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Spa Skyriver Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia  Part 4 – No Showers Here

Reports say the best place to find hot Chinese Mainland girls in KL are at men’s spas. Not only do they offer Mainland girls, they also commonly offer Thai, Viet, Indonesian, Cambodian and Laos girls. Some Spas will specialize in certain types of girls while some places will have a mixture of all sorts. Some Spas may even have elusive Mongolians and Locals. Locals come in two flavors, literally.

Local Malays are called “nasi lemak” (NL) a Malaysian dish of spicy chicken and rice. Local Chinese girls are called “Char Kway Teow” (CKT), a dish of stir fried flat rice flour noodles.
I wanted to try them all, local girls, mainlander, and especially the Laotian girls. I still think about that friendly Laos girl from the Fuji Building in Hong Kong that I passed on. I also wanted a Mongolian. They have such an exotic look with their strong cheekbones.

Leaving Pudu

At midnight or so, under a bridge, I flagged a taxi after leaving the Hotel Richmoore. The Indian driver asked me what I was doing so late in this area? I grinned a little and said The Old Pudu market. He said, “Oh that’s a day market, you’re too late.” Yes, I know.

SkyRiver – I need a Shower

My destination was the back side of the Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall in main tourist area of Bukit Bintang. Off to the side, near the bottom rear mall entrance sits the infamous Skyriver. I pressed the ringer and the limo black glass door clicked allowing me to enter.

skyriver lounge
skyriver lounge

Past the reception counter, I was ushered to take a seat in a leather chair. There was line up in progress and the captain ushered the girls to walk over to me. A bit overwhelmed, I passed the girls over and dismissed them.

skyriver kuala lumpur
Initial Lineup, 2x Viet, 3x Mainlander

A busser offered me a menu and said drinks are free. I asked to take a shower first as I was hot and sweaty and he said they don’t have those. “Oh I see… you just pick girls only here.. right?” “Yes” he replied. This place is merely a fuck joint.

Can I get a Massage?

I was expecting a proper spa where you could pay to use the facilities and then indulge in extra services if desired. I actually had no desire for extra services, but just wanted to pay for spa facilities, relax, maybe a massage and to see how things operate.

The captain came over a bit later and explained what girls they had that Friday night. He said they had Mainlanders, a couple of Viets, two Laos and two Thais. He then called the girls over to me. The Mainland girls were not bad at all and I was peaked. There was a Thai girl, skinny fit body, dark skin, a tattoo on her neck, and bob hair cut that caught my eye. She was spunky and energetic but she looked like a pro. She would have torn me up.

I was tired, hot, and not feeling it. I asked for a massage but Captain says massages end at 9pm and it was already midnight.

I passed on the girls I sat around for a bit more with my drink and left Skyriver. My plan was to return the next day for an appetizer of Laos followed by a Chinese Mainland main course.

To be continued…

By Mr Q.

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    1. Mainlanders are RM 338 (~ 80 USD) and the others are RM 238 (~238). The Mainlanders come with “dragon service”, common with Chinese run spas in Asia. When I was there, 2 different Captains spoke to me. One of them explains the Dragon service, but since there were no good visuals to go with it, I left it out of the video. The dragon service comes with hot water / cold water blow job and anal fingering (your anus, not hers) and as typical, these services have names that are idioms

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