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Due to work and the need to make some money I am not out travelling and mongering around Asia as much as I used to or as much as I would like to, at least not yet.  I am not a professional monger unlike John Tron from Asian Sex Diary who is always on the road updating his diary daily.  So in the meantime I would like to share with you some of the best girls from Asian sex diary.

Asian Sex Diary Thailand

Most mongers begin the hobby in Thailand visiting sin cities like Bangkok and Pattaya.  Its a great crack and with the proper hunting skills and cash in the wallet quality pussy can be nailed.

Asian sex diary
Pattaya sex diary

I love this cute Thai girl picked up by Asian sex diary on tour in Pattaya, love that neat tidy hairy pussy.  The main mongering areas around Pattaya are still soi 6 if you like budget pussy and it to be seedy, else there are the overpriced gogos of walking street and the late night discos where you could pick up a semi pro Thai cutie still.

Asian Sex Dairy Philippines

After you get used to Thailand and fancy something different your hear alot about the mongering and Filipino pussy thats available in the Philippines places like Angeles and Manila.

filipino sex diary
menchie filipino pussy

If your a lucky punter you just might find yourself a cute Filipino teen girlfriend like menchie who features in Asian Sex diary members area regularly, one of John Trons personal favourites and can see why.

rebecka hairy pussy
hairy filipino pussy

Rebecca is another of my filipino favorities from John Trons Asian Sex Diary.  Those tits! that pussy!  Good thing with Filipino girls is they speak good English and many have curves, I mean tits n ass! tits n ass!  I am intending to spend more time mongering in the Philippines when I next return to Asia for an extended sex vacation.

Asian Sex Dairy Indonesia

A four hour flight from Bangkok my mongering hub is Jakarta in Indonesia and mongering in Indonesia is good despite it being a Muslim country.  John Tron is a professional monger and often takes a trip to Indonesia.

Indonesian pussy

Oh man, I just love the natural hairy Indo pussy on Etno who was actually banged in Bangdung.  So many places to explore in Indonesia, the girls are curvy,  known as the latinas of Asia, its cheap, but its on the edge of the world, Muslim and a bit chaotic.

Asian Sex Dairy Cambodia

Another top destination for mongering in Asia is Cambodia.  Phnom Penh is my favourite.  Its a different mongering scene to Thailand, Khmer girls are more reserved, but you can still find some beauties working in the hostess bars down street 136 in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia girl naked
Cambodian tits

This is only a small taste of all the Asian cuties in the Asian Sex Diary archives.  Asian sex diary is updated daily.  Mongerplanet is an affiliate of Asian Sex Diary.

If you are planning a sex vacation to Asia you really should become a member of Asian sex diary, you will learn everything you need to know, where to go and be able to watch 1000’s of Asian girls being fucked in John Trons hotel room.  You will also be helping sites like mongerplanet stay afloat in these difficult times.

13 thoughts on “Best of Asian Sex Diary”

    1. Thailand is always a good place to start off your sex vacation to Asia visiting Bangkok and Pattaya. You tend to go a few times and then want something different, Its then only a 1 hour flight to Phnom Penh to experience the beautiful Cambodian hostess bars girls. Then you will do a longer flight of 4 hours to the Philippines visiting Manila and Angeles where the girls are more curvy, cheaper and all speak good English. All these Asian mongering destinations have their pros and cons. Thailand is good because of its infrastructure but the mongering is not what it used to be, so best go soon. I would plan a trip to visit Thailand Philippines and Cambodia. I love Indonesian girls but not so keen on Indonesia

      1. thank you for your reply.i know thailand is not what it used to be and are british pounds does not go very far i will try philippines .pay more for hotels there but girls are cheaper and speak english .monger forever

  1. John Tron’s liberty is at risk if he returns again to Cambodia. One of the hookers he paid to fuck and filmed has made a formal complaint to police after she discovered her sex tape on his site which she did not authorise.
    I know the girl in question and she tells me she gave John Trons real identity to police. She said he could be arrested at a port of entry if he returns to Cambodia.
    The crime in Cambodia is classified as sex trafficking and carries 25 years maximum penalty.

    Apparently, police in Vietnam and Thailand are looking for him too.

    1. It does not surprise me. Its only a matter of time before his antics catch up with him. Its one thing to make a mongers porn site but another to film the girls in secret and without consent.

    1. lol next to adverts for hot dating in Bali. its just a story, which sells. Anyone can determine he is german, an ip address means nothing, he will be using VPN via Germany wherever he is. If you join an take a look in the members area he reveals all his secret tricks. One of the main selling features of the site is that its BANNED! and the police are after him. Are you a monger? or do gooder?

  2. He is also wanted by police in Indonesia.

    “Police in Bali are investigating a man, alleged to be German, who is widely known across virtual porn communities for recording ‘sex diaries’ in the region.

    An entry apparently in Bali, entitled ‘Asd Ria From Bali’ (Asd meaning Asian Sex Diary), prompted the investigation.

    The nearly 45-minute-long video that has reportedly already garnered tens of thousands of views since it was posted last week shows the notorious bule, ‘John Tron,’ having sex with a young woman who he identifies as Ria. Scenes show Tron picking up Ria—who is said to be just 18 years old—at a restaurant and bringing her back to his hotel. The location in the video is believed to be Sanur.”

  3. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, well at least in Germany. Asia is a different story. There they arrest you first then make up the law later. Anyway, as ASD is a mainstream porn site accepting major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard from People in the USA and UK, there is no way it doesn’t have 2257 records: a release from every performer, a copy of photo ID from every performer. Likely these bitches just cry wolf when they realize their videos are on the internet. ASD can IP block Cambodia from viewing the site, but anyone can download from ASD and upload on Pornhub where everyone in Cambodia can see it anyway.

    The worst thing about ASD is that whores in Asia are now sometimes not wanting to let you video the sex. The funny part is now back in the west the regular women are all acting like whores and voluntarily taking nude pictures of themselves for free and putting them on the internet!

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