soi Buakhao Pattaya

Soi Buakhao LK Metro Pattaya

One thing is for sure in Pattaya, there are plenty of options, plenty of bars, sois, massage parlours, stretching out for miles in all directions.  How long was it going to take to find some quality pussy in Pattaya and lose my cherry?  Tonight I would try out Soi Buakhao and the gogos along Soi LK Metro.

Koh Chang or Hua Hin next?

Breakfast in McDonalds along second road and its a little more expensive than the Sukhumvit in Bangkok.  After which I find one of those travel kiosks down soi 13 and enquire about making my way to Koh Chang.  A minibus could pick me up from my apartment either 7:30AM or 8:30AM and take me to the ferry for Koh Chang for 600 baht or too my hotel in Koh Chang for 800 baht.  Not bad, but journey time was around 5 hours couped up in a minibus with god only knows who?

Also now from Pattaya can take ferry to Hua Hin daily for 1000 baht, problem with this was going the wrong way if wanted to make my way back into Cambodia and return to Sihanoukville. decisions, decisions? what to do, where to go?  I would decide in the next day or two, the purpose of being in Pattaya was just to chill and fuck some nice Thai girls in my apartment, if that was possible.  Hopefully Soi Buakhao or Soi LK Metro would turn up something nice tonight.

Relax View Talay

Took a walk along Pattaya beach for some exercise and then back to View Talay to use the excellent swimming pool there and just relax for a few hours.

view talay apartment
view talay pattaya

Hey, if things ever got really bad in Pattaya, I could always jump from the top floor of View Talay, I wonder if that has ever happened here?  Jumped or pushed is the question?  A few Iranians around the pool, the bottom floor of View Talay has shops, launderettes, hairdressers even massage.  I paid for a couple of cold bottles of Leo for 40 baht each.  Im not a fan of the cheaper Thai beer, but Leo is really not bad.

pattaya sunset
Pattaya bay
Pattaya view
View Talay view Pattaya

Later on I enjoyed the evening views over sin city Pattaya from the top of View Talay before making my way to Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro.

Soi Buakhao

On the way to Soi Buakhao from second road stopped off in a beer bar, cant remember the name there being so many of them in Pattaya.  Lots of Thai girls working but no stunners.  It can be quite tedious at times interacting with the bars girls when your not interested, where you from? what your name? and all that bullshit.  Its hard to find a cheap bar in Pattaya that has not got at least some bar girls whose only real interest is your money.

Butchers Arms

There are some British pubs along Soi Buakhao that can be relaxing and no bar girls to bother you.  I always seem to make the Butchers Arms my local when taking a mongering vacation in Pattaya.

soi buakhao butchers arms
British pub

Nice cold draft beer and a good western meal for under 500 baht.  Talk about quiet and wanting to be left alone, often I am the only one in the Butchers Arms or I am just coming out too early for Pattaya.

Hunting Pussy

Now let the pussy hunt begin along Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro.  When I think about my past experiences in Pattaya in years gone by I have rarely found a good bar or gogo girl along Soi Buakhao.  And when I have the experiences have not all been good.  Still you just dont know where a gem or Thai cutie will turn up.

soi Buakhao Pattaya
soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao is popular with expats and sex tourists alike who find the entertainment down Walking Street too commercial and just too in your face, too full of families and normal tourists.

Soi Buakhao is inbetween second road and third road in Pattaya.  All of the sois leading into Soi Buakhao from both second and third road have hundreds of little hole in wall bars, massage parlours, blowjob bars.  If you were in Pattaya for years you could probably never visit them all, its overwhelming, spoilt for choice.

Where are all the Thai Cuties?

There are alot of bars along Soi Buakhao, just walking up and down and you can see most of the bar girls available and its the same story mostly mature and past there sell by date. Lots of ladyboys too.  But you got to keep a keen eye peeled for that gem, that Thai cutie fresh from the farm working her first night or week as a bar girl in Sin City, before she then dissapears…

thai cutie in pattaya
thai cutie

Mongers have many theories as to why you can no longer find plentiful Thai cuties working in the beer bars and gogos of Pattaya. These include Thailand’s improved economic situation,  also the internet and mass tourism.  If a Thai cutie was to be found working in one of these bars in Pattaya its not going to be long before some hapless John falls in love with her and becomes her sponsor taking the girl out of the bar.

Soi LK Metro

I have a few beers along soi Buakhao and not much happening I not head up to Action street where I last found a couple of Thai cuties working on my last trip to Pattaya, I would save that for another night.  Soi LK Metro is where all the gogos are off Soi Buakhao.

soi LK Metro
soi LK Metro pattaya

I try a few Gogos down Soi LK Metro into the Office Agogo and  a small beer sets you back 160 baht.  Maybe all the good looking girls had already been barfined but what was left on stage was not worth a second look.  What monger is into ageing, over weight, tattooed, silicon girls?  The girls available were not nice.  Then into Champagnes Agogo, much the same really.  I enquire with one gogo girl how much a barfine was? 1500 baht!  What a joke!

champagnes soi lk metro
Champagnes Agogo

What is obvious about the gogos down Soi LK metro they are no cheaper or better than all the gogos down Walking Street.  You wont find big groups of Chinese tourists wandering around Soi LK Metro but you wont find any cute Thai girls either.

Second Road Massage

I had had enough and wandered back down to second road.  There was a cute girl sat outside a massage parlour and took a massage with her for 1 hour 300 baht.  Upstairs there was just a curtain around a table, nowhere to hang cloths.  I should have bailed out there and then.  Not a good massage either, not full time and no extras.  Turns out the massage girl was from Cambodia so still no cute Thai girls seen in Pattaya yet.

If you want a massage with extras best avoid the ones along Second road, they are now more geared at all the normal tourists, head down Pattayaland sois for a naughty massage or Soi Diana.

I knew this visit to Pattaya was going to be the hardest to find a Thai cutie.  There was still alot of options to try in Pattaya, Walking street, soi 6, dark side of Pattaya, trip to Jomtien, to name a few.   I had also not seriously tried online dating sites like Tinder etc.  I was not giving in just yet, I had to do the rounds first.


5 thoughts on “Soi Buakhao LK Metro Pattaya”

  1. You were told 1500 baht bar fine? Dude… do you weigh like 300 lbs or happen to be 75+ yrs old? That’s unheard of.

    1. lol you wish good looking, i am neither, you will be expected to pay the same in said establishment and many others besides. The gogo girls in Pattaya are so ugly now no one in their right mind bar fines them. So when someone does want to barfine them they ramp up the price. false economy yes, but age weight nothing to do with it. Your good looks wont get you a discount

  2. Yea many go go bars in Pattaya now charge 2000 or even 3000 Baht bar fine before midnight. That’s a fact. Go go bars are for stupid tourists though. Thai guys aren’t caught dead in them. Porn Thais go to 500 Baht brothels, middle class Thais get 1000 Baht amateur sideliners from the internet and rich Thais go to the 3000 Baht soapy massage parlors. Those are all options for Farang too as is Soi 6 which is the best option. It’s an open air meat market where you can get sucked for 800 Baht or fucked for 1000 Baht. Why would you go anywhere else???

    1. Thanks for the comment Room Chang, its shocking that Gogos are now charging these prices, it must mean the beginning of the end for the gogo in thailand as we know it. The quality of girls in the gogos is awful. I noticed a few gogos off of walking street closed down especially up soi diamond. I guess there is just too many gogos now. What will be left is a handful much like any city center with lap dancing club and strip clubs.

      You would think one would only employ top talent, with a set price to build a good reputation – much like Passions was in Sosua.

      The barfine and prices for long time short time in the beer bars is still much the same, but you will be hard pushed to find quality girls in these places.

      Soi 6 was on my list todo, but it attracts the riff raff down there, very seedy not every mongers cup of tea. I used to enjoy doing a gogo crawl around Pattaya and down walking street. viewing all the talent and almost guaranteed to finding a quality girl, 500 baht barfine, 2000 baht long time and having great sex, often without condom, cim etc. And then her wanting to be my girlfriend the next morning, those days are long gone, and not coming back

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