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FKK Tour Germany

German FKK Tour

An FKK tour in Germany should be on every mongers todo list.  The concept and the logistics of an FKK tour through Germany can be a little overwhelming for a newbie. But FKK Tour has been in business for almost 3 decades.  They arrange everything, pickups, transport, hotels and of course taking you to the best FKK clubs that Germany has to offer.

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Summer FKK Tour

During the summer months many of the FKK clubs have outdoor swimming pools and up to a 100 girls from all over Europe and other parts of the world sunbathing naked outside.   Some visitors to FKKs have special requests and fantasies, with some guests taking their sex sessions outdoors even in public places.

fkk tour germany
FKK tour

Come the cooler months and all the action occurs indoors, including indoor swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, massage etc.

What is an FKK Club?

Don’t confuse FKK Clubs with normal brothels. Some first time visitors can’t get their heads around spending 6 days in FKK clubs! The truth is, if you haven’t been to a FKK before, you dont know what you are missing. Most visitors agree an FKK experience is simply the best P4P and mongering to be had, in Germany, in Europe if not the whole world.

Once inside a FKK club you are free to roam around, no hassles, No pressure to do anything – imagine relaxing with anywhere up to 100 beautiful and youthful girls to feast your eyes on and fuck if you wish?  Eat with them in the restaurant,  or just relax with a drink from the bar while watching some pole dancing.  You can spend a whole day and night in an FKK club and the time will fly past.

As part of an FKK tour visiting Germany’s best sex clubs, you will also get the chance to do normal tourist stuff.  Each day of the tour you will visit a different FKK club carefully selected.

We have tourists aged from 20 up to 75 who have always expressed they have had the time of their lifes and was great to be in the fellowship of similar minded hobbyists from all over the globe.

If you’re new to German FKK Clubs, they can be compared to a poor man’s Playboy Mansion where you are surrounded by up to 100 totally naked international women, aged from 18 -28. Located in mansions, warehouses, homes and estates, these  clubs are designed for an all day experience.

Entrance Fee

There is an entrance fee to get inside a FKK club, that the girls also have to pay.  This entrance fee includes your food,  soft drinks and use of all the facilities.  But one thing is for sure once inside you will be spoilt for choice of quality women to have sex with.  A big problem with mongering anywhere in the world today is the quality of women available.

Sex in a FKK Club

A session with a girl of your choice will set you back 50 euros but extras can also be negotiated.  This gives  you 30 minutes with a high quality woman without the haggling, up selling or games found in regular adult entertainment establishments around the world. Think of a FKK club as a health spa for men that caters to your sexual needs to with the most beautiful women from all over Europe and around the world. It’s not just about going to the room with a woman; it’s about an all day relaxing visit, taking in the naked eye candy is an added bonus.

Quality and Quantity of FKK Girls

The quality of girls you will find working in FKK clubs is far better than you would find working in a strip club, I guess its due to the privacy.  Attracting working girls you would not normally find working in public.  And the big bonus is inside a German FKK club you can have sex with the girl in a private room.  After sex you can return to the club, refresh your self with food and drink, sit in the sauna, take a massage or just relax on the many comfy loungers and marval at all the beautiful fully naked women walking around and decide who you will have great sex with next once your batteries have been recharged.

Our tour is designed to show you the ropes, explain the way it all works and provide you with hotel and transportation during your visit. Every club is different and our specially designed tour gives you the best combination of Germany’s top FKK Clubs. Our staff have daily updates on what’s going on, changes and the women. Don’t settle for outdated reports by people you’ve never met and who don’t know the clubs the way we do.

German FKK tour
FKK tour

Group Tour Rates ( Includes Hotel)
$1999 Tour 6 Day
$2199 Tour 8 Day
$999 Tour 3 Days

You need to try the world’s best option for Adult entertainment. Nowhere else in the world combines the variety, safety, price and legal status. Why settle for one nationality, race, color or country when you can select from a worldwide collection of model quality international women all in the absolute comfort and safety of  a German FKK club.

Inside an FKK Club

The girls may walk around naked but you dont, unless you want to. On entrance our staff will find a robe and slippers that fit you most comfortably and then take you to a private locker where you can get changed in privacy and maybe take a shower.  You need not take anything with you once inside the FKK club.  After having sex with one of the many beautiful model quality girls you would return to your locker to pay the girl.  Thats all there is to it.

german fkk tour
German FKK tour

We invented the FKK Club Tour concept and have been doing it since 1995.. If you want to know more about FKK TOUR and what we offer, visit our home page HERE.  We have more repeat guests than anyone which speaks volumes and tells you why we’ve always been number one.

My FKK Tour

Mongers I can really vouch for a an FKK tour through Germany.   I have visited 4 FKK clubs on tour and had fantastic sex in each club.  My first visit to an FKK club was the Palace in Frankfurt then the Artemis in Berlin.  I have also visited Goldentime in Vienna and The Globe in Zurich.

fkk vienna
goldentime fkk girl

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17 thoughts on “FKK Tour Germany”

  1. I have also enjoyed FKKs in the past: mostly Samya in Cologne and Artemis in Berlin. Most of my experiences at these places were between 2007-2010 when I was in Germany a lot. My last visit to Artemis was in 2013 and Samya in 2015 and I had fun, though I think they were much better in the earlier years when there was a greater variety of women (now its mostly Romanian girls at many of the FKKs). And there used to be a lot more action in the common areas with lots of kissing and heavy petting before going to the room. Now almost all action is limited to the rooms (or kinos in some establishments like Artemis)

    I also heard that Germany has really cracked down and started regulating activities in these places. BBBJ and DFK are no longer allowed. Of course the girls don’t always follow the rules, but they are more likely to up-sell these services demanding extra payment or to only do these things with their regulars. I’ve heard complaints about this from some friends and on some of the other mongering boards.

    I’d be eager to hear your opinions on this issue as most of my knowledge is just 2nd or 3rd hand. How have things changed with the new laws and regulations?

    A friend of mine just returned from Vienna and he said that BBJ and DFk were standard at the FKK there (I forget the name). Let’s hope the new German regulations don’t make it to Austria too.

    1. Uncle my first visit to Germany I stopped in Cologne but only did Pashas. I was still an FKK virgin but something I was excited about trying for the first time. Samya in Cologne was popular at the time but I not venture out to try it. I lost my FKK virginity in Frankfurt in the Palace and it was full of beautiful young women from all over Europe. Amazing experience! Back then you questioned the high entrance fee but you never doubted the quality and quantity of girls inside

      After frankfurt I did Berlin and Artemis FKK too, quality not so good but good enough.

      My best experience was in the Goldentime, again full of beautiful women I managed two that day beautiful blonde german girl and gorgeous dark Bulgarian 19 yo. She recommended the globe FKK in Switzerland which on a later trip I tried. research suggested it was very popular. But inside I had a little trouble finding a quality girl to fuck on my birthday. Finally it was nice Romanian who gave me the GFE. In the Globe FKK I even had a desperate bleached blonde alcoholic approaching 40 clinging on to me. So yes looks like quality was in decline. But why would quality girls suddenly stop working in an FKK? Its not like the economic situation in Europe has improved?

      It not surprise me situation is getting worse in German FKKs with Angela Merkel at the helm of power. Just the seasaw is swinging from Patriarchal to Matriarchal system of values.

  2. i will be in frankfurt from 09 – 20th January 2018 , pls let me know if i can accompany any tour at best possible price for a day or 3 day tour

    1. The last group tour for January ends on January 13th. After that the month is sold out.
      You could join or create a 3 day tour from January 9, 10 and 11 for $999

      Let us know if this works and we’ll supply booking info.
      Thank you

  3. I was thinking of going to an FKK in Múnich, I was looking for dates in December but way too expensive; Instead I decided to book a trip to Moscow for December 5-10 just to do some touring, maybe mongering there, but I can’t find enough info about it.
    Will also be in Zagreb, Budapest and Warsaw – I know for a fact that Budapest and Warsaw have legit escorts websites, but I can’t find anything on Zagreb really..

    Happy NEW YEAR

    1. Long time, no hear thought you had died and gone to monger heaven?
      Places like Zagreb are not known for mongering unlike say Germany. You will always have pockets of P4P like escorts etc
      Munich is a place I would like to visit, or do a tour of some more German cities and visit some of the many FKKs

        1. Mr Q, I was thinking of doing another FFK tour through Germany stating with Munich, doing some other German cities I have not visited.
          Is it mostly Romanian girls or nice mixture of European Nationalities? Quality good? no problem choosing a girl?

          1. There aren’t too many FKK in Munchen, so I went to Sunshine. It’s was mostly Romanians. I only talked to 6 or 7 girls or so, but all Romainian cept a Hungarian and an afrian. It was quite busy when I went, around. 11-2:30 ish. There were a lot of guys too then, so the girls were quite busy and commanding higher prices above the 60 base price price. Those girls can make $$$.

            I might be back later in a few days. Check out Colosseum in Augsburg if I can borrow a car. Wanted to check a laufhaus or two as well.

            1. There were many second tier Fkks when I was in Germany. But FKKs like the Palace in Frankfurt had Hungarian, Polish, I had a threesome with two Polish girls plus many others, I dont remember any Romanians back then end of 2011
              In Goldentime they were German, Italian, Portuguese, Moldovan, my first experience with girls from Moldova and Bulgarian again no Romanians. Romanians are actually some of the best looking girls I have seen and fucked in some places.
              In the Globe Switzerland it was a Romanian girl I fucked there. But I recommend visiting some of the big main tier one FKKs for better variety, if that still holds true?

                1. Why you think this is the case mostly Romanian girls working in the FKKs?
                  When I visited Palace and Artemis in Berlin there were a mixture of girls from all over Europe but that was a few years ago now?
                  More recently Romania and Bulgaria joined the European Union so must have made it easier for them to travel. But is it more something like Romanian mafia taking over?

  4. OMG I just went to my first FKK in Germany. It was awesome and I just went to a small. Dozens of naked girls walking around everywhere! It was quite a show.

  5. Some of the best and biggest FKK in Germany are not in the big cities. For instance if you are in Munich the local FKK are not the best. It might be worth going to Augsburg or Inglostadt. I can especially recommend the FKK Hawaii in Ingolstadt (1h drive from Munich). The girl’s service there was usually better then what I experienced in other FKKs in southern Germany. Ingolstadt has a historic city center and the Audi Museum if you want to add some sightseeing.

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