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Hotel Richmoore Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Malaysia Part 3 – Hotel Richmoore Pudu / Ace Elektronik

They say no mongering trip to Kuala Lumpur is complete without a trip to the seedy filthy Hotel Richmoore. Even if you don’t partake in the action there, it’s still a worthy visit. There were positive reports online of hot women for cheap and unattractive women for even cheaper. What I found on a busy Friday night was a complete mess, but before I get into the details, here’s some background.

Hungry Anybody?

I was immediately fascinated after I saw a video of food court hookers. I envisioned a bowl of delicious bak chor mee and a Mainlander to finish me off. Food courts are ubiquitous in Malaysia and nearby Singapore where cheap delicious local foods can be had. Some of the food courts in Kuala Lumpur even have girls that ply their trade. The most famous of these food courts with “extras” is the One Stop Food Court in Pudu and the other in the Hotel Richmoore. Don’t expect these food courts to be discussed much in forums, these are whoring grounds for locals so don’t expect a meal and felatious women to always go hand in hand. As far I can tell these types of food courts are rare.

In the old impoverished area of Pudu across from the wet market lies the derelict Hotel Richmoore (also known as the Ace Elektronik) it was initially constructed to be a hotel but somehow never opened as one. The lower levels became stores, electronic market, food court and upper levels became cheap housing for the impoverished and room rentals for prostitutes. Within the food court level of the Richmoore women ply their trade amongst men who come to the Richmoore to drink, smoke, eat, and whore.

Jumping ahead, I was really looking forward to visiting both the One Stop Food Court under a tented building and the Hotel Richmoore, but as things played out, I was only able to visit the Hotel Richmoore.

The Jungle

I had relocated to a hotel condo in the trendy Changkat area of Kuala Lumpur. Though there were bars with freelancers nearby, I wasn’t too interested. Instead, I trekked 30 minutes on foot to the old worn out impoverished Pudu and at 11 pm on a Friday night I arrived outside the Richmoore.

hotel richmoore kuala lumpur
outside hotel richmoore

Outside the hotel richmoore tattered working class men smoked and strangely some received foot massages provided by other tattered male masseuses. Trucks rumbled by with chickens to the Pudu wet market across the way. Some outside food stalls were there and even an outdoor karaoke tent and restaurant were in operation. It was a bit of a mess. Following the noise I entered the dark smoky building with shuttered shops on the ground floor.

Walking up to 1/F there was music and thick suffocating cigarette smoke. Men smoked, shouted, and drank as football played on TV’s. The floor was littered with cigarette butts *everywhere*. The walls were filthy and grimy. A line of 20 men stood outside the elevator bank and stairwell.

hotel richmmore stairwell
Filthy Elevator Bank and Stairwell]

Women occasionally entered and exited the elevator bank, sometimes with a man and sometimes without. Women guarded the escalator to next floor, 2/F. What was up, I did not know. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on so I just observed the chaotic, seedy, suffocating mess. I thought to myself, “what woman could work in this environment?”

I did another round or two of walking around. The entire floor was mostly filled with men, hundreds of them, and amongst them a handful of girls plied their trade, going man to man. The girls even solicited Indians whom many east Asian working girls will not sleep with. On a busy Friday night it appeared the demand far outstripped the supply of women.

hotel richmoore food court
Inside of the Hotel Richmoore food court

After the walk arounds, I was able to see there were stalls that sold drinks, a fruit stand, a bar, a karaoke, and one or two cafes that had appeared shuttered for the night. Not entirely the food court that some had described, but more like a floor of small shops stalls turned whoring grounds after hours.

Food Court Girls

A tiny girl in a Vietnamese dress, some thicker Chinese girls in their 30s possibly early 40s roamed around. There was nothing of quality from what I could see. I finally found an empty table piled with empty glasses and cigarette butts, but so were most tables, even occupied ones. I sat to observe the mess and soon afterwards a Chinese girl in a deep voice started talking to me. I asked her what was going on with all these men in a line by the elevator, was it some kind of queue? She explained they’re just standing there, looking for the right girl.

Are you Recording?

We chatted more and she tried to sell herself, but this woman was very unattractive to me, but still much better than the oldest prostitute in Korea. I was beginning to feel that I had enough of the Hotel Richmoore and I couldn’t take the chaos much longer. Not long after, she taps the pocket camera clipped between my shirt opening, “What is that she asks? Are you recording?” I said, ”No, it’s a pager.” At that point I walked away and left the building. I had enough.

Better Days

It was a Friday night and that added to the madness. I’ve seen videos of much calmer days and better looking women. I thought about coming back in the afternoon to get some better video and pictures, but in the end, there were better things to do and better women to fuck even if it cost more. The Hotel Richmoore was not for me. I just spent $500 in Japan in a matter of three hours. I could afford to pass on a 50 ringgit ($12) fuck in this hell hole.

Reading about the Richmoore, the rooms that the girls rent are supposed to be decent, even though the building’s common areas and hallways are grossly decrepit. As for the women, there are some great girls to find on the cheap there, but that would not be for me to experience on this trip.

By Mr Q.

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9 thoughts on “Hotel Richmoore Kuala Lumpur Malaysia”

  1. Couple of questions for you Mr. Q based on this story… how safe did you feel there and are you yourself by any chance an Asian (or Asian-looking 🙂 )

    1. It felt safe there. It was grimy but it felt safe. No threatening thugs, just old men drinking and smoking or younger guys drinking and looking for a shag. It feels seedy though. There were women that ran some of the shops too. I didn’t hang around too long and I ran out when the lady discovered my camera. I didn’t like the atmosphere, noise, heat and the thick cigarette smoke.

      Outside seemed safe too. Mostly working class men looking to hangout, smoke and eat. During the day the wet market across the street is thriving. I’ve seen the videos of old men hanging around the outside drinking tea and smoking during the day.

      I did not see any Westerners there. I’m not a Westerner so I don’t stand out too much. There were Malays and Indians there so it’s just not all east Asians.

      1. That’s what I thought. In Vila Mimosa of Rio de Janeiro which seem to have similar set up to Hotel Richmond in terms of quality of ladies and type of clientelle I felt fine and reasonably safe as an apparent foreigner. What’s your best guess, would I feel reasonably safe at Hotel Richmond?

        As far as you know what’s the general attitude towards Westerners among Malaysia’s working class men? What’s the likelihood of me being confronted?

        1. My opinion is that you would be fine there. Especially more so since there are freelancers there. Malaysia is a mixing pot of Malays, Indians, and Chinese. With its British colonial past there seems to be a fair amount of Brits there along with loads of Brit, Aussie and middle Eastern tourists (it is a Muslim country after all). However there are some spas and such which don’t welcome non-East Asians. I’ll get into that in my next story.

          I think it best to go to the Richmoore in the day though. There are other vids that show the place during the day. Much calmer and there is even sunlight pouring through the windows.

          As for Brazil. I used to think of Brazil as primary Latin and afro black ethnicities until I actually went there and saw how much German and Italian blood is in the country, especially in the south.

    2. Hi.., i am western and i did visit the place jz to see it. Girls everywhere but most too old for my taste and the inviroment is like the price .. cheap! But if u like it cheap.. thats the place. However there are plenty of fuck places with gorgeous many jung girls. Jz ask local Chinease youngsters. (Not the guys talking to you) The usual price is 160-170Rm with Room and shower aso. There are hotel and hidden places.. with camera outside .. but maybe they dont open. Keep in mind Most of them are illegal.. in generally puchong is a very good place! Bypass the usual klcc bars with to expensive drinks and girls,

  2. Great little story and first time I have heard for hotel Richmoore in Kuala Lumpur. Was in Kuala Lumpur over 10 years ago now. I like to visit these places, where the locals go for some P4P. Sounds a bit like the chicken farm down by the port in Sihanoukaville Cambodia. Which I once visited but did not partake for similar reasons. dirty basically

    1. Recently, I’ve been informed by several others to head over to a food court a few blocks away which the locals love for the food and the women. They say it has no English name, but I suspect it might be the One Stop Food Court mentioned in my earlier post.

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