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Hua Hin Thailand

Ten pieces of toast for breakfast at the Sawasdee Siam hotel.  I was leaving Pattaya this morning taking a ferry from the pier to Hua Hin.  This would be my first ever visit to Hua Hin in Thailand.

Ferry to Hua Hin

There was a little travel kiosk outside the Sawasdee Siam hotel in Pattaya where I booked my ticket to Hua Hin via ferry.  Cost was 1800 baht business class, leaving at 10am but had to be at the pier one hour before.  Waiting for my taxi to pick me up was getting a little anxious but turned up 5 minutes late.

Ferry to Hua Hin
Pattaya Ferry

Taxi drops me off at the pier in Pattaya and I manage to find my ferry, just like the one I took to Batam from Singapore, many years ago now.  Checked passport and ticket and put my bag in stow.

Hua Hin Arrival

Arrived in Hua Hin about 2 hours later, it was hot in Hua Hin, negotiate with a taxi to take me to my hotel, initially wanted 300 baht but dropped to 200 baht. I was staying at the Hua Hin Loft and loved my room.

The Beach

After unpacking I want to get my bearings so first head to the beach.Nice white sand, not so many visitors, I guess somewhere along that beach I can rent a lounger and umbrella?

Beach Hua Hin
Hau Hin Beach

I sure would have some nice walks in the morning to that hill and back.  Although the beach at Hua Hin looked a little boring almost, but at least it was clean and the sea was shallow calm and warm for a nice dip.

Soi Bintabaht

Using google I head back into the main area soi Selakam and head into the Irish pub there called Murphys. Breaking my rules I have a couple of daytime beers to cool down and then a cheeseburger.  Few expats around including a drunk abusive geordie who nearly got a smack!

soi bintabaht hua hin
soi bintabaht

After my break I find Soi Bintabaht and take a look around.  This is the heart of the red light district of Hua Hin if you want to call it that, no gogos but lots and lots of beer bars.  And yes another Walking street as if any could ever compare to Walking street in Pattaya. Would have to return in the night to check out what the quality of bar girls was like in along Soi Bintabaht.

Soi 80

Lots of massage places available in the daytime and I did notice at least one cute young Thai girl offering me massage, was tempted.  I head back to my hotel to check out another red light district of Hua Hin Soi 80 just around the corner.

soi 80 hua hin
Soi 80

Lots of beer bars all along both sides of Soi 80, again no gogos and would need to return in the night to check out the talent available. But I had got my bearings in Hua Hin.

Red Night District

I return to my hotel and sleep for a few hours then head back out that night for something to eat in the Irish pub and then have a few Leos along Walking Street Soi Bintabaht at only 49 baht each.  At night Walking Street is a proper little red light district.

red light district hua hin
red light district

Good looking young quality Thai bar girls were not jumping out at me though.  More than enough bar girls available but not much different to trawling in Pattaya.  Still I like being in these kind of places, I like drinking beer and people watching, talking to the bar girls even if I dont barfine them.  Still I really wanted to lose my cherry in Hua Hin with a nice looking Thai bar girl, plenty of time.

soi 80 bar girls hua hin
soi 80 bar girls

Im tired and head back to the hotel but decide to give Soi 80 a once over during the night.  Much the same as Soi Bintabaht, although alot less casual visitors walking up and down soi 80.   There sure is no lack of beer bars and bar girls in Hua Hin, but finding a quality Thai girl is not going to be easy.  Easy if your not fussy.  Slow first night in Hua Hin.

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  1. Bit of nonsense report. I done Pattaya, Bangkok and Hua Hin many times. You will find the same beauty everywhere. The only difference Hua Hin is learning ground for the drunk, smoking rip off girls. In Bangkok and Pattaya they get easier drunk and high of your money. In my top 10 Thai girls there is only 1 from Pattaya and 0 from Bangkok. Also no Russians, no Chinese, no Indians, no Muslims.

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