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Baht Bus to Jomtien

Another lazy day in Pattaya, was getting over my abstinence now and pussy were beginning to flow what with the threesome last night with two African streetwalkers.  Tonight I would try something different and take a baht bus to Jomtien.

Why Jomtien?

The fellow monger I had met on the flight to Bangkok was spending most of his time in Jomtien and put the idea in my head to visit this quieter more civilised side of Pattaya once again and take a look around.

jomtien beach
Jomtien girlfriend 2003

My first visit to Jomtien was back in 2003 with my then Thai girlfriend, we stayed here a few days in a nice beach side hotel and would take the occasional trip into sin city itself Pattaya.

jomtien beach 2005
Jomtien beach 2005

During my mongering years in Thailand I visited Jomtien maybe once or twice to take a break from Pattaya.  It was a better beach  at least for a while before all the boats and jet skis moved in.  After a day on the beach I visited a gogo late afternoon I am sure it was the Winchester.

They were playing some great music in the Winchester Agogo, there were some cute Thai girls working, one superstar strutting her stuff.  Another Thai cutie sat next to me, within a few minutes my hand was inside her bikini bottoms and her pussy was soaking wet.  Back then this kind of interaction was nothing out of the ordinary.

jomtien beach 2014
Jomtien beach 2014

I took a quick trip to Jomtien on the back of a motobike to pick up my semi-pro girlfriend I had met down soi 33 in Bangkok back in 2014 before we headed back to my hotel back in Pattaya to get at that lovely fresh Thai bush she had waiting for me.

Baht bus to Jomtien

Back to the present, that evening I take a walk down soi 10 and have something to eat in the Sportsman.  I then jump on a baht bus on beach road to  the junction on second road.  It still only costs 10 baht to jump on and off a baht bus around Pattaya and thats good value.

Jomtien beach 2017
Jomtien beach 2017

There was a baht bus pointing in the right direction but no one on it and asked how much, the driver wanted 200 baht.

Jomtien Beach Sunset

I joined another baht bus with people already on it mostly Russians and made my way to Jomtien beach along Thappraya road to enjoy the sunset.

jomtien beach sunset
Jomtien sunset
Jomtien beach sunset
Jomtien beach sunset
lovers jomtien sunset
Lovers jomtien beach

After enjoying the sun going down over the beach it was time to head into the sois leading off of Beach road, visit a few beer bars and attempt some mongering.  I still had to nail a Thai cutie more and more looking like Mission impossible.  Maybe one of the many beer bars in Jomtien would reveal a hidden gem that I could take back to my apartment in Pattaya.

Jomtien bar girl
Thai cutie

I am noticing alot more Russians in Jomtien, couples, families rather than mongers.  The Russians in Pattaya and Jomtien seem to be better behaved than years gone by where they were rude and arrogant.  I am also noticing alot more Australians in both Bangkok and Pattaya.  I learn they are now avoiding Phuket due to rip off prices and poor service.

Jomtien Beer Bars

Jomtien has many beers bar but very few Gogos.  The most concentrated sois for beer bars in Jomtien are along soi 1 to soi 7.

jomtien soi beer bars
Jomtien sois

Soi 7 leads to the Rompho Market Beer Bar Complex which has over 60 beer bars, that was where I was heading surely I would find a Thai cutie in the Rompho beer bar complex.

Beauty is a curse

Walking up and down the sois off beach road, there were some groups of aged expats sat around and the few bar girls available were mature and fugly even if they did have good attitude.  A group of expats seemed to find it amusing me walking up and down the sois looking for some quality pussy and bar to sit.  I can only assume they were bewildered by why a man so good looking and handsome needed to come to Jomtien and pay for it?  Well being a creature of habit it used to be so convenient and efficient with quality pussy plentiful.  Beauty is a curse.

Rompho Beer Bar Complex

Nothing along the sois off beach road so headed into the Rompho beer bar complex.  Ok alot of beer bars but most were empty.  I just sat in a beer bar had two Thai milfs join me who were both in their forties but spoke good English.

rompho beer bar jomtien
Rompho beer bar

I got them a lady drink each and chatted with them.  They wanted business and would have probably been up for anything at a knocked down price but I was not interested.  They tell me business is really bad.  I dont understand the logic of building such a large beer bar complex other than to sell leases to foreigners who then go bust?  I can only assume things get alot more busy very late at night and during the high season?

jomtien beer bars
jomtien beer bars

I have a wander around the Rompho beer bars but no quality Thai pussy to be found.  The Rompho market is the place to eat if you like fresh fish cooked over a barbecue but it was very busy with traveller types.  I found a nice hole in the wall restaurant down one of the sois and had Pie and mash cooked very well for 250 baht.

Thappraya Country Road

From Rompho I make my way around to the bars dotted along Thappraya road just up from the beach.  Stop off in the Country Road for a beer, nothing to report.

country road jomtien
country road

Country Road is one of Jomtiens most popular bars staying open until 3AM, it has many stools facing the road and a great spot for people watching and deciding where to head to next.

We Are No1 Agogo

Across the road from Country road on Thappraya road is maybe Jomtien’s only Gogo called We Are No1 Agogo.  Well I had to take a look inside but my expectations were not high.

Jomtien Agogo
We Are No1 Agogo

Oh my god! Inside We Are No1 Agogo and the few Thai women working must be in their fifties.  Just give a job to anyone who would do it.  Its like those deluded individuals who enter those TV talent shows.  Yes it is No1 Gogo  only because its the only one.  Back outside and it is looking like a crap shoot, if the quality was bad in Pattaya it was alot worse here.

Jomtien Walking Street

My last chance for some mongering  was its version of Walking street.  Well Walking street in Jomtien is for gays.  Its boyz sat outside wanting some business.

walking street jomtien
Walking street

Maybe that was why that fellow monger liked to hang out here.

Baht bus back to Pattaya

Time to wave down a baht bus back to Pattaya but the seat beside me would be empty on the ride back.  The general consensus with Jomtien is it is alot more laid back and often gems can be found in the many beer bars there.  Maybe some bar girls prefer Jomtien to the more hectic Pattaya.  But I not see any.  It could be a good place to base yourself though if you prefer it quieter, a little cheaper maybe and a nicer beach.  So still I have never barfined in Jomtien.  What are your mongering experiences in Jomtien?


7 thoughts on “Baht Bus to Jomtien”

  1. My experiences mirror your exactly. Jomtien is a total waste as far as mongering goes. I used to stay there at Vie Talay 5 condo because I liked having a sea view, nice pool, and being away from the hecticness of Pattaya. I became very familiar with the staff there and it kind of became my home away form home for awhile.

    When I stayed in Jomtien I don’t think I ever even met a girl at the bars there that I found attractive. Most of the bars are empty and the ones that aren’t only have girls that are old and fuggly. And that gogo is really atrocious. Though the one time I was there it was pretty busy with customers. WTF ????

    I did, however, take plenty of girls form Pattaya and bring them back to Jomtien with me. Or I’d arrange for girls I met to come ans stay with me and have a night out in Jomtien. I remember some really lovely sunset dinners on Dongtang beach (just liek in your photos). You can get a nice simple Thai dishes from the same guys that rent out the beach chairs. The beer bars at Rompho could also be fun with their live music as long as you brought your own girl. I never had problems getting girls to go back to Jomtien with me. And some of my regulars preferred the more laid back atmosphere and the quiet dinners and romantic walks along the beach we would take to the madness of Pattaya.

    Jomtien also has some of the better Farang restaurants in the area: like Bruno’s and Rich Man Poor Man.

    I stopped staying in Jomtien about 3 years ago when I discovered that there are also condo complexes in Pattaya that offer the same privacy and laid back atmosphere but are closer to the action. I may consider staying in Jomtien again some day as its really only a 10 minute Baht bus ride to WS. But I’ve given up all hopes of ever finding an attractive girl there.

  2. Kinaree is like a hybrid between an FKK and Soi 6. Nice surroundings and very comfortable ambiance. No entrance fee, you pay for the girl and room (I think it’s like 1500 total — can’t recall now)and food /drinks separately.. You can also hang out and buy the girls lady drinks and they will stroke your cock through your shorts.

    They have a good Saturday-Sunday buffet where the price of the buffet 450 baht gets deducted if you spend enough on drinks (1100). It gets very crowded on those days and its difficult to find a seat much less a girl. The food is pretty good and it may actually be the best buffet in Pattaya (which really is not saying all that much).

    I’ve only been twice, mostly just to hang out with buddies who were going. I am not a fan of the place: Firstly it’s an afternoon place and I am usually busy with my LT from the night before at this time. 2) it is very dark in there and difficult to tell what girls actually look like. 3) the quality of the girls is not all that great. Though my buddies that go there have found gems there on occasion (they showed me pics of nice girls).

    You seem pretty picky (like me) so I don’t think you’d like it. But it’s worth a look!

    For me Soi 6 is better as there are more girls to choose form and you can get a good look at what you are getting. Also Kinaree is a little out of the way 15-20 minute by mototaxi…

    1. Thanks Uncle, always good to know, sounds like quality in Kinaree is not guaranteed. Something that is almost guaranteed when you walk into a German FKK. Still may be worth a look next time I am in Pattaya

  3. Kinaree is not in Jomtien ? Surprised at that but I am not up to speed with the local geography and boundary’s.

    I like Kinaree as a place to spend an afternoon. If you are in the Jomtien area for the beach or some other reason, its a great place to go. As you pointed out, there isn’t much else going on there. The opening times are about 1pm to 8ish. The rooms are nice, comfortable and clean, the food is good. As Uncle says, if you spend enough on booze the food is free. I never have, as I don’t like getting ‘tanked up’ in the afternoon. Ruins the night for me.

    Paul, you would enjoy the Sunday lunch. Get there early as it fills up quickly at the weekends with local ex-pats. One afternoon is a sausage buffet which is a bit hit and miss. Its often that coarse pork sour sausage from north Thailand that I am not a fan of.

    To answer your questions, using a Short Time room is (was) 350Bt. The ladies are ‘self employed’ but will run you about 1000 to 1200Bt.
    I have never been disappointed by the quality of ladies there. As you say, its not guaranteed, but very little in Thailand comes with a guarantee !

    For me, it fills that ‘gap’ in the afternoon. I tend to use it as somewhere to get lunch and a slow shag in the afternoon, then a nap before looking for LT later that night. I am also not one for loud discos or go-gos.

    There is another club (close to your favorite GoGo in Jomtien) called Kit-Kat or Kitti-Kat. Never been inside but the live bait outside looked good. Anyone been there ?

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