millimeters away, part of her seductive tease.

Hungarian whore
Erika Profile Photo

Her breasts were amazing tender soft pear shaped B-cups. They looked good and they felt so warm and supple in my hands. Her nipples and areola were perfect and tender. Not too small, large and dark. Just perfect.

Her mouth was skilful, using it to put a condom on me as I played endlessly with her perfect breasts. There may have been a blow job, but I was so captivated by her eyes, breasts and seduction, everything else just seemed to be white noise. I do remember myself having a gigantic grin as I soaked it all in. My play eventually moved on to her pussy and she said “NO”. It wasn’t all not that uncommon so I didn’t protest and moved on.


She laid on her back and offered herself to me, but covered her shaved pussy, blocking the view. No view of the pussy? I was a little disappointed but I thought to myself, this just goes with the game and not the first time this has happened to me. She helped me in but wouldn’t let me lift her legs in the air. “NO” was her remark. We started the deed and I went to suck on her nipples and it was again, “NO.” No sucking of the nipples is fairly common, but this was the third NO and I was starting to get annoyed.

Soon enough I wanted doggy to see her ass from behind. “NO”… What? Another NO?!! Are you kidding me?!! Doggy is standard, I’m not asking for a pile driver or a face fuck! Perhaps she just took a shit and didn’t clean her ass? What girl doesn’t do doggie? You don’t even have to look at the ugly guy’s face and disgusting body. Did a shameless monger slip off a condom and put it in from behind her?

Nonetheless, this was the 4th “NO” and things really began to sour. We went back to missionary and she blocked the view again. Strangely she would look at me with insanely passionate eyes with my every thrust despite all the “NO NO NO NO”. It was explosion time and “perfect” was her response. Weird. Awkward.


It was now chit chat time and she talked about having been in Germany for 4 years and now living here permanently. She does go back to Hungary once in awhile. I looked at her beautiful breasts once more, got cleaned up and dressed. One last hug, a cheek to cheek kiss and a last squeeze of her butt and she walked me back out to the bar.


I was very happy that I had visited Leierkasten despite all the obstacles through the week. I had missed the FKK but this Laufhaus experience was splendid. Two hot girls and even though I didn’t score a blonde, I was fully satisfied. I was able to record some video and everything worked out. With that I hailed an Uber and strolled back into my hotel around 3:30am. Several hours later I would leave Germany.

This one night in Munich was not bad at all. Each girl cost €100 . €10 spent at the bar so it was a total of €210 for two girls plus a drink. Not bad for a once in a lifetime experience as I’m usually fucking Asian girls (except for my last visit to Hong Kong  ). However when I factor in the €110 I spent for taxi/Uber rides, it gets a little pricey. €320 euro ($360 USD) for two girls but still cheaper than one girl in Japan.  I’m OK with spending that amount for a once in a lifetime but when I think about it. I could have had 7 Mainland girls at Skyriver  in Malaysia.

In the end I had a great time and I’m so glad I sucked it up and went to Leierkasten. With that I bid Munich and Germany farewell and auf wiedersehen.

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By Mr Q

5 thoughts on “Leirekasten Hungarian Pole Dancer Munich”

  1. It’s always like this with Eastern European women, they know how pretty they are and how desired they are! After Reading this I think that I take down Múnich from my mongering destination, mongering in places like Ámsterdam, Brussels, Germany, Denmark etc is all about the hustle! Sometimes I look up escorts in northern european cities I see like an extra rate for changing postions, kissing according to sympathy…and I can’t help to shake my head – here in Madrid an indepdendent Eastern european escort might charge you extra from cim and bbbj, but not for chaning positions! The other day this russian whore charged me 30€ extra for a cim, but I think that once she had 5 day worth of cum in her mouth she regreted it! XD

  2. I for sure would like to visit Munich sometime with a return to Germany. I have experienced both the Laufhaus setup and the FKK and can tell you that the Laufhaus was a sideline compared to the FKK. More likely to get the PSE and GFE in an FKK and the mechanical experience in a Bordello. I guess you need to do more interview up front and less just go with the flow when you have an experience like the No no no girl. She looks hot, like a superstar but often choosing the superstar results in the starfish performance. Good report but you have still missed the best of mongering in Germany by not experiencing your first FKK

    1. I’m really behind and I did go back to Germany for two FKK visits several months later. I even went back to Lierekasten and yes and even chose a starfish and knowing exactly what I was walking into =)

      However the previous girl Kaira… She was an absolute gem… Which are rare in these bordellos

      1. Ok, look forward to reading your FKK reports. It was a few years ago now I did a few FKKS, although an entrance fee, sex with the girls was 50e for 30 mins. and often that would include BBBJ and DFK, raising it to 100e would often include CIM or anal. In fact some of the best looking girls I have been with and some of the best sex was in FKKs. Goldentime in Vienna though was my favorite. But like all other areas of mongering I am reading the experience is not what it was.

        With the superstar starfish experience, I have had one or two girls in the past hold there hands between their legs, this was because they wanted to avoid deep penetration, which would fit in with the limited service she was offering you once paid up and in her room. This is why mongers have developed the interview and prefer to not pay up front, i know the latter is just not going to happen in some parts of the world.

        Thanks for the honest report.

        I think I have almost developed a 6th sense for filtering out these girls regardless of their looks

  3. “She laid on her back and offered herself to me, but covered her shaved pussy, blocking the view. No view of the pussy?”

    This would have made me worried about STDs, ie. herpes sores, warts, etc.

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