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Breaking Bad in Pattaya

Bangkok to Pattaya

Taxi picks me up from my hotel in Bangkok and I return to Pattaya after nearly 3 years absence.  This time around I had gone for an apartment View Talay on second road right next door to central festival shopping mall.

View Talay Apartment

It was a lovely big apartment in View Talay but only on the 5th floor so not much a view from the balcony.  Not sure why I went for an apartment, it was unlikely I was going to be doing any self catering.  After unpacking, I was starving, had a sloppy whopper in Burger King and then fell asleep on the couch in my apartment for a few hours.

Years gone by

In years gone by I usually spend the last week or so of my sex vacation in Pattaya.  From Bangkok I usually fly out on some  sex excursion before heading back to Thailand and then Pattaya.  But this year I wanted more time to chill and less time travelling around. I was booked into the View Talay apartment for a week at least.

Pattaya threesome tuk tuk patrl
Pattaya beach girls

I also know from past mongering experiences in Pattaya in can take me days before I get into my groove and get some Pattaya Pussy.  There is vastly more quantity than quality in Pattaya and each year that margin increases.

Bodega Bar, Second Road

I venture out for my first night out in Pattaya, walk along second road and decide to stop off in the Bodega bar on the corner of soi 13/2 or soi post office.  Its pretty busy and I guess from all the cheap charlies sat around, its going to be cheap.  Bottle of beer was selling for 80 baht.  Sat right amongst them at the bar maybe this was the best way to break myself back into Pattaya.  It not take long before got chatting to the barmaids.  Coincidence has it she had just returned from Koh Chang with her foreign boyfriend and Koh Chang was on my agenda to visit next, then maybe across the border to Cambodia.

Cheap Charlies

I could tell now she was interested in me, probably scheming for another holiday all expenses paid to Koh Chang.  Was not going to happen though, looking around the Pattaya bar girls in the Bodega were mature and past their sell by date.  Alot of the cheap charlies had their Thai girlfriends with them, I wish I was not so fussy, would be alot easier, alot cheaper.

Fellow Brit Chit Chat

As I was a Brit she introduced me to a fellow Brit sat beside me, we chatted some and he recommended a cheap monger friendly hotel to stay in only 600 baht a night with rooftop swimming pool.  Also an English pub down soi 13/2 where cooked breakfast is only a 100 baht.  He had also been to Koh Chang before and also Hua Hin which I was also interested in visiting for the first time.  He told me they were more quieter places with some mongering options.  I guessed it was more where their Thai girlfriends wanted to go rather than them.

Drunk Foul Mouthed

Despite this pleasant chit chat, there were still some fat drunk foul mouthed mongers about in Pattaya best avoided, probably done some time in prison before, used to getting their own way by  being an habitual cunt.  Oh well, not everyone is like that here in Pattaya, but you got to be careful, most just want to have a good time and forget about things back home for a while.  Maybe even buy their Thai sweetheart a cuddly toy…

cuddly toys in pattaya
cuddly toys

But you know some of them are in a rut, mental health issues as well.  If they were in Pattaya permanently they would not last long.  Back home all they look forward to is their next return to Pattaya.

Tahitian Queen Beach Road

After the Bodega bar experience I continue up second road and stop in the Nags head for some Pie and vegetables and with a beer only set me back 300 baht.  Walk down to Beach road and there are alot less tourists around in Pattaya than years gone by.  What is more apparent is groups of young Chinese males.

Tahitian queen pattaya
Tahitian Queen Gogo

I check out the Tahitian Queen Gogo on Beach road, Pattaya’s longest running bar.  And its always the same in the Tahitian Queen never seen a Thai girl I wanted to bar fine or even buy a lady drink.

Soi 7 Beer Bars

I then take a wander up soi 7 and check out some of the beer bars, its quite lively, the quantity of bars girls up soi 7 is pretty standard but the quality is close to zero, cant see one I want to barfine so call it a night my first night in Pattaya, breaking in but looks like quality pussy is going to be harder to come by than years gone by.


15 thoughts on “Breaking Bad in Pattaya”

  1. I agree 100% on your comment about quantity over quality in Patts. I spend a lot o time there an I often go through dry spells where I can’t find a girl I like for days on end.

    You can pretty much give up on the Cheap Charlie beer bars as far as finding girls. If you avoid them you don’t have to deal with the loud foul mouthed riffraff at all while in Patts. Soi 7 is pretty dreadful too. Though sometimes you can spot a gem. Beer bars are generally a waste of time, though I met a really cute girls at Drinking Street last trip with whom I developed a nice GFE connection. But she was the only girl I ever saw there that I would even consider taking.

    There can be some nice girls at Gogos. Btu I am always afraid of spending all that money an ending up with a subpar non GFE experience. I find the whole Gogo experience just too structured and commercial.

    For me the best options are 1) Soi 6 – where if you do enough sifting through the dross at least 2 or 3 gems can usually be found and 2) Discos like Ibar and Lucifer. I can almost always find a cute girl there for GFE. But you have to be willing to put some work in and stay out late.

    Internet sites like Thai Friendly and Badoo are useful, but they too take a lot of time and you can’t really inspect the goods beforehand. The girls are genius at finding ways to enhance fotos and even hide their shortcomings in video chat.

    To be honest I don’t know why I even bother with other options. Most of the time its because friends drag me to these other places.

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the report and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks Uncle V, appreciate your well informed comment and reminds me that MongerPlanet is read by some veterans.

      I remember being in one of the Flipper hotels either soi 7 and soi 8 waiking out and within 10-20 yards barfining a beer bar girl, her staying all night, fucking my brains out and for 1000 baht. It was so easy.

      I have alot more reports to share, been busy lately with life stuff. So stay tuned.

      Pattaya still has its draw, its still so laid back, so much to discover, so many bars, gogos, restaurants, massage, hotels etc etc

  2. Hi everyone this would be my 1st SEX trip to Bangkok. I have taxen time to read each post on this site & other’s online. If I’m correct it sounds like it does not matter on what month I choose. If there are better months can someone tell me? Is there anything wrong with China Eastern Airlines because I can get a R/T from Chicago,IL with 1 long stopover for $515.00 in March / April too. Thanks

    1. Generally girls are available all months but march april can be extremely hot, June to October can be humid and extremely wet. The high season in Pattaya is really from November to February but prices can almost double for accommodation. Its also reported that more girls work in the high season. But generally if your not too bothered by the weather then you are better off in low season due to less competition and cheaper prices, still plenty of girls working in the gogos and beer bars, if your fussy your problem will be finding a quality bar girl. A decade ago this was never an issue, I used to get so excited thinking about all the Thai cuties I was going to have sex with and in my bed all night for next too nothing.

  3. I’m headed to Bangkok and Pattaya this Dec and Jan and I’m wondering if there are any Agogo bars, beer bars, etc.. in Pattaya that are known to have more petite, young women (18-20) without silicone tits? If not what’s my best bet? I was told that in Bangkok I should head to thermae, and mandarin and butterflies in nana. I’ve been reading other bloggers also complaining about the drop in quality. Women are too old, too fat, etc.. From my experience in Patong a lot of the women were either 30+, had silicon, too chubby, I wouldn’t say it was exactly easy and fast to find something younger, petite, and silicon free that didn’t want to charge at least 4k-5k. This one women wanted 8k for short time, and she was a freelancer on the street! But even then regardless of budget it still wasn’t exactly easy to find what I’m looking for. I’m also picky, I’m looking for the young, tight, shorties with the small, natural titties. In my whole 2 months trip i only found one teen, a 19 year old, but I didn’t end up going with her.

  4. Yes some of the best looking Thai girls I saw in Bangkok were freelancers in the Thermae, reminded me of the sideliners in Nataree. Another place I saw a few fit young Thai girls were in the Kings group gogos in Patpong, suppose to be making a comeback. As another monger commented you might find better quality in the discos late at night. Try online too, Tinder etc. Pattaya was almost non existent for good looking Thai girls at least in the bars and gogos. Its just not true anymore that the better looking girls work in the gogos. They employ anyone who is willing to get up on stage it would seem.

    You would think at least one gogo would only employ good looking girls to gain a reputation.

    Maybe in peak season you will fair better. But would seem for the young girls now there are alot better ways of making some money.

    Problem is a girl fresh from the farm working in the bar will be snapped up by some John falling in love sending her home and being her sponsor

    1. I agree 100% on your observation about the deterioration of girl quality in the gogos in Pattaya. Saying a girl is “Gogo Quality” really doesn’t mean all that much anymore.

      But I am a little surprised you couldn’t find any good looking girls in gogos. Did you go to the top end ones like Sensations, Baccara, and Whattsup? I can always find a few hot girls in these places. And many times stunners too.

      You have to come early (before 10pm) as the best ones get snapped up quickly by Asian mongers. Also be prepared to empty your wallet as these places are expensive!

      1. I will never go in whattsup again after my last trip. I purchased a drink and there were dead insects about for of them swirling around with the ice.
        Its not the sort of thing you can complain about with Thai bar staff, face and all that, so this is how I pay them back, never in the world not even in hole in the wall bars have I experienced anything like this.
        Cant remember much about the gogos I did go in, certainly been in Bacarra in soi cowboy Bangkok, always before 10pm as not a late bird, if anything i have the other problem getting out too early. For me its not a deal if you do find a stunner and she then wants somewhere between 5000 to 10000 for short time, just stay at home for those prices.
        I am more looking to pay around 2000 baht max for short time, if I get long time thats a bonus, want more non to semi pro girls, which in these kind of establishments they have only recently started working. Now I did find a thai cutie in Bangkok, that took back all night for 2000 baht.
        Its just getting harder and harder to find these. Like you say Thailand is now swamped with middle class asian mongers. I think they estimate there is something like 70 million young chinese men who have no hope of ever finding a wife in China due to the backward communist policy of 1 child per family and families culturally preferring boys to girls, even abandoning girls hoping next one will be a boy. Now you can imagine all these horny Chinese IT geeks swarming on Thailand with their new disposable incomes 🙂 these guys dont throw ping pong balls they throw money at the girls

        1. 5k – 10k for short time??? People are actually paying that? Fuck me. Are those the light skinned hookers that pull that? Personally I don’t care about that, white or brown is doesn’t matter, but I read that Asian men have a real hard on for the light skinned girls.

          1. Yep, its crazy, but always expect inflation when the tourists keep on coming. Years ago I was reading about 5k for short time. Now I am hearing 8K.
            For mongers who did not experience Thailand say before 2005, where there were an abundance of Thai cuties where long time in Pattaya was 1000k beer bar girl, 2000k gogo girl and long time meant long time. Those days are long long gone, all good things come to an end. Still Thai cuties can be found, just not easily. Thailand is still a great sex vacation. I got my rocks off within budget and adapted. More stories to come.

  5. A few more observations.

    Thermae girls are hot but many of the best ones really only want to go with Asian guys. You are also not really guaranteed a GFE as most of the girls want to get back to Thermae to hook another customer ASAP. My GFE rate at Thermae was maybe 50% at best.

    I like the Discos in BKK and would recommend Levels on Soi 11. Some pretty girls there. But you have to have some game. Also social media, tinder, badoo, wechat. But look out for Lady Boys! If the girl seems too good to be true she probably is. LOL

    1. yes forgot to mention most of the pretty girls in the Thermae only go with Asian men. With a few exceptions.
      Also online i was liking many girls only to read their profiles to realise they were ladyboys, at least they admit it in their profiles so beware of the that.
      After a few minutes of swiping not really getting anywhere it becomes a tedious of way of trying to hook up. But worth a try
      Late night discos is not really the way to go for me. Cant stay in my hotel room until say midnight and then go out that feels really weird. Like to go out around 7pm and start drinking then, im wasted by 10-11pm lol if not found a thai cutie

      1. I know what you mean. That dead zone between 7 an midnight when its best to go out to discos is a real drag. I try to have a nice dinner and take a nap so I am refreshed when I hit the disco around 1 AM.

        I know its a pain to adjust the schedule. But I’d really feel like I’d be missing out on the best girls in terms of the GFE-looks combination.

        And once you have a few contacts you can take a break from discos and just contact the girls for dinner, dates or just to come over to your pad to hang and bang. 🙂

        1. Problem is I cant rest during this time, I am restless its conditioning from years of only being able to drink from say 6-11pm in the UK. I just cant break out of it.
          I have managed discos night clubs a few times in the past, but not really work for me. But yes can appreciate for night owls its a good option

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