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Mongering Munich Germany

Just like Singapore, Germany was a place I had no intention of visiting. Through the circumstances of making a living, I had a  business trip to Munich on short notice. Germany is a country I knew little about other than it has a lot of beer, sausages, Mercedes, BMW and legalised prostitution.

I had read about FKKs through MongerPlanet and that was about it. Having little time I sent Sir Paul Monger an email, read his articles and booked a ticket. I pretty much left it at that until a day or two before the trip when I researched it a little bit more.

Munich FKK, Laufhaus, and Massages

FKKs clubs which by definition are naturist clubs. Some are wholesome naturist clubs for nudists but the ones I’m interested in are FKK nude saunas with women for hire. You pay entrance fee, go to the locker room, shower and put on a towel or a robe. You lounge around, get a drink and chat with the girls. The girls might be in bikinis, topless or nude. You can take her into the hot tub or go back with her to her room. The girls are supposed to be free agents, but there is usually a minimum fee and everything is up for negotiation, but more likely there is similar pricing between the girls.

There are also bordellos/brothels which are called Laufhaus, meaning “running house”. The name comes from running room to room to see the available girls. Think of it as German version of Hong Kong 1 room brothels. Some of the laufhaus’s have attached bars where girls hangout and you can get a drink but most do not.

There is also erotic massage that offers happy ending and body to body, but there is no oral and no penetration.

All three usually have websites and are quite searchable with Google. Stroll into town and search for “Laufhaus near me” and the nearest bordellos will pop up including reviews. It’s legit and it’s that easy.

Google search for Laufhaus
German Laufhaus Search


Despite being legal, some places have exclusion zones where prostitution is not allowed, such as in certain city centers. As for street walking, I think that is dependent on locality.
There are probably more options but with what limited research and time I had, this is all I knew.

The Plan

It was my intention to check out a FKK and a laufhaus or two. I had two FKKs in my sight. For these activities I had sighted Colosseum in Augsburg, 30-40 minutes outside of Munich by car. Colosseum FKK  is the largest FKK in Bavaria.

In Munich, I wanted to check out Sunshine FKK near the city center as well as a row of erotic massages next to it. There is also the infamous Leierkasten Laufhaus in Munich’s east end. I didn’t know how my options will work out so I would play it by ear.

Not According to Plan…. Again!

As usual, nothing worked out and one by one my options disappeared until I thought there were none left. My final day in Germany was planned around an early arrival back into Munich by 2 pm or so. Well, that didn’t happen. It was 10:30 pm when I found myself checking into a Munich airport hotel; sick and feeling like shit. I would leave the next day by noon. Fuck. I had no idea if I would ever return to Germany.

To be continued…

By Mr Q.

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  1. haha!

    Funny I also have a last minute work trip to Munich at the end of the month. I hope you are able to post your adventures before I go!

    1. I wrote these a while back. I know a lot more about Munich mongering since I wrote it and certainly before the FKK tour posts arrived on this site.

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