viet girl skyriver kuala lumpur

Mainland Girls Skyriver Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Part 5 – the Professional

I wanted a Mainland girl while in Kuala Lumpur.  A hot model Mainland girl. I’ve been chasing a hot Chinese girl for two years. I’ve yet to catch up with Sir Paul in Macau.

Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur

I was initially trying to go through Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur. I wanted to visit villages and alleys in Shanghai where brothels operated and possibly a sauna. I had everything arranged and then aborted a week prior to the flight. Perhaps it was for the best as it would take at least 2 hrs transit from the airport each way to where I wanted to Monger.  Shanghai is a huge city which I was not familiar with and a country which I am not fond of… Given 4 hrs wasted transiting and a mess of an airport in Shanghai, this could have turned into layover disaster.  In the end, it was certain that the mainland girl would have to come from Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur has plenty of them.

Are You Open?

The captain from the previous night in Skyriver said they open at 1:00pm the next day I came around 1:30pm. The sign said closed when I arrived but I rang and was buzzed in. I was handed a card with a number and this number would become my tab. Surprisingly I was their first customer.

mainland girls kuala lumpur
new girl on the right

One or two girls were sitting at the tables eating lunch and every once in a while a girl would arrive wearing unassuming street clothes. After enjoying a cold drink for 10 minutes, Captain presented a lineup of 4 Viets and 2 Mainlanders.

lineup mainlander viet girls
Partial lineup 1X Viet, 2X Mainlander

The mainland PRC girls did not interest me. I recognized one of the Mainland girls from the previous night in Skyriver but it was the tiniest Viet that caught my eye. I really fancy petite girls but despite that, I had the captain dismiss them for me. I chatted a few more words with the Captain and then decided on the petite one. He fetched her and in a minute or two she came out to get me.

My video of Skyriver and Susu the Viet


Taking me by the arm, she led me up a maze of stairs and corridors. It seemed as though there were 3 floors of rooms. We entered a room on the 3rd floor to find a bed and a curtained shower. Introductions, clothes off, and we began with a cleaning in the shower.

She called herself Susu and she spoke Mandarin, English and Vietnamese. Her Mandarin was so good I didn’t believe she was Viet. I wanted to speak English but she didn’t really want to except for a few words here and there. I had the hardest time believing she was Viet, until she couldn’t figure out how to say something in Mandarin or English and she spoke Viet to herself.

Petite Spinner

Susu was a 22-year-old petite spinner from Ho Chi Minh City. She wore a black cocktail dress where you could see her bare waist from the side and a tattoo poked through. It was hot. She’d been in Malaysia for 2 years.

viet girl skyriver kuala lumpur
Susu from the side

She was tiny and petite. Her breasts were about as tiny as I had ever seen. Perhaps the circumference of a tennis ball. Her nipples were literally the size of a eraser on the end of a pencil. She weighed maybe 85-90 lbs and I loved that.

Her service was good. A little routine but solid. It was very professional and well rehearsed which I found it shocking as all most working girls I’ve had kind of have a whatever attitude. She knew exactly what to do to please a man. Penis play, cock sucking, cat bath, ball sucking and then got on top for some cowgirl. Tiny tiny pussy.
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Executive Management

Susu was headstrong and had little patience for my antics. She seemed disgusted by my nervousness. “You come here for sex, enjoy. No one going to beat you up.” She could not fathom why I would be nervous going to a fuck joint. Her reasoning was you’re already paying to fuck, you know this shit ain’t right, but obviously you’re here to fuck in this whorehouse, so go fuck.

I began to really enjoy how annoyed she got. She wanted things her way but I was not giving her the routine that she wanted. I kept smiling at her as she pleasured me. She would reply, “what?” and give me a snarky look. I was happy… I liked being pleasured by this tiny Viet girl. I’m smiling…I’m happy, now you go do your job and fuck me. This bugged her. Eventually she came to accept it and soon I exploded.

I was now entirely relaxed. She wiped me off and we talked. We talked about our pasts, we talked about where we came from. I didn’t understand what she was doing here in this fuck joint. She was a very strong and smart girl. I told her that. You would be executive management or a business owner if she was in the States.

I asked her if she works anywhere else and the answer was no. Just Skyriver. “Why you ask? Are you going to follow me?” and sighs, “Are you going to see me again?” I don’t think she would have enjoyed another session with me, but surely I would call the shots next time. I can only imagine one of those love hate relationships. I liked that girl.… but my time in Kuala Lumpur was limited and we wouldn’t meet again. With this I parted with the girl I call, “The Professional”.

By Mr Q.

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4 thoughts on “Mainland Girls Skyriver Kuala Lumpur”

  1. So still a hot mainlander girl on your todo list?
    Thanks for the mention on Macau. Is the Lisboa racetrack still going? really was one of the mongering wonders of the world. Beautiful chinese girls, top quality and with you being of Asian descent Mr Q, you would have had alot more options.

    That Viet girl looks cute, is that a full bush I can make out?

    What was the total damage of a session in Skyriver?

    1. Oh…I didn’t mention the cost in my post. MYR 338 ($85 USD) for viets and MYR 238 ($60) for all others. Every Asian WG I have ever tasted has a bush.

      I’ve been to Macau a few times but have never participated in the hobby there but I’m sure the race track is still going on. I saw the race track years ago… and it was very tempting.

      I’m so behind on my stories and such.. I’ve been to 3 other countries since Malaysia and I’m about to repeat one of the countries I’ve yet to write about… I tried looking for the Mainlander AGAIN in Dubai… but the Mainlanders there are not even close to the quality found in China.

      1. Im behind on my trip reports too Mr Q, putting together a quality report takes alot of time and not least participation, these are first class first hand reports
        I can only thank you for keeping up the good work for our benefit.

        I love the bush. Would travel 1000 of miles for the bush. Im fucking a mixed race Indian girl here who would have a fantastic bush if she grew it. But she tells me she makes money online cams and everyone wants shaved pussy. Pedos!

  2. I think you mean MYR 338 ($85 USD) for Chinese, and MYR 238 ($60) for the others. I was at Skyriver in Dec 2017 and this is what my Viet cost.

    I am with you on China – Beijing was not pleasant.

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