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Koh Chang White Sands Beach

Minibus was picking me up at 8:30 AM from my apartment in Pattaya for my 5 hour journey to Koh Chang and White Sands Beach where I would be staying for the next week or so.  From Koh Chang the plan was to continue the journey across the border and into Koh Kong Cambodia.

Pattaya to Koh Chang

Breakfast at McDonalds along second road in Pattaya in the morning at 6AM and there are still drunks about.   I had paid 800 baht for my ticket in Pattaya which would take me to my hotel in White Sands Beach and included the ferry.

Took a little while to weave our way out of Pattaya due to picking up tourists from other hotels mostly Chinese couples.  I made the mistake of not sitting on the single seat if travelling solo hoping it would not be full then have two seats to myself.  Lesson learnt.

on the minibus to koh chang

Im sure Kim Jun un was sat at the front of the minibus and kept looking round.  Fat face fuck, he really should put his hair stylist to death.  Still the minibus to Koh Chang was the cheap option with a taxi setting you back over 2500 baht.

koh chang ferry
ferry to koh chang

Had to wait 45 minutes for the ferry, just missed the last one.  On the ferry a chance to stretch your legs and take some photos of the approaching Koh Chang island which is still predominantly rain forest and the island does get a lot of rain.  Koh Chang sure looked beautiful and enchanting, a place to relax hopefully but still indulge in a little mongering too.

White Sands Beach

White Sands Beach on the western coast of Koh Chang is the most developed resort with a large beautiful beach.  Its popular with Russian, Chinese couples and Scandinavians but also has the largest beer bar complex on the Island.  Surely there I would find a cute bar girl to barfine?

Bamboo white sands beach
Bamboo White Sands

I was staying in the hotel Bamboo directly facing onto the Beach at White Sands.  Nice view, nice room but considering I was on a budget I really was spending too much on accommodation largely through rather than finding a cheap option on arrival.

beach huts koh chang
beach huts

After unpacking I take a walk along the beach, I did check out some cheaper accommodation some beach huts further along, adequate at 300 baht a night.  Last time I stayed in a cheap beach hut was Goa India.  But not ideal for bringing your barfine back late at night if such a thing was even possible on Koh Chang?

White Sands Beer Bar Complex

Its what Thailand is good at beer bar complexes and White Sands was not much different even if quality bar girls can be hard to find.  White Sands Beach on Koh Chang has the largest concentration of beer bars not far from my base 5 to 10 minute walk up the main drag being Rural Road.

beer bar complex white sands
white sands beer bars

Stop off for a beer in the first one red light beer bar.  Bottle of Leo costs me a 100 baht so not cheap, enquire about barfine and they wanted 500 baht.  Not that I was really interested.

beer bar girls koh chang
beer bar girls koh chang

There must be about 20 or so beer bars in the White Sands complex.  I took a wander around inside and in another bar I got the same bottle of Leo for 70 baht so pays to shop around.

busty beer bar girl
busty bar girl

The beer bar girls working White Sands were friendly enough, after a few more Leos I was nearly tempted with this busty Thai Milf!  She tell me low season and barfine is 300 baht, short time is 1000 baht and long time 1500 baht, good prices, maybe she just liked me ;-).  Maybe She used to be a He?  There were a few ladyboys working.

koh chang bar girl
whites sands beer bars

Not very many punters about in the White Sands Beer bar complex at least early in the evening.  Bar girls tell me gets busier after 11pm when hubbies have put their kids and wife to bed and venture out for a nightcap.

White Elephant Bar

Not far up from the beer bar complex are a couple of western pub restaurants called the White Elephant and Paddy Palms.

white elephant koh chang
White elephant bar

First night in the White Elephant had a nice burger and chips for 180 baht and a draft beer for 80 baht.  Seemed to be a local expat crowd inside.   Returned to the White Elephant in the morning for their cooked breakfast 185 baht including coffee and juice, not bad but found the staff to be a bit rude.

I also tried Paddy Palms during my stay in White sands, the food and beer was of better quality but more expensive and quiet inside popular with Russian families.

 Beach Walking

Would seem great having a room right on the beach but at night I had an annoying bird or something in the tree howling out its mating call and it was like a car alarm going off!  I shook the tree a couple of times to shut it up.

white sands beach koh chang
White Sands Beach

I sure did enjoy my morning walks along White Sands beach Koh Chang though, very laid back, mostly deserted, it not rain much during my stay.

koh chang sunset
white sands sunset

Enjoyed the evening walks along the beach too especially the sunset. I mean you dont come to Koh Chang because you want to party.  Along the beach there are bars restaurants open where you can sit and enjoy a beer too.  but beware the mosquitoes come out too which you dont see in the holiday brochures.  Make sure you put on your Deet spray before venturing out in the evening.

The Rock Bar

Another option for some entertainment along the main drag at White Sands is the Rock bar.  Inside is a Filipino band doing great cover tracks of all your favourite rock tracks.

rock bar koh chang white sands
rock bar

Behind the rock bar is White Sands only late night club but I never try it out.  Its suppose to have a few freelancers in there late at night or at the weekends a few semi pro Thai girls.

Koh Chang Massage

The only real option on Koh Chang is the beer bars the other is maybe getting a happy ending in one of the many small massage shops dotted all the way down Rural road from White Sands to Lonely beach.  Most have a a couple of fuglies working inside with just one bed and a curtain.

massage koh chang
Cookies massage

I did notice a couple of attractive Thai ladies working in Cookies massage in the White Sands resort, they may have even been sisters.  I popped my head through the door a couple of times but they were busy and you could see punters feet sticking out from behind the curtains.  Not ideal place to get a handjob but sure it would be on offer.

Koh Chang Plans

During my stay on Koh Chang I wanted to try a few other places like Lonely Beach popular with backpackers and also Kai Bae Beach  which had a smaller beer bar complex with mostly Cambodian bar girls.   I also enquire about a trip to the Cambodian border of Hat Lek via Trat which would set me back 600 baht and take a couple of hours with the plan to stay at Koh Kong a few nights and then heading onto Sihanoukville.

2 thoughts on “Koh Chang White Sands Beach”

  1. Wow.. 300 baht (9 US) a night for a hut. I’ve forgotten why I like southeast Asia. Having come back from Dubai I just wrote a piece with a line that says, “If you’re tight on cash don’t come to Dubai”

    So I have to ask, how are the burgers in Koh Chang? I really like burgers, but in the US 80% of burgers here are inedible.

    1. Mr Q, yes its cheap, basic but probably get a good nights sleep listening to the ocean kiss the shore. As the Thai woman showed me around the huts got a couple of nice smiles from some twenty something hippie chicks staying there
      But down the far end of white sands beach, so not sure how from there you get up to the beers bars. But can also rent a motobike for 200 baht a day, good way to get around on Koh Chang as not much traffic, but of course then have to watch the alcohol and always dangerous. I am actually thinking of doing some motobike courses here back at home as dont have much confidence on one, no experience.
      The burger was not bad, but probably not up to your standard. Looking forward to your reports from Dubai, always been tempted maybe a 5 day visit there myself. Maybe your reports on Dubai will inspire me. Horses for courses though I would not goto Dubai without the intention of parting with alot of cash. But with places like Koh Chang and lots of Thailand and SE Asia you could spend alot of time there on lot less cash. My long term plans are to spend alot of time away

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