walking street kai bae beach

Kai Bae Beach Koh Chang

Having visited Lonely Beach and some waterfalls I wanted to check out Kai Bae Beach on Koh Chang on my way back to White Sands Beach.  It was my last night on Koh Chang and Kai Bae beach has its own version of Walking Street with beer bars and mostly Cambodian girls.

Walking Street Recon Kai Bae

My taxi dropped me off in the built up part of Kai Bae beach where I purchased a freshly made fruit drink and took some shade from the hot sun.

streets kai bae beach
kai bae town

I then made my way up to Walking street which is at the edge of town.  Walking street is a collection of beers up a little side street but not much happening in the day.

walking street kai bae beach
walking street entrance

As I was passing through I just wanted to check where it was, tonight I would return to Walking street Kai Bae beach and hopefully barfine a Cambodian bar girl, my last chance to get some pussy on Koh Chang.

Back at White Sands Beach, Change of Plan

Taxi back to White Sands was 50 baht.  Back at White Sands Beach, I had a change of plan for this whole sex trip to Asia.  I booked my flight back home to London England, I was going to cut it short.  Not sure why, maybe my heart is just not in it anymore.  Or on the contrary maybe I wanted to do this travelling permanent in which case I would need to return home, return to work and make some more money.   I was not heading into Cambodia anymore and to Sihanoukaville but I would return to Pattaya tomorrow, the plan then was to take the ferry to Hua Hin and then finally return to Bangkok.  So still going to have some fun but staying in Thailand.

Feeling Horny

Tonight though the plan remained the same I was going to return to Kai Bae beach and hopefully find a cute Cambodian bar girl in one of the Walking street beer bars.

sunset koh chang
white sands sunset

Did not want to arrive to early at Kai Bae beach so took an evening walk along White Sands Beach and then had something to eat and drink in the White Elephant pub.

white elephant koh chang
white elephant pub

I was feeling horny, not cum since Lolitas in Pattaya, I anticipated this and maybe that had alot to do with while I was heading home early.  Travelling is one thing but need good mongering to make it all worthwhile and it was just not happening, not regular not in Thailand,  not anymore.

Cambodian Beer Bar Girls

Still we persevere so I took a taxi from White Sands back to Kai Bae beach and got dropped off at the entrance to the beer bar complex Walking street.  There really are beer bars dotted all the way along Rural road running from White Sands to Lonely beach, you notice them easily in the dark, hiring a motorbike here would be the way to go.

beer bars Kai Bae beach
Kai Bae Walking street

Within Walking street, the lights were on and a few bar girls were working, very few other punters around, what was there basically I had to myself.  The beer bars at Kai Bae are very laid back I settled in and got chatting to one particular Cambodian bar girl .

Kai Bae beach cambodian bar girl
Cambodian bar girl

She was really cute, aged 21, not the prettiest of bar girls, but lovely figure, natural and her personality and attitude was excellent. I was tempted, I could not believe she not have a mobile phone, that means something special.  She liked me and was keen to get barfined and come back to my hotel on white sands beach.

Kai Bae bar girls
Kai Bae bar girls

Her friend joined us and maybe a threesome with two Cambodian bar girls was on the cards.  These girls were keen for business and I had only just arrived.  I wanted to take a look around at the other bar girls available in Walking Street.

Cambodian Party Girl Barfine

Generally the bar girls available during the night in the beer bars along Walking street at Kai Bae beach were above average.  But at the last bar I noticed a really cute young Cambodian girl.

kai bae beach Khmer bar girl
beautiful Khmer bar girl

I chat to her buy her a lady drink.  Her English is excellent, very intelligent young woman.  I wondered how she ended up at Kai Bae beach?

She tell me she pay the Thai police to be able to work in Thailand.  She tell me she is also a party girl!  She loves to party!  Well I am a party man!  barfine was only 300 baht and she would not drop below 1500 baht short time.  So a deal was struck I wanted to fuck this beauty.  She give me a lift on the back her motorbike back to my hotel in White Sands.  I really enjoyed the ride with her in the cool evening air.  I was going to enjoy now another ride with her in my hotel room.

Lost My Cherry

We shower in the room together.  Tight little body, trimmed pussy, small tits.  She gave very good head but only with a condom and thats saying something as not think that was possible.  Good fuck, lots of different positions, she was very enthusiastic, I cum a lot.  Good last night in Koh Chang, lost my cherry.  Tomorrow I return to Pattaya.  But enjoyed my stay in Koh Chang.

2 thoughts on “Kai Bae Beach Koh Chang”

  1. Touched to see that unworldly, genuine unsophisticated and not yet corrupted bar girl from Cambodia giving you a shy wave when you took a picture of her.

    You said yourself her personality and attitude was excellent together with a lovely figure yet you wrote she wasn’t the prettiest of bar girls.
    My friend I think you missed out a lot there, I thought that was the good old days Thailand you were looking for but obviously never found literally offered to you on a plate on such a beautiful tropical island. Paying around 60US Dollars a time for short time in Thailand which usually equates to less than an hour surely seems a lot of money.

    You might like this Vlog showing the different night life areas on Koh Chang.


  2. Sydney, yes I think your right, I did miss out there, but the other bar girl trumped this one when I had to choose between the two. The other Cambodian bar girl would have made a good girlfriend even wife, im sure 🙂 I would have returned to Kai Bae beach area if I was not returning to Pattaya the next day. Problem with Kai Bae beach, I could not find a nice beach?

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