Leirekasten Munich

Leirekasten Bordello Munich Germany

Germany – Part 2 of 3 One Night in Munich

I’ve had a couple of one nighters. One night in Seoul, one night in Singapore, and one night in Hong KongMunich was shaping up to be the same way.

Now or Never

At a not so early 10:30pm I got into my Munich hotel, settled in, showered and looked at my transport options. Train, too late. Uber, none were available now. The only remaining option was a pricey taxi.

Sunshine FKK was too far away. I also was apprehensive about lounging around in a towel not to mention where do I hide my cameras? If I got to the FKK would I be able to taxi back? I’d never been into Munich city as I spent the whole week in the countryside. I had no idea how this city was. F**k.

At 12:30 am I still felt like shit but I said, “I gotta suck it up. Now or never”. I hailed a cab and headed 30 minutes into Munich’s east end.

Leirekasten – Munich’s Most Famous brothel

Leierkasten was exactly as I had seen it from pictures, a blockish building glowing red with the silhouette of a woman on the outside. Music emanated from the inside and the scent of tobacco wafted from the two men smoking outside.

Leirekasten Munich
Leirekasten Munich

Inside Leirekasten, the reception glowed red. A skinny blonde in lingerie stood smoking in the hallway and the music pumped. To the left was a bar. People sounded happy… laughing drinking and scantily clad girls walked around. I sat down to take it all in.

It was mostly young guys, perhaps Germans, Italians and two Japanese. A couple of girls worked the room filled with booths on the perimeter, a couple of casino machines, and the bar at front of the room. Brunettes, blondes, older and younger were there. Some girls looked hardcore but pretty much all the girls looked pro. Every girl was in either lingerie or something revealing. There were no sweet young things and none of that sweet innocent sexy look from Asia. After scouting the bar I thought I better go upstairs to see what other options I have. These girls looked too pro for me.

Girls Upstairs

I went up to 2nd floor to find about 20 rooms. Each room had an LCD screen that displayed pictures of the girl and her name. Some rooms were open and some were closed. Some girls sat in front of their room and some girls laid on their bed, showing off her butt. In general, most girls were friendly and I chatted with a few of them.

Blondes, brunettes, skinny ones, big ones, short, tall, white European, Spanish, black, and even an Indian girl. I chatted with six or seven girls and two girls caught my attention. A blonde from Romania and a petite brunette also from Romania. Both had good personalities and they wanted my business.

After some more wandering, I was firmly was set on that little brunette. I went back down to her room only to find her door closed. Maybe she was busy with a customer. Oh well, if I was going to have one girl in Germany it would now be that blonde on the other floor, so I headed for the stairwell. As luck would have it, just as I got to the stairwell, Kaira the little Romanian brunette, now wearing a silk robe, was heading back up. We met each other, she took my hand and off we went.

romanian girl Leierkasten
Kaira profile


With me inside, the door closed and she exclaimed, “Gotcha” and laughed. She opened her robe revealing her tiny petite figure in a black lace teddy. We talked money and she pulled the straps of her teddy up and down to reveal her breasts.

Playful Kaira Leirekasten
Playful Kaira

I slipped a €100 note into her breasts and smiled. She giggled and playfully said, “Clothes off, Let’s have some fun”.

Note: standard rates in Leirekasten are €50 for 15, €80 for 30, and €150 for 1 hr which all can be negotiated.

Romanian Fun

As soon as money was exchanged and her top came down again, I could not resist. I had to have instant gratification and my hands went straight to her tender breasts without the slightest hesitation. Kaira being Kaira, obliged and laughed.

romanian girl Leirekasten
Cloths off

Kaira was petite, about 5 foot 2, with tiny A-cup breasts with perky pale brown nipples just a bit larger than a pencil top eraser. In a strange twist, she seemed to forget her working name was Kaira (also on her LCD screen) and started to refer to herself as Alexandria. I don’t know if this was intentional, but this only confused me for a bit. She explained her real name is Alexandria.. But no matter, there were better things to do her room than to contemplate her name.

Once I got undressed and onto her bed, she pounced on me. She giggled and teased and I drooled over her petite breasts. While I was afraid and shy of touching “Rei” in Tokyo, this girl was clearly a prostitute and I wanted those breasts and I played with them unequivocally. I was nervous as usual but I knew what I wanted.

The blowjob was slightly routine and covered, but at least I knew I was protected. I played with her more and even fingered her pussy to which she didn’t mind.

Soon enough it was time for the deed and she welcomed me into cowgirl. I then put her on her back for missionary and I asked to suck on those tiny nipples. She obliged and giggled. I was really liking this girl. She was friendly, playful and had a very bubbly personality. Before I knew it, it was explosion time. I was happy.

No Shower?

We chatted more and she gave me some paper towels and wet wipes to clean up. I found it annoying that she had a clean bright ensuite bathroom yet there is no shower before and after the deed. The shower would be standard in many parts of Asia.

I chatted with her and she was delightful. Alexandra / Kaira was 22 from Bucharest, Romania and had been working in Leirekasten Munich for about a month. She would leave in two more weeks and go back to Romania for a break. She had worked in Dubai and was going to go work in Singapore next. She thinks she could make 500 a day there and she likes Chinese men (having been to both Singapore and Dubai, I was seriously doubtful of that earning potential in Singapore, short of being a high class escort)

A little bit more chatting and I was ready to leave. She urged me to go downstairs, have a drink and come back to see her again. She gave me one last cheek to cheek and I gave her one last squeeze of her waist and we bid each other farewell.

A good time had in the Leirekasten, I was more than happy and content to go home, so I thought.

To be continued…

Part 1 of 3 – Mongering in Munich

by Mr. Q

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  1. Mongers need to take their cloths off to have a good time. Romanian girls make great whores, iv had some of my best mongering experiences in Europe with Romanian girls.

    1. I have yet fucked a legit romanian whore, in Madrid I had two romanian Street whores but was not much fine, perhaps I would need to go to a puticlub, the thing is that there are very FEW romanian girls working as independent escorts…

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