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Khao San Road Black in Bangkok

My last day and night in Bangkok, in Thailand and in Asia.  It not quite goto plan, I was going to stay for up to 3 months mongering in Asia visiting Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines.  After a couple of weeks in Thailand I decided to cut the trip short and return home to work.  Tonight in Bangkok I wanted to go somewhere different and try out Khao San Road.

WikiTravel – Khao San Road

I do recommend researching any destination via wiki-travel, it had a lot of good information on Khao san road like how to get there from the Sukhumvit road.  The best option is to take the express boat from Sathorn.  Thats what I did after a morning chilling by the hotel pool.

express boat khao san road
express boat

I know Khao san road is more geared towards back and flash packers but I wanted to experience it.   I find the pier at Sathorn and buy an express ticket for 15 baht. Journey takes around 35 minutes, the boat was packed and the first few stops were all in Thai.

phra arthit pier
Phra arthit pier

I could use my mobile, GPS and google maps to work out how far away I was from the pier I needed to alight for Khao San Road Phra Arthit.

Towards Khao San Road

From Phra Arthit its a 10 minute walk to the heart of Khao San Road. I wandered about had something to eat and a few beers, it is just how you imagined, lost of narcissistic flashpackers and geeks on their gap year and a few normal nice people in-between like me.

khoa san road bangkok
Khao San Road

I was going to head back early via an express boat at the pier but had to take cover inside a hotel lobby and bar from the heavy rain which lasted over an hour and I just had a few more beers sat next to a couple of fat English girls.

heavy rain khao san road
Heavy rain

I decided to venture back down Khao san road and experience it at night.  I found a few bars with a balcony over looking Khao san road where I could do some people watching and listen to sounds of the street.

khao san road
khao san road balcony

The beers were costing me a 100 baht and you always have to pay up front.  It was a pretty peaceful night.

Taxi to Sukhumvit from Cow Shit Road

Its late now so decide to take a taxi back to the Sukhumvit.  Wikitravel gives good advice on calling down a Bangkok taxi so thought I would try it out.  First driver was a young Thai man quoted me 400 baht! told him to fuck off!  I found some with their red light on  which means its vacant and for hire.   Still getting silly quotes from the young ones who wanted to go off the meter and used to ripping tourists off.

Notice an old Thai man, happy with the meter on and took me back to the Sukhumvit.  The journey took about 20 minutes in the taxi from Khao San Road and the meter was at 83 baht when arrived on the Sukhumvit!  Gave him a 100 baht and we were both happy campers.

Black in Sukhumvit

I check out the Thai freelancers in the Thermae, nothing outstanding, walk up and down the Sukhumvit checking out the African street walkers.  I even check out the Grace hotel, nothing there.  Stop off in Gulliver’s along soi 5 and have a lovely cheeseburger and then head back to the RuamChitt hotel giving the African freelancers one last look.

As I approach the Thermae, I notice what looks like a cute African teen girl sat outside the Thermae waiting for some Asian customers.  I approach, like her up close and offer her 1000 baht short time which she gladly accepts.  It helps with my hotel being right there above the Thermae.

black pussy bangkok
black in Bangkok

Fun im my hotel room with her, tight little cute African body.  She washes my cock and then gives some BBBJ licking up the precum.  Fuck her doggy good, she cums and tells me her pussy is sore now as I finish fucking her sideways.
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Cute African girl, she tells me been in Bangkok about 3 months, misses her family, needs to pay boss 7000$, but she tells me she knew all this up front and not trafficked.

Good last night in Bangkok, fly back to London tomorrow, dont know when I will return, but I am sure I will soon.  Been coming to Bangkok for 15 year now, use to get quality Thai pussy now its more likely I will fuck some African girls.  Times change mongers dont.



8 thoughts on “Khao San Road Black in Bangkok”

  1. Has the quality of Thai girls gone lowered? I would not mind fucking an african girl in Thailand, as long as boobs and ass are fat and has a pretty face! Still waiting for you to hit mailand China and Vietnam man

    1. Yes each time I go back to Thailand every 2 or 3 years seems to be the pattern now, the quality gets lower it gets harder to find some quality Thai pussy. I found a couple here and there but not in Pattaya. Massage girls working down soi 23 in Bangkok can still consistently find good looking Thai girls working there. But the gogos just go for the show. Even if you found a nice looking Thai girl in a gogo, short time you would have no change out of 5000 baht and its not worth flying 6000 miles for that. Us old mongers just have to face up to the fact that Thailand is changing fast, farm fresh girls dont need to work in the sex industry anymore to make a few dollars. I fucked some nice Africans in both Bangkok and Pattaya with the full package, big booty, big tits and pretty face. No plans to ever goto China but would like to visit Vietnam.

  2. The main road Khao San runs off of, Ratchadamneon is where a lot of local free lancers dwell servicing Thai men (a lot of them being Taxi drivers). The quality is very much hit or miss, but you do find an occasional gem. Personally, I haven’t fucked a Thai since August and have stuck to the African gals. I’ve never had bad service, where as with Thais it really is 50-50. I’ve been meaning to end that streak by going to an oily, just need to get around to doing so 😉

  3. I was just in Bangkok a few weeks ago and found plenty of hot Thai women. Guess it all depends on your tastes in Thai women. Some guys like the dark skinned Isaan girls and some guys (like me) prefer the light skinned northern Thai looking Chiang Mai girls. One thing that has really changed is that many Thai girls like the whole K-pop look and some guys dont like that look. I actually prefer the K-pop Korean/Chinese looking Thai women.

    But one major thing I would agree on is the higher prices. The Baht is strong right now and prices have risen by 20% in last few years. Like article says most GoGo short times prices in Bangkok are 3,500 to 5,000- baht for the girl and 1,000-1,500- bar fines. Pattaya is a bit cheaper but still expensive. Bangkok and Pattaya really aren’t cheap destinations anymore. Chiang Mai is still fairly cheap and so are the smaller towns or Isaan but then you won’t have the wild nightlife and mongering options that Bangkok and Pattaya provides.

    Another thing I noticed is a lot more Ladyboys in bars and GoGos. I don’t really have an issue with Ladyboys if that’s your thing. But there are also several “post-op” ladyboys (cock and balls off) that are virtually indistinguishible from real women. Some super hot too with big ass and tits, very feminine with high womanly voices. Very tough to know they’re ladyboys. Transgender surgeries have pretty much been perfected by medical science.
    My friend ended up banging a post-op ladyboy and he had no idea until he saw her ID at dinner towards the end of his longtime session with she he. There was a couple of times where I wondered if I had just shagged a post-op ladyboy myself. Oh well! ….LOL.

    I did also notice more African freelancers as ever before. They were almost everywhere. I ended up shagging my first mid-20s African babe at Nana Plaza. She was hot and sexy and well worth the 2,000 baht plus 300 short time room. I would highly recommend the African girls cos they’re very friendly and eager to please and more affordable. The only down side is you better be more careful and always wear a good condom cos African girls have a higher rate of HIV infection. But either way, I would recommend rubbering up for all working girls. Especially in Thailand.

  4. I was in Bangkok and Pattaya a few weeks ago and still saw plenty of hot Thai ladies at GoGo’s, BeerBars, freelancers, etc. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many guys like the darker Thai women from Issan but there are some guys (like myself) who like the light skinned Chinese looking Thais. Guess it just depends on what you like. One trend I’ve noticed in Thailand lately is several Thai girls adopting the whole Korean K-pop look or Japanese Gyaru (doll face) style . Some mongers hate the K-pop and Gyaru look and prefer the farm fresh look. Personally I like them all but prefer the done up K-pop and Gyaru style. Guess I have same taste as Japanese mongers even though I’m from America Lol.

    One thing I can totally agree on is the higher cost of everything in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok and Pattaya. Pattaya is a little cheaper but not by much. Average Barfines at some of the top GoGo’s cost me 1000-1,500 baht plus lady fee was 3,000-4,000 short time. Many top of the line GoGo girls dont even want to do LongTime anymore. They rather just do 2 short times per day and go to sleep at 2am once GoGo closes.
    I noticed all prices were up by 30% compared to 2-3 years ago whether it be hotels, food, alcohol, etc. Thailand really isnt a cheap destination anymore unless you want to spend your time in Chiang Mai or Issan area. But then you wont have access to all the wild nightlife and mongering that Bangkok and Pattaya offers.

  5. Also, I shagged my first African girl in Thailand while I was staying at Nana. She was from Guyana. She was 25 years old. She had the big black African bubble butt and nice supple round tits with pretty face. I took her into a short time room and she was eager to please. I must say she was a really good shag and was pleasant to talk to since she spoke good English. But I suggest you make sure you use a good condom with them since Africans have a higher rate of HIV infection. Even so, I’d suggest rubbering up with all sex workers in Thailand since you’re at risk with any of them whether they be Thai, African, Russian, etc.

    Another thing I’d noticed while I was in Bangkok and Pattaya was the increased amount of Ladyboys at GoGos, Bars, and freelancing on streets etc. Some of them looked so much like women, they were nearly indistinguishible from real biologically born women. I have no problem with people shagging Ladyboys if that’s their thing. But sex change surgery is so good now that it has almost been perfected by medical science. So good that my good friend ended up shagging a “Post-Op” ladyboy (cock and balls cut off) without even knowing it. He found out later towards the end of his LongTime session when he saw HeShe’s ID card. He-She admitted that she was born a man but had transgender surgery to snip the cock and balls off a few years ago. He was worried because he had broken a condom while doing anal. He had also plowed her fake vagina. He got an STD test when he got home and luckily he was negative.
    There were a few times that I wondered if I had shagged a Post-Op Ladyboy myself, especially when they’re a little too eager to allow you to have anal sex (many biological Thai women are afraid of anal sex). Oh well, that’s Bangkok and Pattaya in 2018! These days mongers have to accept the real possibility that they’ll likely end up having sexxx with a Post-Op Ladyboy at some point, whether wanted to or not. Lol

    1. Thanks for theinformative comments sex machine, glad you are still enjoying Thailand and finding the girls you like. I agree with you on the ladyboy front, it is especially difficult on dating apps like Tinder, but often in their profile they then admit to being ladyboy. But soon you wont be able to tell the difference. The kind of Thai girls I go for are exactly the three I did get to fuck having spent a month in Thailand. Thai cutie types, but 3 in 30 days not good odds. But the African girls filled in the gaps. I still enjoy Thailand, but more so Asia in general. Bangkok and Pattaya are still a good crack for me. But would like to explore more Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia also. Ill be back!

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