walking street pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya

Pattaya Pussy Hunt Continues

My third day in Pattaya Pussy hunting, I still had to lose my cherry this year and it was proving hard.  Harder than years before where often it can take me 3 or 4 days to wax my way in.  Maybe this year in Pattaya it was going to take longer or even worse non-existent to find some quality Thai pussy.  Tonight with some reservations I would take a wander down the tourist centric Walking Street.

Pattaya Nightmares

Last night in my Pattaya apartment I actually had some very vivid nightmares!  Not had nightmares in a long time.  Something was amiss or I was beginning to adjust.

Masturbating in Pattaya

Have you ever masturbated in Pattaya?  I have never masturbated while travelling.  Even when I go without, I let that horny feeling get more intense, it drives you forward, to try harder to take more risks to find that elusive quality girl in Pattaya with a beautiful pussy.

Asian sex diary
Pattaya sex diary

My balls were getting heavy though and I needed a release and really not relish the thought of them getting heavier.  Not good for my back.

Pattaya Beach

I took a wander down to Pattaya beach to relax for a few hours with the weather being nice.  It costs around 50 baht to rent a deckchair under the sun umbrellas for the day.  Sat in my deckchair I then enjoy a cold coconut drink.  Very refreshing and healthy.

pattaya beach
pattaya beach

It not take long for my peace to be broken.  An Indian couple sat in the next pair of deck chairs and put Indian music on loudspeaker.  I wanted to say something but just put my headphones on.  I could have put some heavy metal on my phone speaker too.  You are constantly hassled on Pattaya beach, its a hard place to actually relax.  I succumb to a manicure and pedicure for 300 baht getting myself all nice for that lucky girl tonight down Walking Street maybe.

Daytime Action, Healthy Living

After the beach, I stopped off in Subways for a ‘healthy sandwich’ then visited the supermarket for some fruit to keep in my apartment, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Spent a few more hours around the pool and swimming at my apartment complex.  Despite Pattaya being sin city my days were quite active and healthy.  I was sticking to not drinking any alcohol in the day, just fucks me up for the night.  From my perspective there was very little option to interact with non pro Thai girls during the day in Pattaya.

pattaya sex diary
Pattaya freelancer

If you wanted some daytime action in Pattaya your best best is a massage with happy ending or blowjob bar.  Soi 6 was on my ToDo list and gets going late afternoon in Pattaya.

Tims Bar, Second Road

I started my third night out pussy hunting in Pattaya across the road from my apartment in Tims Bar.  Tims bar is an all in one gogo, restaurant, hotel and bar etc popular with Scandinavian mongers and Germans.  I have been in Tims bar before a few times, they tend to play stadium rock on the TVs and usually have an average to good lineup of girls on stage in the gogo, but I have never barfined from Tims bar although come close a couple of times.

tims bar pattaya
Tims bar

It was a bit early the girls were not dancing yet, and actually one or two of the girls did not look too bad.  Maybe you have to get in these places like 7pm now to barfine the best looking girls, it used to be before 9pm.

Sportsman Soi 13

I not eat in Tims bar but headed down to the English pub called the Sportsman down soi 13 between second road and beach road.  Nice pie and mash in The Sportsman, good price and then it got busy with some English and Thai family inlaws and little mixed race children screaming and running around, time to head towards Walking Street.

Club Nevada, Soi Post Office

From the Sportsman I took the short walk up soi 13/2 or Soi Post Office.  The first gogo on the left is the Club Nevada and its hit and miss what you might find in the Nevada gogo.

club nevada soi post office
club Nevada

Club Nevada is usually open early afternoon and I have one or twice spotted some lovely teens dancing on stage sporting a full hairy pussy, was getting really turned on once.  But tonight there were some old fuglies dancing on stage and some low lifes lurking in the shadows.

Far East Rock Gogo

Across from the Nevada is the Far East Rock gogo on soi post office.  This was the first gogo I ever went into on my first trip to Pattaya back in 2002.  And I barfined a Thai slut from here all those years ago, she was into everything, anal, cim, her fee for long time was 1000 baht!

Far East Rock Pattaya
Far East Rock

But tonight in the Far East Rock, more fuglies, more fat guys and it smelt bad.  Even in these off the beaten track gogos in Pattaya things have significantly deteriorated.

Soi Post Office is still a place where you can get a massage with handjob it also has some blowjob bars notably the Pump Station which has been going years, but the quality again has gone steeply downhill in these places too, from what I could see.

Walking Street

From Soi Post Office I make my way finally into Walking Street.  It was the usual thoroughfare of tourists walking up and down Walking street  dazzled by the ever growing array of neon lights, few of them venturing into the gogos or bars.

walking street pattaya
walking street

I did a few gogos along Walking street, popping in and out here and there, my memory is a bit of blur to actual Gogos I went in, but what I do remember is I not see any outstanding girls.

walking street agogo
gogos walking street

Some of the better Agogos along Walking street today in Pattaya are suppose to be Bacarra and WhatsUp.  I had a bad experience in WhatsUp and will not return. Bacarra is very popular with Asian mongers and you have to get in early to snap up the best girls to probably only receive a starfish performance and she wants to rush back to the Gogo for another short time and another suckers money.  Prices in these establishments have gone through the roof with some reports of barfines now being asked are 3000 baht!

Bacarra Walking street
Bacarra Agogo

Remember I was on a budget.  It only works for me, if I like the girls looks and attitude towards me, I dont have to pay too much money and then the sex is good.

Walking Street Options

There are some large beer bar complexes along Walking street like Simons and the Pier but again its hard to find a quality bar girl in these places today in Pattaya.  I would not take a massage along Walking street as these are geared more towards the normal tourists and extras may not be on offer even though the girl sat outside may be cute looking.

discos walking street pattaya
Lucifer Disco

The other options are the discos along Walking street like Lucifers, where you can find freelancers even non pro, semi pro Thai girls in Pattaya for the weekend looking to hook up with a tourist or two and go back to their hotels for a sex session.

Walking street sex diary
Pattaya freelancer

But way too late, too loud and too packed probably too young also for me.  I would not be hitting the discos in Pattaya.

African Bar, Walking street

In the back of my mind I was heading up Walking street a bit further along to what is known as the African Bar.  Its at this specific beer bar along Walking street that you can find African freelancers wanting some business, and if you follow my sex adventures you know I love African girls.

Cute African Girl

In a short space of time I find myself talking to a very cute African girl sat on a stool at the African bar in Walking Street.  Like what a waste of time prior to this point.  Cutting the chase we talk business and she will do long time for 3000 baht and short time for 2000 baht. Reasonable prices, not hurt to try and get a discount.  Im not really interested in long anymore, so I offer 1500 baht short time which she accepts, but she reminds me there is now a 500 baht barfine at the African bar.

African bar walking street
African bar

After accepting that I may have to pay a barfine to get behind this African cuties booty in my apartment, she tells me she has to leave me, one of her regular customers has turned up and I can come and barfine her another night!  And with that she gets up and leaves me.

I am now Mr Angry and remind myself this is not a place to lose control even though the guy was a dweeb.  But I was angry enough to point my camera directly at her.   I guess it was more todo with the dweeb paid the going rate and she liked being with him, a known quantity.   There were some other African women sat around the African bar down Walking street, but they were more mature and not doing it for me, so I wandered off.

Not Happy Agogo

Fuck Walking street had been another failure although come close.  I took a look inside Happy Agogo, was busy inside, but mostly Chinese tourists throwing money at the girls.

Happy Gogo Walking street
Happy Agogo

I not feel happy in the Happy Agogo, Walking street had not yielded any quality pussy for me at a reasonable rate.  I had had enough for another night mongering in Pattaya or lack of it and headed back to my apartment empty handed for another night.  How long was this bad luck spell going to last?   Or was it now just impossible to get fucked in Pattaya?  Time would tell….

13 thoughts on “Walking Street Pattaya”

  1. Hey buddy I am so sorry you are having such a tough time. I have enjoyed your reports form places that are so much tougher to monger in.
    But I am sure you will persevere and break through the rut.

    I know I’ve said this before, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record I’ll say again that the discos such s Inosmnia and Lucifer are really the most worthwhile venue. Yes you have to stay out late and deal with obnoxious loud music and patrons. But I’v always scored my best GFE and attractive girls there. You really don’t need to worry about being too old as I have seen guys well into their mid 60s do well there.

    There is no point in gong to either of these places before 1 AM and really the later the better. I turn into a real vampire when in Pats.

    For me Soi 6 is best for daytime and early evening action. Though sometimes finding a really pretty girl is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    My friends also like the Gentlemans clubs like Kinaree and Heaven Above. Though I haven’t really ever been able to find anyone I like at these places the few times I’ve gone.

    Many of the girls have moved their operations to Social media. Thai Friendly, Tinder, and Badoo are all worth a try when you are in town.

    Funny that they are now charging a 500 baht BF at the African bar. LOL. What will they think of next?! I like Black girls but I have never really seen one that I found attractive in Patts. I do always take a look as I pass by on my way to Ibar.

    Happy hunting!I look forward to hear how you busted out of your rut!

    1. Uncle V, some things need repeating, so dont worry about that. So please tell me what is the going rate for a freelancer picked up in one of Pattaya’s late night venues like Insomnia, Lucifers?

      We are creatures of habit and habits are hard to break, old habits die hard. In years gone by my modus operandi to monger in Pattaya was to go out quite early do a gogo crawl and it was almost guaranteed I would find my stunner and she would stay long time. I really enjoyed doing this, the draft beer, the air conditioning, nice girls or at least a handful on stage. sitting on your lap, buy a lady drink, then drink up back to the hotel maybe before 10pm. good sex in the morning again and then breakfast, a kiss goodbye and promise to return tot the same gogo tonight.

      I noticed things started to change, you could still find nice girls although thinner, prices were creeping up and the girls were reluctant to do long time anymore. This was probably the case up to 2010, my last good catch in Pattaya. Doing a gogo crawl in a place like Pattaya is not what it was anymore. Yes way to go is now probably freelancers discos and online. But online can be a tedious affair at times

  2. She’s bullshitting you, there’s no bf at the African bar! She was just trying to scam an extra 500! The girls are all there on tourist visas and are freelancers! Maybe Eddie the tall slim guy behind the bar is playing the game with the girls and taking a small cut of the so called bar fine!
    I’ve nailed a few from the African bar, and never paid any bar fine ever, and I was there just recently as in 2 weeks ago!

    1. Well thanks for the update Matt.
      There was a big stern looking ladyboy acting mamasan behind the bar. She told me off for taking pictures. She\he tell me there was a barfine. Everybody is on the take there in Pattaya. Tourists are just money. It would not surprise me, if all those african girls were sat around your beerbar and then walking off with customers would you not want a kickback? I not pay a barfine in the end as she left me for the dweeb and I not see her again at the African bar of which I returned a few times, just fat mature african women on other nights. I have taken a nice young african girl from the african bar before though from Ghana no barfine then, just walked off with her.

  3. sorry for the later reply. I have been in Cuba and you know how internet is there. I hope this info gets to you in time.

    The going rate for Ibar/Insomnia/Lucifer is 2-3 K. But you can pay even more if you go with one of the prima dona girls. I avoid them.

    My last two pulls from Insomnia and Lucifer we did not even talk about money and I just gave them 2K in the morning without them even asking.

    I think the big change that is affecting you is that Pattaya now really operates at very late hours. I’d prefer the earlier schedule too. Btu you almost have to forego sunshine now and become a total vampire to take full advantage of the scene,

    1. 2-3 k for a freelancer in pattaya who gives good service is within my budget, 3k max, after that sex just is not worth that much to me. But if people with money to burn turn Pattaya into their playground then its the end as we know it. Next time in Pattaya I will try to head out about 10-11pm rather than 6-7pm and hit the discos. Problem is I am aware later on, some have had way to much to drink. I dont suffer fools gladly. I would assume the discos are better at weekends saturday night with semi pros heading down to Patts for the weekend?

  4. With you saying Pattaya is now a late night early morning scene would suggest the demographics have changed with an influx of younger dudes. Old men are not so interested anymore to staying out until the dawn. Its no fun to them. Thats why they use to like the beer bars and gogos, They also liked the girlfriend experience, even keeping the same girl for their two week vacation – Its just not like that anymore, thats my message

    Im also suggesting that some of us older dudes, veterans keep going back hoping to find some of that old magic, this is less likely now with each visit. So yes pattaya still has alot to offer, but to not get dissapointed expectations need to meet reality.

  5. sorry for the late reply. I have been busy since I got back form havana.

    I do agree that the demographics have changed, and that the average visitor now is much younger. But discos are not off limits to older guys like they are in the West. I know a few guys in their 60s that hit the discos and they do fine.

    I think even 10 or 11 is too early to go out. Unless you are planning to hit gogos first to “warm up”. I would not hit discos until 1 or 2 am.

    I develop a schedule when I am in Pattaya:

    12:00 -13:00 Wake up and bang girl I picked up in Disco from previous night
    14:00 kiss her goodbye and have lunch (breakfast ) with friends or alone
    16:00 After Lunch Nap
    18:00-20:00 Hit gym
    20:00-22:00 late Dinner (often with friends)
    22:00-24:00 Either another nap or I may hit the gogo with guys after dinner
    24:00: 01:00 Get ready for disco
    01:00-02:00 hit discos; Lucifer, Ibar, and I may pop in to have a look into Red Car (that place is kind of a crap shoot but I’ve found gems there before)

    I try to get out of the discos by 3 or 4 with my girl for the evening, but sometimes I won’t find “the one” until 5 or 6.

    Also you don’t have to hit the disco every night. Once you have had a few girls’ Line IDs you can put them on rotation. Get them to come to your place or go to dinner and then go straight to shagging and have an early night.

    Or you can have a night where you hit Soi 6 in the early evening and then have a late dinner and go to bed. I do this every few days just to recharge. BTW: I think Soi 6 is actually better in the early evenings after 5PM. A lot of the hotter Soi 6 girls don’t start working until then.

    Or if I am really lazy I may just stay home an try to hook up a girl from Tinder or Thai Friendly and have her come over (this works best if you already have them in the pipeline). The internet has really changed things in that a lot of girls can now find dates on SM. This is leading to the demise of the beer bars and budget gogos. All that vacuous beer bar space along Soi 2 and BR is like Pattaya’s version of the Rust Belt. LOL

    1. Next time I am in Pattaya and I am sure I still cant keep away I will definately try the discos just on your recommendations alone
      I have tried the discos before late night in Pattaya, Marinas, Simons etc, but not hook up, but need to go out later, and snorting some coke would be ideal 😉
      Especially if you can meet some African girls in there too now. Thanks for the informative comment.

      1. I’ve been on the ground here since December 20 and just want to give a quick update on the scene here.

        It’e high season and the guy to girl ration at the discos is just horrible – 5 to 1. No joke. And you will be competing with tones of 20 somethings for the attention of the better girls.

        Very tedious, I did manage to take a girl home my three out of three disco visits. First one turned out to be a total dud – would not DFK or BBBJ, I threw her out without even shagging her but gave her 1000 just to leave quietly.

        The other two were much better. Hooked up with a wild Chinese-Thai girl at Lucifer and had some of the best sex of my life. She wanted me to slap her face and choke her while we fucked. Did her on the balcony of my building for all to see and amazing CIM and all over her face. She sucked me dry. She had me so hot that I was up again in minutes (thanks Cialis) and we shagged for hours. Total damage 2K and a beer I bough her at the bar. Unfortunately her sponsor is now in town but I will meet up with her again when she leaves.

        Third one was an old flame who i had hooked up with earlier a couple of years ago and ran into at Ibar. Good shag but I think she enjoyed it more than I did. Left me with a nasty hickey too. Will not repeat with her.

        Also hooked up with a coupe girls form TF all good fucks but not a attractive as the pics. First one was on my first night when I had to wait at thy condo for my lost bags to arrive. I was stuck there till 4am waiting so TF came in handy. Even though the girl was not all that hot. Only asked for 1K so it was kind of Like ordering Dominos. LOL

        I scored a VERY sexy farm fresh 27 yr old at Red Point on Soi 6. Shag was so great that I barfined her LT the next day (Merry Christmas to me). Good first fuck that night but unfortunately she got jealous when she saw Xmass messages for other girls on on LINE. that and her insistence on using way too much lube (jeab, jeab) kind of killed it for me. She keeps messaging me but I have no intention of repeating.

        Gogos are well stocked with girls at least for the moment. But BF prices are way up (1.5 to 2K) and girls asking upwards of 4k ST, 5k LT. I don’t do gogos that much anymore as I am hearing too many stories of girls turning out to be starfish in the room.

        I may bit the bullet and get a girl I really like from Kaos Gogo in LK metro tonight but it will cost me at lest 4.5K ST plus the drinks I will buy in the bar. But she does it for me and has been very friendly in the bar so I think it will work out OK.

        All in all it’s been just so-so so far. To be expected as its high season. Tons of guys come into town and a lot of girls leave for New Year. Fortunately I will spend NYE with a really cool regular of mine and I hope things pick up when the crowds leave after Jan 2-3. I am here til the 9th.

        I wouldn’t really recommend Pattaya for this time of year. I came with low expectations and it is is kind of a working holiday for me so I have not been going out every night. I also have some regulars I can have visit. Otherwise I’d advise to avoid high season for serious mongering.

        1. Thanks for the detailed update on Pattaya over the peak of the peak season. What nationalities are all those twenty somethings in the discos?
          I could not last 5 minutes in such an environment, but sounds like you found some good(bad) girls still

  6. The disco scene just seemed to get worse and worse NYE and right after.

    These 20 somethings guys come form all over.Mostly Europe and UK. With a good number of Turks and Indians-Middle Easterners too.At the same time the number of girls went way down as many had gone home for the holidays or had to spend time with sponsors who were back in town.

    I went out on Jan 1 and ended up going home empty handed. There wasn’t even a girl out worth hitting on. I had better luck on the 2nd and hooked up with a very cute 22 year old shop girl.

    Meeting her may have been a total fluke as I bumped into her just as she and a friend were coming out of 808 (another disco). there is a good chance that if I had not bumped into her at that moment I’d have gone home alone two nights in a row.

    She was more of a regular girl and part time FL. She was not a typical Ibar girl. An absolute vixen in the sack. Very affectionate and GFE. The best fuck of the trip. I’d spend much of the rest of the trip enjoying her company and plan on meeting her again next time I am in town.

    The weekend after NYE was the worst it has ever been. I went out with a couple of buddies on Friday (Jan 5) and it was so packed (with dudes) that we couldn’t even find a place to stand much less girls to hit on. My buddies all went home empty handed. I managed to hook up with a cute chick and take her home last minute at 5 AM. Though she turned out to be kind of a dud in the sack.

    The scene got better as the NYE holidays came to an end on Monday and most of the douchey young tourist guys started going home and girls started coming back. Ibar/Insomnia was getting back to its normal self. Unfortunately I had my shop-girl with me and I’d be leaving the next day.

    Lesson learned it to avoid Pattaya around the New Years holidays. I may be back in a month or two and it will be interesting to see how things are then.

    1. Yes it was complete luck when I bumped into those two fresh African girls on second road, sometimes the gods of mongering present us with an opportunity.
      Thanks for reminding us to stay away peak season.

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