mongering sex diary 2017

Mongering Thailand Sex Diary 2017

Better late than never, but thought I would do a summary report and review of my month mongering in Thailand 2017 visiting Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang and Hua Hin.

mongering thailand sex diary
Thailand sex diary


My mongering in Asia always begins in Bangkok Thailand. I have many fond  memories of some beautiful Thai girls I have met in Bangkok often hoping to repeat.  But in more recent mongering trips to Bangkok this has not been the case.  Places like the Nana, Soi Cowboy and Patpong continue to survive but the Sukhumvit road as we know it is slowly being demolished and replaced by pristine skyscrapers of hotels and condos.  Like the skyline of Bangkok prices have skyrocketed while exchange rates for Thai baht have nosedived at least if you are coming from the UK.

massage sex soi 23 bangkok
massage girl soi 23

My first night back in Bangkok began along soi Cowboy I then took a walk down soi 23 where there are still some cute Thai massage girls to be found. Had full sex with this Thai girl and good hour long massage total price was 2000 baht.  And she was sporting a full bush which is my preference.

thai freelancer soi 7 bangkok
thai cutie soi 7

I did find another Thai cutie one night sat outside the beer garden along soi 7.   Took her back to my hotel long time for 2000 baht with promises to take her to Pattaya with me.  Really cute girl but dont like to get attached to these little Thai cuties anymore.

African sex worker Bangkok
African Freelancer Bangkok

My other noteworthy conquest in Bangkok was an African freelancer/streetwalker I picked up along the Sukhumvit around soi 7.  She wanted 2000 baht short time and would not budge from this price.  Had to have her though and was a great fuck with her back in my hotel.  At the time in Bangkok the main pickup place for better quality Thai girls is in the Thermae under the Ruamchitt Plaza hotel.


For finding some quality Thai bar girls this is the hardest I have ever experienced Pattaya.  Still lots of quantity but quality very thin on the ground.  Not through lack of trying I went without pussy for my first 4 nights mongering in Pattaya.  Eventually I took some relief with a Thai MILF in a soi 6 blowjob bar for a very reasonable price.

african threesome pattaya
African girls Pattaya

African girls in Pattaya come to the rescue again.  Being in the right place at the right time I bump into two African girls walking down second road and take them back to my apartment for a short time threesome for 1000 baht each.  Great fuck with these two African girls in Pattaya.  Had them both in the doggy position on the bed.  Maybe a better option for getting some quality Thai pussy while mongering in Pattaya is to hit the late night clubs and discos down Walking street, but you have to be a night owl for that.

Koh Chang

From Pattaya I took a minibus and visited the island of Koh Chang for the first time.  My original intention was to continue on to the Cambodian border from here.  I almost knew what to expect in Koh Chang and it was likely I would go without pussy most nights but I wanted to visit this enchanting island.  White Sands is the main built up area with a pretty large beer bar complex and a few late night options.  But the quality of the bar girls available is not great.

kai bae beach Khmer bar girl
beautiful Khmer bar girl

One night I took a trip up to the beer bars at Kai Bae not far from white sands where mostly there are bar girls from Cambodia.  I met one very cute young Khmer party girl at Kai Bae barfined her for 300 baht, short time fee of 1500 baht she took me back to my hotel on the back of her motobike and lost my cherry on Koh Chang with this cutie.

Back to Pattaya

I cancelled my travel plans to Cambodia and headed back to Pattaya.  I knew what to expect in Pattaya this time around, my expectations were aligned with reality.  My first night back in Pattaya I headed straight for the African bar along Walking street.

African bar girl hotel room
Sawasdee siam room

Good choice, meet a sexy African freelancer propped up against the African bar and take her back to the Sawadee Siam hotel for a good suck and fuck all for just 1500 baht short time.

Black booty outcall tinder
Black booty call

For the next couple of nights mongering in Pattaya I have African pussy and booty delivered to my hotel room courtesy of Tinder paying as little as 1000 baht after some negotiation.

Hua Hin

From Pattaya I take my first trip to Hua Hin via the ferry.  Lots and lots of beer bars in Hua Hin down sois like Bintabaht and soi 80, lots of choice of Thai bar girls but I am fussy.

Massage girl Hua Hin

One night in Hua Hin I noticed a cute Thai massage girl and give her some business.  In the room she is horny and we fuck on the table and she gives me a lovely wet dribbly sloppy blowjob on the massage table.  was good to fuck a Thai cutie again for 2000 baht all in.  Just not enough of these Thai cuties around anymore, you used to be spoilt for choice back in the day.

Back To Bangkok

From Hua Hin I return to Bangkok for my last couple of nights mongering in Thailand before flying home.  I cant resist a good blowjob in Kasalong one afternoon and there are still some cute Thai girls working in this Bangkok blowjob bar.  Prices are still great too at 800 baht all in including cim.

thermae african girl
Cute African girl

My last day and night in Bangkok I try something different with a boat trip to Khao San road.  Getting back to the Sukhumvit quite late I find another cute African girl standing outside the Thermae and she comes back to my room for a good last fuck all in 1000 baht short time.


That sums up my mongering review of Thailand in low season 2017. Visiting a couple of new places for the first time like Koh Chang and Hua Hin both with lovely beaches and lots of beer bars.  But also losing some interest in these extended vacations and travels and cutting the trip short to return home work and earn some money.

Asian sex diary Thailand
Asian sex diary thailand

Definitely lots more African girls available in places like Bangkok and Pattaya if you like that sort of thing.  Definitely alot less quality Thai girls available at the same time, so the African girls plugging the gap else it would have been slim pickings.  Condensing it down into this review makes it look like I had a good catch.  But there were big gaps between these girls and they took alot of staking out.

I looked in the gogos but high on price low on quality although the Kings group in Patpong had a few cuties working and was trying to make a comeback.  I never barfined from a gogo this trip with a short time session setting you back around 5000 baht these days.

Prices are high now in Thailand, tourist numbers up and I sometimes wonder why I keep going back?  Digging deep though you can still find the odd Thai cutie and you can still get short time sex somewhere between 1000 and 2000 baht with an occasional long time thrown in.  As always with Thailand you can still find cheap flights, accommodation, food and drink especially low season.

Going Forward

Going forward with my travels, mongering wont be the only selection criteria, I want to travel places where it is known mongering is not great but there are other attractions but I will still try my luck.  To write up a good report takes time and effort and working full time I dont have much of that left.  To remain anonymous in these difficult times reports will also be kept intentionally out of date.

2 thoughts on “Mongering Thailand Sex Diary 2017”

  1. Regarding going forward I feel I have finally curbed any desire to ever want to go back to Thailand. We know it can be an addictive place and can totally take over our lives especially those of us still having to work, holding down boring mundane jobs while crossing off the days and doing nothing else but thinking of our next Bangkok departure to basically a 2 to 4 week constant Fuck Fest usually with a lot of alcohol consumed. True most of may have felt we had died and gone to heaven in the Land Of Smiles at the time but having to return back to the real world and a typical Monday morning week day was usually hell on earth.

    Being an experienced five Star General monger now, for me going forward is while always knowing at the back of my mind there is probably nowhere else in the world like Thailand to get that real gf experience with unlimited sex on tap, I am not the same person physically and probably mentally as I was in the so called golden days of Pattaya-on-sea 15 years plus ago, and, the world of course has moved on but there is still a big world out there with other mongering opportunities to explore and participate in for all ages.

    So, having sat it out an waited for most of eastern Europe and a little beyond to warm up a bit as we approach Summer, I have a planned trip which will take in a return to Kiev in the Ukraine, a new destination for me on the gypsy highway Black Sea coast in Bulgaria and a mystery country’s capital city a little further afield which is not officially known for its mongering but which I believe to be otherwise. Hopefully finding the time and effort to do it, a good report should follow hopefully sometime this year. Once a monger always a monger.

    1. Thanks for this Matt and your support on this blog over the years. It really seems we have alot in common. I was going to email you what you been up to? as I know you are a monger at heart and I dont think we can ever give this up.
      I am looking at the possibility now of not having to work anymore or at least in another year or two. But in that scenario I could not spend like a two week millionaire. Really look forward to some new reports from you. Good luck

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