babe sunbathing on lonely beach

Lonely Beach Koh Chang

I had spent a few days around White Sands Beach Koh Chang but now wanted to explore some other areas on this charming Island and check them out.  Today I would check out some waterfalls and take a visit to Lonely Beach.

Taxi to Lonely Beach

I waved down some taxis by the side of the road in White Sands, the first wanted 200 baht to Lonely Beach, the next 150 baht which I took.  A taxi on Koh Chang is much like a baht bus in Pattaya.

white sands to lonely beach
Taxi to Lonely beach

Annoyingly just out of White Sands my taxi stopped  picked up a group of Germans and took them back to White Sands but reduced my fare by 50 baht.  Cant blame him taking a money making opportunity.

The Beach

Around 30 minutes or so later eventually I get dropped off at Lonely Beach.  First impressions of the beach was not good but I was not at the right end it was all rocky and stony, I knew this was wrong.  You have to walk along a stony path to get to the sandy bit of Lonely beach.

lonely beach koh chang
lonely beach

I was impressed with the sandy beach of Lonely beach.  I found a quiet restaurant on the seafront and had a cold coconut for 100 baht and enjoyed the views.  It was hot now, not many people about I guess being out of season.  How long will Koh Chang remain like this?  the backpackers and mongers come first then the resorts.  I noticed on the hillside abandoned huts like a development was soon to take place.

sunbathing lonely beach
sunbathing lonely beach

Walking back along Lonely beach to check out the bars could not help noticing some solo babes sunbathing.  Makes a nice photo.  Lonely babes on lonely beach and the lone monger.  Maybe a few drinks tonight in the bars and she could be yours for free.

babe sunbathing on lonely beach
sunbathing lonely babe

Lonely Beach Mongering Options

Usually each day one of the bars or restaurants is having some kind of promotion where you can get cheap drinks and food.  Flyers are handed out on the beach and on the street.  Basically its a case of following the flow each day as to where you will end up.  One recommendation is the Himmel and Ting Tong bars cum nightclub with a mix of Thai girls both regular and freelancers, Scandinavians etc.  Weekends are better with Thai girls heading down from nearby Trat.  As with all backpacker beach destinations high season has some big beach and full moon parties.

There are a few massage parlours dotted around.  Im sure they would give you a happy ending if your desperate for a release.

Perhaps I should have camped up at lonely beach for a couple of nights, checked out the bar scene and tried my luck.   A decent beach hut can be had for around 700 baht.

lonely beach accommodation
bungalows lonely beach

Back on the road I had to wait over 10 minutes for a taxi to pass.  I was going to explore some more places, some waterfalls and then Kai Bae Beach.  For these days out exploring you would be better off renting a moped for 200 baht a day.  Then you can head over to more remote places and not under the control of taxis.  Problem is the danger of the road and alcohol consumption!

Klong Plu Waterfall

On arrival had to pay an entrance fee to visit the Klong Plu waterfall and then its about a 20 minute hike through the jungle to get to it and take some water as I was soaked in sweat.  Lovely spot but very popular with day visitors mostly Thai.

klong plu waterfall koh chang
klong plu waterfall

Towards Kai Bai Beach

It was late afternoon, sun beating down I wanted to do some recon of the Kai Bai Beach area as has its own little beer bar complex in its own version of Walking street made famous by Pattaya.  Walking street in Kai Bai beach would be my last chance to get some pussy before leaving Koh Chang.

2 thoughts on “Lonely Beach Koh Chang”

  1. Nice to see some reports form off the beaten track. I was in Koh Chang back in 2008 but I had a girls with me that I met in Pattaya. Lovely island bus mongering scene seemed kind of dead. Though I did meet one young 20 year old cutie at the beer bar complex on White Sand. Could not take her as me even playing a game of pool with her set off a tantrum by the Thai chick I was with.

    We also went to a cool little night club called Sabai at the north end of the beach. If memory serves there were some freelancers there too.

    I’v always wanted to go back but always get stuck in Pattaya. Maybe next trip….

    1. I was wondering where to go while in Bangkok where I started my journey. A ladyboy waiter/waitress recommended it if wanted to chill, great beaches, waterfalls, rain forests etc with some mongering beer bars no gogos.
      Then in Pattaya a beer bar girl also recommended it but she went with her boyfriend and think she thought she could play me and I would take her. But my mind was made up I was visiting Koh Chang but not strictly for mongering. I knew if I spent a week there I may go without as often especially today I rarely find quality beer bar girls, but sometimes you can get lucky.
      There was a few mongers with their girlfriends in my hotel in White sands, I saw other mongers there that I had seen in Pattaya. But yes its much more a place to take a girl with you rather than find one there. Beautiful island though. Wish I had spent a couple of days chilling lonely beach but often I dont get on with the traveller types too narcissistic for me, at least the males. I have one more story to tell from Kai Bai beach. I do recommend a visit to Koh Chang though just to chill and enjoy the beaches.

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