smooci escort booking

Smooci Escort Booking

The future of Escort booking in Asia

The escorting world has been hit by some major changes over the past 2 months. Firstly by the closure of (and its sister site, which was without doubt the largest escort booking platform in the world; shut down by the FBI investigating people trafficking and money laundering charges.

This followed new US laws and the SESTA/FOSTA act, which in turn encourage several other major escort platforms to close, most notably Craigslist’s ‘personals’ section, which was the second largest Escort booking platform in many regions of the world.

In Asia, where Backpage and Craigslist were undoubtedly the two largest sites for hooking up with freelancers, agency escorts, and girls looking for pay4play dates, there are still several major escort directories around, most of which are very simple listings and traditional style sites. But there is also one notable newcomer, looking to be the industry’s game-changer;

What is Smooci?

Smooci appeared in Bangkok just over a year ago and by the end of 2017 it had become the biggest Escort booking platform in Thailand (and that was before the closure of backpage).

smooci bangkok escorts
smooci bangkok escorts

On first look Smooci is very simple; You click ‘search’, input the time and duration you want the girl for, and you get a page of ‘live’ results which you can filter by service and price. The first thing you notice is the large number of girls on show, with around 70-90 girls available in Bangkok during peak hours. The other thing which is impressive is the prices. The costs are as diverse as the quality of girls, with some girls starting at under 3,000 Baht for 2 shots, which is competitive even with street and gogo bar prices.

What really makes Smooci stand out from the competition is the ratings and user comments. Unlike other directories and agency sites where comments are open to all and become slagging matches, self-promotion, and totally unreliable, Smooci has a system which means all comments and ratings are verified as being genuine (we will pick that up again in a bit). This has created a great community-led reputation system, rewarding the best girls and agencies and giving the clients a more informed choice.

When a client wants to make a booking they simply click to book the escort and fill in their details. How Smooci basically works is that all the escorts using Smooci have an app. Using the app they can indicate when they are online and available, meaning all results are live, and when you send a booking through it goes direct to the app, with the Escort given 10 minutes to accept the booking, or it is automatically rejected and the client can pick again.

Uber for Escorts

The prize feature of Smooci is its tracking. Claiming to be the Uber for Escorts, Smooci allows premium members to track their date to their door, just like you would an Uber or Grab taxi.
Using the app, the Escorts notify the client when they are on their way, which in turn sends a tracking link to the client (we are told that the link doesn’t centre in on the girl’s accurate location until they have moved a safe distance from their start location). No more wondering if/when your evening’s entertainment will arrive, now you can see exactly when they are on the way and get an accurate idea of when they will arrive.
While this is a great feature, the best part about tracking bookings via GPS is being able to confirm bookings as being genuine to a high level of certainty, which is how Smooci are able to claim the comments and ratings as being genuine, and in turn offers the client ‘gold’, giving them unique and highly valuable information.

Premium memberships

While GPS tracking and being able to read the comments are ‘premium features’ Smooci premium memberships are very reasonably priced, currently at $9 for a 3 day membership, $25 for a 1 month membership, and $99 for a yearlong membership, with all payments not recurring (meaning no sneaky rebilling).
You can also use Smooci as a free user, with full ability to make the live searches, see the user ratings, and get SMS updates throughout the booking, without paying Smooci a single cent.

The future of Smooci

Smooci could well be the future of Escort booking in Asia. The system is something the industry desperately needs, and they have recently launched in Manila, with several large agencies on board and around 60-80 girls online in Manila during peak hours.

smooci escorts manila
smooci manila

Smooci have also mentioned that they are planning to launch in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, and Pattaya in the near future. And I am also told that before the end of the year they are planning larger launches in Japan, Korea, and some major European locations.   Smooci.

5 thoughts on “Smooci Escort Booking”

  1. I think I would rather have a escort delivered to me (or me going to their place) that doing the whole club thing, I haven’t mongered since October last year, but I wanna get back in track, I am seeing some hot ass escorts online, and these are the type of women you only fuck once

  2. SESTA fosta is just poor legislation. Give it a few months and everything will just move offshore and it will be business as usual.

    Even worse is that trusted verified review sites such as The Erotic Review was shut down within the US, but still operate outside the US. Due to the illegal nature of sex work in the US, trusted verified sites are very important to weed out law enforcement and low end Johns. is picking up steam at the moment to fill some of the backpage gap.

  3. Researching new places i noticed this header on the international sex guide forum

    Due to unnamed reasons, our credit card processor has informed us (May 21, 2018) that the bank with whom they work will no longer accept any traffic or transactions (their words) from the United States of America in relation to this website. We do not know when, exactly, the ban will go into affect, but we are assuming immediately. Obviously, this impacts anyone wishing to buy a subscription to make full use of our site.

    Our hobby is under attack. Also the UK is considering changing the law on prostitution to be like Ireland, Sweden, where it is an offence to pay for sex! to attempt to squash demand. The UK due to it being legal is deemed a soft touch for criminal gangs and people trafficking, there has been a proliferation of pop up brothels and foreign girls working them.

  4. I really enjoy your reports, but I can’t believe you think 3000 baht is “competitive even with street and gogo bar prices.” I was in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Pattaya during March and April 2018 and
    even though I’m 70, I never paid more than 1000 baht for unlimited shots. Street girls tended to come at around 500 to 700 baht and bar girls between 700 and 1000 baht. The highest quote I got in 2 months was 2000 baht and even she settled on 1000 for an hour of unlimited fun.

    Maybe it’s because I put experience and performance ahead of looks. I have no time for primadonas who think they are god’s gift but are clueless about sex. Nor do I like skinny, tiny-tltted bar girls who are only interested in money. Give me anytime, a woman who genuinely enjoys sex, likes kissing, has a busty figure and she will always win my attention.

    1. 1,000 Baht? You get what you pay for. 1,000 Baht would get a decent looking girl in 2004 but today it’s low level street meat.

      3,000 Baht is very competitive with bar/gogo prices. Maybe not with the low end street whores but the average Bangkok Gogo girl is going to be around the 2-3k mark for bar fine and her money, and that doesn’t pencil in the fact you’ll probably have 2-3 drinks and a 1-2 drinks for her, taking it closer to the 4k mark. Most gogo bar fines are close to 1,000 Baht alone.

      The GPs tracking doesn’t interest me so much, but 3,000 Baht for a decent looking girl, a level of security, and the verified reveiws and ratings – I’ll definitely be giving it a try for a few early afternoon and rainy day meetings.

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