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Indonesian Girl in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia – Part 2, Starting off with a Bang

I wanted to start mongering in Kuala Lumpur with a bang or two. By saying a bang or two, I mean a threesome. I was intending a threesome in Singapore but I was not interested. I had also recently thought that Kuala Lumpur could possibly be one of my last mongering trips. I saw Kuala Lumpur as my last opportunity for a threesome.

Intending to recuperate after two days of travel, I booked a posh hotel to check into upon arrival. Also being new to Malaysia and anticipating the need for a quick relief, I didn’t want the labour of going into the unknown to seek a girl. The easiest path was to have the girls to come to me and enjoy their services in the comfort of my hotel room.

Xgirl168 and Threesome nerves

Before leaving for Asia, I had my sights on some girls from after reading positive reports. I began WeChat when I arrived and soon fell asleep. Waking up in the evening, I continued WeChat and was nervous; not knowing what to expect in Malaysia. Absurd nervousness had already hampered my prior date with Rei in Tokyo. Half a day later, it stubbornly carried over to Malaysia to vex me once again.

Xgirl168 had an Indonesian threesome for me, but with jittery nerves, I sided with apprehension, and settled on a single girl instead. Soon enough, after some exploration of the neighborhood around me and dinner, I returned to my hotel at 10:30pm with the girl on her way.

Twenty minutes later, I got a call. Downstairs inside a little grey Toyota, Alvin the mid to late 30s Chinese papasan sat waiting. I spoke to him a little and peeked inside the car to see the girl. She looked good, I said “OK” and he asked for the agreed amount of 510 ringgit ($120 USD) for 2 hr. (Notes it’s quite a bit cheaper if you do incall, 190 ringgit / 45 USD for 1 hr).

My First Indonesian Girl

Her name was Nisa, aged 24 from Medan, Indonesia. She had long elbow length straight hair and big cute cheeks. She was neither slim nor chubby, but just right. Standing about 5’5 with black heels, brown skirt, red top, and a leather purse, she was more than a respectable girl to take to a nice restaurant.

Indo girl in Kuala lumpur
Indo girl profile

Not Interested

This was the first of several contests I would cede to this girl. The first contest was quite simple. My hotel was on a hill and coupled with a room on the 28th floor, the vantage point to the valley below and the city in the distance was phenomenal. I had imagined her glowing after seeing the view. I wanted to fuck her from behind while looking into the city, but Nisa was not interested in the view at all. Without a girl drooling at the view while I pleasured her from behind, my fantasy was shattered. I closed the curtain and ceded this minor contest.

She had an innocence and bashfulness that was captivating. She was a sweet young thing, yet she was having sex with strange men for money. I made chit chat with her and her English was rudimentary. I showed her the bathroom and unbeknownst to me, she showered and returned wearing only a towel. “So fast”, I exclaimed and she laughed. I was hoping to take off her clothes myself, unwrapping her like a piece of candy.

I was hoping she would take the lead. I didn’t want to go straight to sex or fellatio, but I wanted to play with her and make her giggle and for her to please me. But she was not that type of working girl.

She Likes it Dark

I like things bright but Nisa hates the light… she whined about it and we settled on what was still too dark for my likes and too dark for recording. Being accommodating I obliged and ceded the second contest.

I took her to the bed and unwrapped her towel revealing beautiful light mocha skin. Her breasts were a full round B-cup complemented with sexy inverted nipples and half dollar areolas. She held me and shortly went for the uncovered BJ. She was not nearly as good as my two Japanese girls, but acceptable.

Asian Sex Diary Malaysia
indo blowjob

With my cock in her mouth, I played with her body. Soon enough, I gave her my load. Outside that is… she wanted a tip for CIM but she doesn’t get health checks like the Japanese girls do, so I declined.

I chatted a bit more with her during the recovery but was a little difficult because of her limited English. I did find out she would only be in Malaysia for 3 days and was leaving tomorrow. Did she make enough money? Her answer was, “no”. Malaysia wasn’t working out for her. Most of her customers were Malay which I found surprising as Malay culture is conservative. I thought the bulk of them would be Chinese. We watched a bit of TV and after a while it was time for round two.


She was shy about her body but I played with her and coaxed her to stand up and show me her full figure with all the lights on. With a nice full bottom and an hourglass figure, she was not a bad sight and I really wanted a picture. I made a couple requests for a picture and offered a tip. First an offer of full nudity but that was quickly rejected.

no photo indonesian girl
making a request

The second offer would be more easily fulfilled with nude body and no face, but that was too rejected. The successive offers would of lesser demand. Clothes on with face and then clothes on with no face. All were rejected. I ceding the third contest.

Lights out again

She was steadfast. I could not get a picture from her nor convince her about the lights. In the dark, I sucked on her beautiful inverted nipples, lapped at her breasts and enjoyed her young tender body. I particularly loved how she was so soft. She moaned softly and hushed as if trying not to enjoy the pleasure of a strange man. At first she resisted but when she began grabbing me and pulling me into her with every thrust, the tide had turned. I had won the fourth and final contest. Explosion ensued.

We cleaned up and she made a phone call. While getting ready to leave, she questioned if I was recording her and did a silly pose for me (see video).

Indonesian girl kuala lumpur
Silly Pose Nice Legs

Within 10 mins the phone rang with Alvin the papasan announcing arrival. I gave Nisa a 60 ringgit tip, walked her downstairs to lobby, through the door and past the doorman. I gave her one last pat on the small of her back, thanked her and sent her off.

Looking Ahead

Indonesian girls are known for their curvy bodies and Nisa was certainly more curvaceous than most Asians I’ve had. With a plethora of girls from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia, India and mainland China, I was very eager to see what mongering in Kuala Lumpur would offer me in the coming days.

By Mr Q.

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3 thoughts on “Indonesian Girl in Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Nice report Mr Q, Im curious as to why you were thinking this could be your last mongering trip? Is it more travel fatigue?

    Love those Indo girls. I guess I would really love to spend 6 months working in one of these countries rather than taking just a small vacation there.

    Looks like her 6th sense was picking up your secret filming 😉

    1. Travel fatigue not at all. I love traveling. I could do a different country every month if I could. I just had a hunch at that point as things in my life were changing.

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