African bar walking street

African Bar Walking Street Pattaya

Today I leave Koh Chang  and return to Pattaya having changed plans and not continuing into Cambodia.  I got a real thing for black girls booty, likely I would return to the African Bar down Walking street tonight once back in Pattaya.

Koh Chang to Pattaya

My last morning in Koh Chang and the routine is a walk along White Sands beach and then cooked breakfast at the White Elephant.  Check out of the hotel and wait for my minibus to pick me up and take me to the ferry.

koh change ferry
Goodbye Koh Chang

Only two other Chinese guys on the minibus.  It took over 2 hours to get to the mainland of Thailand from Koh Chang.  We stop at a motorway service station and pick up a Russian family, then arriving in Pattaya around 5pm.

Sawasdee Siam Hotel Pattaya

We drop off the Russian family first and I see parts of Pattaya I have never seen before.  The driver then drops me off along Second Road and I walk up to the hotel I had booked online the Sawasdee Siam.  I have always wanted to stay at the Sawasdee Siam, a budget monger friendly hotel  right in the heart of the soi Buakhao area of Pattaya with swimming pool.

sawasdee siam hotel pattaya
Sawasdee Siam Hotel

Checkin and they upgrade me to Superior room at no extra charge.  I like the room, its big with views over the swimming pool and Soi Buakhao, its got a  fridge and safe, yes bit worn but bed was comfortable enough.  It’s really cheap especially if you wanted to stay for a month.

BJ3 Bar Walking Street

I start the evening off in the Butchers Arms along Soi Buakhao and have a microwaved Cornish Pattie.  Then a couple of San Miguels in the Classroom, im feeling tired but at least want to check out the African bar tonight.

BJ3 bar walking street
BJ3 Bar people watching

One of my favourite bars along Walking Street to just enjoy a cold bottle of beer and people watch is the BJ3 Bar opposite the Iron Club.

Bj3 bar walking street
Iron club opposite BJ3 Bar

Some of those teaser girls outside the Iron club were tempting but generally not available.   Still it was fun just watching the passerby’s along Walking street.

BJ3 Bar soi Diamond
BJ3 Bar soi Diamond

Soi Diamond Gogos

I decide to check out the Gogos along Soi Diamond before heading to the African Bar.  I have barfined numerous times in the past from Soi Diamond especially from Super Girl Agogo.

Soi Diamond Gogos
Soi Diamond Gogos

I first check out Star Agogo along Soi Diamond.  There was a girl with big tits but silicon over her nipples, she pulled them back to show me her nipples.  Glass of Chang beer was only 60 baht.  She wants 1500 baht barfine and 2500 short time and 4000 baht long time!  Way too expensive for me, no wonder I was sticking with the African girls in Pattaya.  She tells me they are all the same.  No wonder they got no business anymore and some of the gogos we know and loved are closing down.

Super Baby Agogo for sale
Super Baby for sale

I am noticing a strange new custom in the gogos.  One of the gogo girls walks around totally naked splashing water and all the other girls tap their glasses against the poles.  No doubt some superstitious crap, and its not going to magic the mongers back.

super girl agogo
Super girl agogo

I check out my once favourite Agogo down Soi Diamond Super girl.  I have barfined from Super girl many times in past trips to Pattaya.  Not tonight!  Super girl is heading in the direction of Super Baby.  These two gogos used to be popular with Asian mongers so they must also be giving Walking street a miss now.  Why am I still coming down here?  well the African bar is still a good bet.

heaven above gogo
Heaven Above Agogo

While in Soi Diamand I will check out Heaven Above before heading over to the African bar.  Never barfined from Heaven Above and tonight would be no different.  A cute Thai girl sits next to me in Heaven Above, a bit pushy though only interested in lady drinks.  A bottle of San Miguel is only 50 baht!  so worth visiting for this just alone.

African Bar Walking Street

So another unsuccessful gogo crawl along walking street or more specifically Soi Diamond.  I really think you can find better quality girls in the massage parlours, cheaper too than the gogos.

African bar walking street
African bar walking street

So its later now and I head off back down Walking street towards the African bar.  Quite a few African girls sat around tonight around the bar more mature though around 30 yo.  The ladyboy mamasan tells me off for taking photos.

African girl from Uganda

Sit next to cute looking African girl from Uganda, she is with her cousin aged 32.  Barfine here is 500 baht I am told again and I wonder if I am being scammed as these African girls used to be freelancers, the African bar aptly named was just their spot for hanging out.  We negotiate 1500 baht short time or 3000 baht long time.  At that point I wonder if I am up for it.  But always up for some doggy behind some African booty.

Paying for it, short time

Its never a problem if the sex is free, its always fun to fool around, then you just crash out and get horny later, that was what was always good about long time.  But when your paying for it, for short time, you want your moneys worth.  The more sex I start having on these mongering trips the more sex I start to want, just finding quality girls is now the problem where the price is right.

She will only do 1000 baht short time if I pay for short time room nearby for 300 baht.  But not got enough cash on me so have to ride pillion together back to Sawasdee Siam hotel for 100 baht.  Check her in to hotel OK, but she has to show passport.

African bar girl
Girl from Uganda

Take some photos of this photogenic African bar girl.  In the room some problems start with her wanting paying up front.  Generally I dont do this, but when ever I have it has always gone Ok.  Usually its OK to show money and put on side.  We argue and it nearly ends there, would have to return to African bar to get my barfine back.  I take a chance in the end.

African bar girl hotel room
Sawasdee siam room

She give me some BBBJ and then we fuck doggy.  I love fucking these African bar girls doggy, it really is my favourite and I might just be mongering in the wrong continent.  Fuck lots of different positions finally cum fucking her sideways doggy on the bed.  So went well in the end with the Ugandan girl from the African bar Walking street Pattaya.

Outside I have a kebab and a beer in the bar opposite Sawasdee Siam hotel with friendly chatty staff that becomes my local.  Tired now will sleep well on my first night back in Pattaya.

9 thoughts on “African Bar Walking Street Pattaya”

  1. Your Ugandan girl is a hottie.

    It looks like African girls are your forte. More and more of them in Pattaya. But I never seem to run into one I like. However, I’d take your African girls in a heart beat. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Uncle, this return to Pattaya and I not waste 4 days getting what I want. I had already done the groundwork 2 weeks previous. subconsciously guided I knew what time to turn up.

  2. She looked as fit and sexy as fuck. Understandably a bit of hard work to begin with but I too, even being a hardened monger at times would have shown that same bit of leeway and would not have wasted a second once in the room. Bar fine was probably bullshit for many reasons and just that greed alone could put any of them in danger of an even bigger fine with the police and deportation.

    I thought this one did well to capture a few of those African ladies on holiday or is it a working holiday in Pattaya

    1. Thanks Sid, I had black booty on my mind, once you have gone black there is no going back 😉
      Many a monger will say never pay up front, but I say never say never. worked well for me on this occasion.
      I had a recent bad experience in the UK paying a girl I met on the street upfront, but she was out of it and a junkie. Once she had money in her hands alls she could think about was drugs
      Shit happens, go with the flow, read the signs, learn from experience, dont think black and white.

  3. Wait, what? A barfine??? These broads are FL’s plain and simple! I’ve taken a couple Africans from that bar before, the bartender/owner is a. skinny as a rail, Thai-Brit. Not even a lady drink charge there. If this is now the norm then I’ll stick to Beach Road. Last time I was in BKK, late December, I was quoted 1500-2000 by the Africans, but I was able to get them down to 1000 which was always normal. I think this could have something to do with it being peak season in LOS. :/

    1. Yeah I have taken one or two from the African bar before in Pattaya without a barfine. But now there is or they are asking for a barfine. Things change. If I was the barowner and all this trade in flesh was going on on my stools then I would want a kickback. So much a better deal for me than paying 5000 baht for a Thai fugly, I could just not find attractive Thais like in the good old days when it was easy, the problem back then was not falling in love.
      I got some Africans short time in Pattaya and Bangkok, very nice too for 1000 baht. Thing is some wont budge from say 1500 baht so take or leave it. If I want her bad then Ill take it. Anyway more tales of Africans in Pattaya and Bangkok to come

  4. Desde luego, los lugares tan exóticos, estan dentro de mis prioridades a la hora de viajar.
    Precioso artículo

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