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Mongering Malta Paceville

Having to take a weeks break over Christmas I not really fancy sitting around at home so was looking for a short-haul trip somewhere maybe with some sunshine and some mongering options would be nice.  After much deliberation I decided to visit the island of Malta in the Mediterranean.

First trip to Malta

Other contenders for Malta was a return to Gambia or my first trip to Casablanca in Morocco.   Another option in winter is always the Canary islands and Cape Verde but was not getting good options for flights hotels.   Eventually I booked a hotel in the heart of the action and nightlife Paceville Saint Julians Malta.

Early morning 3 hour flight to Malta from London via Easyjet.  Its approx 20 euro taxi fare from the airport to Saint Julians and takes approx 20 minutes.  I was staying at the Alexandra hotel just round the corner from all the action in Paceville with lots of creature comforts for my weeks stay.

Saint Georges Bay

There is a small beach in Paceville called saint Georges bay, but not much happening there in the winter.

malta saint george bay
saint George bay

I can only imagine the small beach of Saint George gets packed on a hot day in summer.  Malta has a mild climate during the winter months rarely falling below 15 Celsius.  My first couple of days in Malta and it was beautiful weather touching 20 Celsius.

Paceville Saint Julians Bar Scene

From Saint Georges bay up a steep set of stairs to Paceville Piazza is the main bar area of Paceville and Malta.  The highest concentration is along a 150 yard stretch stairs with bar Native being pretty central.

bar native paceville
bar native

Bar Native became my local while in Malta, its pretty cheap and gets busy with people coming and going.  The area is mainly geared to the younger generations both locals and tourists but older people would not feel out of place.

havana paceville malta
havana nightclub

Late night clubbers have a high chance of pickup in paceville in nightclubs like Havana in the heart of the action, but way pass my bedtime, I was looking more for some mongering options in Malta.

Paceville Lap Dancing clubs

In this small highly concentrated nightclub area of Paceville Saint Julians must be at least half a dozen lap dancing and so called gentlemans clubs.  I could only imagine they are really geared to extracting the money out of drunk horny tourists who have failed to pick up in the bars and clubs of Paceville.  Im told by one local they are mostly ran by Romanian mafia.

paceville lap dancing club
white palace lap dancing

The lap dancing clubs of Paceville dont really open until midnight and stay open until dawn.  I wanted to check out the talent inside these gentlemans clubs so one night I ventured into the White Palace club.

A drink in the White Palace was about 8 euros, half a dozen girls working not that young or attractive.  A black African girl chatted to me at the bar and decided to have a lap dance with her in private for 50 euros.  She actually got my cock out and played with him for a bit but then put him back in fear of being caught.  She wanted to take me to VIP room for like 200 euros where we could do alot more, but I declined, I had satisfied my curiosity.  God, the things I do for you!

Paceville Massage

Dotted around my hotel in Paceville there were plenty of Asian massage options.  The massage girls were mostly Chinese and a few Thai mostly mature but the quality was better than you can find working in the UK.  One evening I walked in one and the Chinese woman was really quite attractive, 30 something so chose a one hour full body massage for 30 euros.

asian massage paceville
asian massage

Not a bad massage naked face down on the table.  She went for my balls behind and it felt really good.  Another 20 euros and gave me a handjob with a happy ending.


During the day you can take some nice walks from Paceville along the coast.   The best walk takes you into Silema and along Silema Promenade which includes walking along Spinola bay and Saint Julians bay.

silema promenade malta
Silema promenade

Then across to Silema strand which is a bit more upmarket.  There are plenty of pubs, restaurants to stop off in and admire the sea views.  From Silema strand you can take a ferry across to Valletta.

strand silema valletta
strand silema valletta

Of course lots of eye candy during the day to get you horny.  At the far end of Silema takes you into Gzira where there were suppose to be some streetwalkers but I not see any.


The way to get around on the island of Malta is by bus.   There was a couple of bus stops just round the corner from my hotel in Paceville.  I decided to visit a few places during the day via bus.  Bugibba on the north coast is known as little Britain.  Its cheap, popular with pensioners and renting a place off season can work out very inexpensive, even a couple of lap dancing clubs .   Could it be a place I could doss for a couple of months?

bugibba malta

Not really, Malta is not really the place for me long term.  I still had to tap into some pussy.  Its seemed all that was available mongering in Malta was strip clubs, Chinese massage with happy ending and escorts mostly advertising on backpage and a malta specific version called cracker that I had yet to investigate.

Golden Bay

There is not much in the way of good beaches on Malta at least not in walking distance from Paceville where all the tourist action is.  From Bugibba I took the bus to Golden Bay to explore the sandy cove beach there and have a good walk and admire the views.

golden bay malta
golden bay

Careful to catch the last bus back to Paceville.

Mdina, Dingli Cliffs

Another good day out is a visit to the ancient city of Mdina with great views of Malta and Mdina used to be the capital before Valletta.

mdina malta
mdina malta

From Mdina its a short bus ride to the Dingli cliffs which is a good place to walk and try some traditional Maltese coffee.

dingli cliffs malta
dingli cliffs

Being winter the weather had taken a turn with a strong wind and a chill in the air.  I had only taken two layer, t-shirt and fleece which was OK for the most part, but could have done with something more on some of these day trips around Malta.

Valletta, the Gut

Valletta is the capital of Malta and just across the bay from Silema and Saint Julians.  Great city to visit for some shopping and sight seeing, but I guess due to Paceville is pretty dead at night, but I think its starting to try and make a bit of a comeback.

strait street valletta
the gut

From a mongering point of view, the interesting street is Strait street aka the gut.  This used to be the red light district of Malta where all the British sailors would get their rocks off.

the gut malta
strait street

After the British navy left Malta the gut went into decline and now there is no red light district there, but a few bars are opening again and the gut is trying to make a comeback, albeit slow.


I returned to Bugibba to catch the ferry to the island of Gozo and then took an open bus top tour.  Gozo is more rural and scenic, less populated than Malta if you like that kind of thing.

gozo malta

Another option from Malta is taking the ferry to Sicily, something I would have liked to have done, but run out of time.  Any mongering on Sicily?

Backpage, Cracker, Escorts

So this is all very nice I hear you saying but what about some pussy? what about mongering in Malta?  Well,  Backpage was the way to go in Malta.  At least it was as backpage has now been closed down by US law enforcement due to sexual exploitation and trafficking.  But in Malta there were at least just some genuine girls with a high sex drive and a taste for the better things in life and not wanting to wage slave for them.

Initially I rang a few numbers I had found in cracker/backpage for girls in the Saint Julians area,most seemed to be in Silema which was a bit of a hike.  Iv not really used backpage before so was a bit of a rookie to begin, but then again an experienced monger. I was told to goto an address just down from the Paceville Piazza.  Rang again, different girl on the phone and then told to make my way to an address in Silema.  WTF!

Back in the hotel I studied more the phone numbers and advertisements for sexual services in backpage cum cracker.  I noticed you could look at an advertisers previous adverts and with many you would find they were completely different photos, different numbers etc, some sort of scam and to be avoided, just a waste of time.

With others you could see it was the same girl, the same number, just a girl renewing her advert.  I rang another girl in the Saint Julians area a Brazilian promising the best blowjob ever.  She answered and told me to make my way round having texted me the address, just around the corner from my hotel.

backpage escort malta
backpage brazilian escort

Very curvaceous Brazilian woman answered the door dressed in lingerie.  Early thirties but still very attractive.  Handed over 150 euros and she got down to some serious sucking on the bed.  I could have fucked her etc, but the blowjob was really good, damn good, and she let me explode in her mouth and over her pretty face and she kept sucking and licking with it hanging off her nose and chin.  Great blowjob, good experience if a little expensive, but backpage was the way to go in Malta at it was easy to identify the genuine girls from the scams just by looking at their history of previous adverts.

As stated Backpage has been shutdown now.  Like that is going to stop the sale of sex!  The market for the sale of online sex is over saturated, so many escort sites.  Just waiting to see what will take Backpages place?  What are the escorts of Malta doing in the meantime?

silema sunset malta
sunset silema

A bus back to the airport from Paceville costs only a couple of euros so that was the way to go.  Enjoyed my trip to Malta but mongering was nothing to write home about 🙂  For good British food I recommend the Scotsman pub in Paceville.


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  1. A good mini guide of Malta, out of season, thanks for that and the effort you put in to it. I should imagine that winter time out of season Cyprus and even the Turkish north part of the island would have similar be it limited mongering opportunities to compliment the still warmer weather, nicer bars, cheap good hotel deals and just the fact that you are giving yourself a break and complete change of scene from the much colder weather back home. Might even try it myself one year.

    Work is still in progress both researching and booking the odd hotel for my upcoming special three city Combo flight deal covering 3 separate countries which will be still out of season, just, so not too busy but hopefully hot and sunny by the time monger Matt arrives.

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