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Massage Hua Hin Thailand

Spending a nice couple of relaxing days in Hua Hin Thailand.  Mostly on the beach during the day and cruising the beer bars down Bintabaht at night.  Plenty of options for a massage too in Hua Hin.  I needed to lose my cherry in Hua Hin with a Thai girl before leaving for Bangkok.

Good Morning Hua Hin

Breakfast was nice in the Hua Hin Loft hotel, they actually cooked an egg for you.   After breakfast I would head down to the beach and walk as far as the hill called Wat Khao Takiap and back.  Low season in Hua Hin was quiet it was like I almost had the beach and beer bars to myself.

hua hin beach june
Hua Hin beach

The weather I was experiencing in Hua Hin was almost perfect if a little hot.  At various points along the beach you can rent a lounger umbrella for the day for 100 baht.

Expat Retirement in Hua Hin

I got chatting to a British expat late 60’s spending his retirement in Hua Hin renting an apartment near the beach.  Still fucking around.  Been living in Hua Hin for 7 years now, with the recent devaluation of sterling his pension was now worth 150,000 baht less due to exchange rate.

hua hin beach retirement
deserted beach

He has had various girlfriends during his stay in Hua Hin, pays them 10,000 baht a month but more works out around 25,000 baht a month with food etc.  Seemed to be enjoying his retirement, rarely goes back to the UK but still can get boring chilling on a beach all day, you need other interests, things to do, friends even, not just bar girls.  But there for the grace of god go I.

Soi Selakam Expat hangout

Come lunchtimes and evenings I would usually eat and chill along soi Selakam in the Murphys Irish pub where you could get a western meal with vegetables and a Roast on Sundays.

irish pub hua hin
soi selakam

Just across from Murphys is the Limelight, another pub restaurant popular with westerners and expats.  Both are also guest houses which puts you right in the center of the action in Hua Hin and not far from the beach.  Can have a large English breakfast in the Limelight for under 200 baht.

Loft Rooftop Peace

Late afternoon I would have the Loft rooftop pool to myself, the pool not much bigger than a large bath where could only manage six strokes, but was a nice rest-byte from the heat and sun.

hua hin loft pool
Hua Hin rooftop pool

They had some loungers on the other side completely under the shade and a cool breeze would blow across and a few times I fell asleep here and felt at peace with myself and the world.

Beer Bar crawl

Out that night mongering in Hua Hin and I am suppose to meet a Thai girl in the Paradise bar I got chatting to on Tinder.  No African girls on Tinder in Hua Hin like there are many in Pattaya.

hua hin beer bar girls
beer bar girls
blowjob bar hua hin
Diamond bar

Got chatting to another bar girl in a beer bar further up.  nice looking dark skinned girl from Surin, probably Cambodian as spoke Cambodian too.  Shocked when she told me her age 37! looked at least 10 years younger, but I had a few beers by now and it was dark and kind of put me off.  But tucked away in the beer bars of Hua Hin there are some nice Thai bar girls to be found.

Massage with cute Thai Girl

Walking down soi Selakam and I notice a cute girl sitting outside a massage parlour.  She looks nice and friendly offers me massage for 300 baht 1 hour, I had nothing better to do, seemed like a good proposition.  Her name was Pom and she was aged just 23.  It was hot in the massage room even with the aircon on, but all I had to do was lay there naked with a small towel over my privates.  The massage was Ok, into it and she is rubbing her pussy against my leg, seems like game is on, like this girl wants to fuck me.

massage sex hua hin
hairless pussy

I turn over with the towel over my erection, she ask me if I want special and can she see my cock! Im really turned on now and really want to fuck this girl not just handjob or happy ending.  I ask her to undress and she does.  Good body but shaved pussy.  She ask for 2000 baht, I not even negotiate.  She then gives me some great BBBJ, looking up at me, dribbling, licking everything, I think this girl wants to fuck as much as me, always a great combination.  She sits on me on top of the massage table, riding me cowgirl, eventually I finish on top of her.  Good fuck.  I spend the rest of the night drinking beer down soi Bintabaht in the beer garden a good spot for people watching, just 49 baht for a small draft Leo.

Hilton Hotel

Last night in Hua Hin and I have lost my cherry, pressure off can relax more now, but always got an eye out, can easy fuck everyday if the girls are hot enough, and the price is right.   I head up to the top floor of the Hilton hotel where there is a sky bar and great views of the sunset over Hua Hin.

sunset hua hin hilton
Hua Hin Sunset

Prices are 180 baht for a beer!  I guess have to pay for the view.  I headed back to the Hilton that night to try out the disco nightclub on the ground floor called the beer garden.

hilton hotel nightclub hua hin
Hilton freelancers

The hilton hotel nightclub is the place to be after hours in Hua Hin popular with freelancers and bar girls trying to pick up tourists.  I gave it a try but need to stay really late to get a good selection.

Soi 80 Bar Girl

Before heading back to hotel I checked out Soi 80 to see how it was late at night.  Bars still open, not many customers or expats about got chatting to a nice bar girl.

soi 80 bar girl hua hin
soi 80 bar girl

Its after 2AM, she is aged 20 and a little drunk, she looks horny and I very tempted to take her back to my hotel, Iike I could do what I want to her in my hotel room,.  Its 300 baht barfine and she will stay till the morning for 1500 baht, tempting… Just as I am getting into mongering in Hua Hin and enjoying having my pick of bar girls Im leaving for Bangkok in the morning.

9 thoughts on “Massage Hua Hin Thailand”

    1. The massage girl was very nice, again the photo not really compliment her, she was very pretty and friendly with it and she seemed to like me, which helps alot, effortless. 2000 baht is within my limit, its what I have been paying for as long as I can remember. I rarely go over 2000 baht especially for short time. But if I could have been bothered to negotiate I may have got her down to 1500 baht, but then may not have received a wet gooey blowjob. Many a monger is now paying 5000 baht, if the girl, massage, bar freelancer thinks your clueless. Generally in Thailand, freelancers dont work in bars, they are employed by the bar. freelancers you will find in nightclubs, often these are bar girls finished their shift. massage girls are employed also but they make ‘extras’ in the room with their customer. Often in Thailand, you can fuck the massage girl on the table. Done it many times now.

      1. Do you remember which massage salon. I was there today and there are dozens of massagesalons there! All with old hags during daytime.

        1. Dennis, not exactly, the massage girl was about 100-150 yards up one of the sois from the little square where murphys and limelight are. I noticed some young pretty thai massage girls there at different times of the late afternoon and into the night and like you plenty of old hags too. The trick is to walk up and down those sois different times each day to get the good ones. It also requires alot of luck, the best looking ones are not plentiful and most likely in the room giving a massage. good luck, please give us an update.

          1. Just had a starfish experience last night, place was called ‘first massage’ or something like that.
            Outside very playful young thing, upstairs was nothing, completely boring massage, turn over in 15min because I was annoyed with her.
            She took off her clothes and started stroking little Johnny. No teasing or anything. I then asked for bj. Because I had blue balls, came quite quickly in her mouth.
            Place was around soi Selakam. Near the Irish pub.
            But like you say, lots of choices but it’s a surprise until you’re upstairs

            1. Thanks for the update Dennis on getting a massage with extras in Hua Hin, lucky to get cim from a pretty young thing, they not all do that. But I love the massage experience when its good, good massage and being teased, fingers between the legs, touching the balls etc, very sensual experience. Very hit n miss though, just dont know what you are going to get until your up in the room. I rarely go back to the same girl even if the experience was good, like variety and constant new experiences

  1. Just my kind of town by the sea and like the quiet out of season vibe atmosphere Mongerplanet, you did very well in conveying back. Thailand as a mongering destination will always win hands down with its good tourist infrastructure from luxury to expensive to just very good with comfortable hotels, bars, restaurants and coffee shops to suit all tastes and budgets with a good chance of a lay if required normally always close by.

  2. Did you fuck the drunk 20 year old? I hope you pounded her 20 year old arse hole as if she was the last ride in town. The 20 year old looks ok in the picture which probably does not do her justice just like the massage girl.

    1. Sorry Steve, I not manage to fuck her in the end. Out of energy, too much drink and low on cash. But looking back wish I had or should have. Soi 80 is a good option though late at night in Hua Hin when looking for a bargirl, the normal tourists dont venture up soi 80 whereas you get lots of lookyloos up and down soi Bintabaht.

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