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Patpong Return of the Kings Group Bangkok

My last day in Bangkok before heading to Pattaya tomorrow.  I think tonight in Bangkok I will get out of the Sukhumvit area and visit the red light district of Patpong in Silom to see if anything has changed there.

Patpong Mongering

Patpong was the most famous and most tourist centric red light district of Bangkok before the Nana and Soi Cowboy gained popularity. Patpong is now more known for its imposing night market selling rubbish and street hustlers trying to tempt you with ping pong pussy shows in notorious upstairs rip off joints.  But at ground level there are a good handful of Gogos especially the Kings Group, Electric blue and Bada Bing to name a few.

I have only barfined from Patpong once back on my first trip to Bangkok at that was because of a very persistent bar girl working in the hostess executive bar.

bangkok bar girl
patpong bar girl

In 2003 I had a Bangkok girlfriend and actually stayed in a hotel in the Silom area and with her we visited some of the Kings group gogos and my eyes were popping out of my head at the quality and quantity of farm fresh young Thai girls on stage doing the Bangkok shuffle.

Patpong bangkok
Patpong night market

In the mid 2000s I visited Patpong a few times during the day and had two girls give me a BBBJ and CIM behind the curtain in the Kangeroo bar.   Another time took two beautiful young Thai girls short time from Bangkok Sisters based in Patpong for another threesome and BBBJ and CIM.

patpong blowjob threesome
Bangkok sisters

In more recent trips to Bangkok a few nights I have visited Patpong, but it seemed like Patpong was going downhill rapid, the gogos were almost empty, seating worn and ripped and the girls were of poor quality, like Patpong was on its last legs as a sex tourist destination.

patpong gogo
Electric blue Gogo

Still as a throbbing red light district in the heart of Bangkok, Patpong still pulls you in for something different, and through the grapvine I heard things were improving once again especially in the Kings Group of gogos.

Sukhumvit Daytime Walkabout

Just another day in Bangkok and went on a Sukhumvit walkabout around all the old haunts with an eye on the lookout for anything that took my fancy.

massage girls soi 23 bangkok
soi 23 massage

Took a walk back down soi 23 checking out the massage girls available.  Soi 23 looks different during the daytime, not so vibrant without the neon lights.  Stopped for a pint in a pub down soi 23 and it set me back 250 baht!

daytime soi cowboy bangkok
soi cowboy daytime

From soi 23 took a stroll through Soi Cowboy during the daytime, what a difference to the night.

Noticed some of the signage is now also written in Chinese down Soi Cowboy.  I guess the Chinese Yuan now trumps the dollar and other western currencies as far the future for sex tourism to Thailand is concerned.  Maybe it will change its name to Soi Mao Tse-tung

Some of the bars are open though and a couple of times down Soi Cowboy during the day I paid for a ladydrink or two inside the bars and received a handjob by two or three girls at the same time.  Not repeated today though.

soi 4 nana daytime bangkok
soi 4 Nana

From Soi Cowboy walked up the Sukhumvit towards the Nana Plaza to check out the day scene there.  Down the Nana I booked a taxi for Pattaya the next day.  1300 baht one way putting down 300 baht deposit.  Around 1pm I walked up soi 6 from the Nana and pass the blowjob bar Kasalong.  I know a good blowjob is on the cards. Today outside Kasalong were a couple of real cute Thai girls and I was very tempted.  Starting to want sex everyday now as sex is easily available everyday in Bangkok.

Continued my daytime walk down to soi 8 and pass the other blowjob bar Lolitas which always seems to have fuglies sat outside.  What was a little disturbing was seeing young Thai school girls dressed in uniform with satchels walking pass Lolitas like its quite normal.

Last Night Mongering in Patpong

My last night mongering in Bangkok and I start off in Gulliver’s down soi 5,  quiet inside a few mature Thai freelancers around the bar but I gave them a wide birth.  The food in Gulliver’s is still good and not too expensive.    From the Nana I took the skytrain to Patpong.  On the skytrain to Patpong its about 30 baht and you get off at Sala Daeng.

Its cheap to get to Patpong from the Nana via the skytrain, but after midnight your only way back is via a taxi or Tuk Tuk.   When you come out of Sala Daeng there is a popular Irish pub still there,  now called Flan O’Brians which was my local when I was based in Silom back in 2003.

patpong 1 Bangkok
Patpong 1

There are two interesting roads to explore in Patpong, one seems to be more geared towards Asian visitors and the other westerners with a dozen or so Gogos with the Kings Group being the dominant player with the night market in front.

Super Pussy Patpong
Patpong 2 Super Pussy

To me that Super Pussy neon sign in Patpong 2 is so Iconic, I would hate to see it removed ever.  I did a little gogo crawl down Patpong 2 and was surprised by the quality of the Thai girls available in the Kings group gogos.  Like the Kings Group is making a comeback,

The Kings Group Gogo Crawl

There are 3 or 4 gogos in Patpong run by the Kings Group called Kings Castle I, Kings Castle II…  Inside the Kings Group Gogos there was some young Thai stunners strutting their stuff and I have to question the age of some of them.  I noticed the mongers in the Kings Group gogos were only interested in the youngest Thai girls available.

tuk tuk patrol patpong
young thai girl

I not barfine from the Kings Group, alot of competition for the best looking Thai girls and you would not get any change out of 5000 baht short time.  So will give it a miss tonight.   Before leaving Patpong I also tried the Electric Blue and Black Pagoda gogos, dont remember much though.   Like a mug paid 300 baht for a Tuk Tuk back to the Sukhumvit.  There is something more raw about Patpong, it has a rougher edge, you dont feel so safe as the other red light districts of Bangkok.  But still Patpong draws you back.

Oh well, no fucking in Bangkok tonight, give my cock and more importantly my wallet a rest.  Taxi to Pattaya tomorrow.

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    1. I had a little chuckle to myself as I wrote it. The Chinese were also in the gogos in Patpong, some of them were young, like the customers were to young also now, and they had had to much lemonade, buying ladyboy drinks

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