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Paradise Japan Foreigner Friendly Soapland

Why Japan?

If you read all over the internet, including forums, watching YouTube videos or have ever been to Japan, then you would know a lot of places in Japan are not welcoming of a foreigner. Especially in the red light district, you can find signs plastered all over the walls in English saying “JAPANESE ONLY” all  in caps.

If you can’t read or speak Japanese, touts working the streets won’t even say anything to you and hold their arms forming an “X” telling you to get lost without even being able to communicate with you in your own language.

They’re unwelcoming, it’s over priced, and service varies considerably. So why Japan?

Gaijin Friendly Soaplands

Within Japan, there are hundreds of thousands of places to get your rocks off, but information on them for an English audience can be scarce. For locals and foreigners alike looking to lose their virginity in Japan, you would most likely hear the same answer: Soaplands

Paradise escort Japan
Japanese escort

Earlier this year in the summer of 2017, a 100% foreigner friendly brothel had opened up in Kawasaki, the city directly south of Tokyo making it an easy to access destination.

Paradise Brothel

A Soapland is Japan’s version of a western brothel and you can generally find the same kind of service plus the famed nuru massage where you get the body-to-body massage on top of a mat using their special lubricant. Japanese brothels accepting foreigners into their shop is generally frowned upon, and any Japanese customers that see a shop admitting a foreigner can mean a drop in sales because of the stigma of foreigners being a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases.

In light of this, Paradise accepts foreigners no problem. It doesn’t matter what part of the planet you are from, they will accept you. Oh, and don’t worry about being able to speak Japanese as they have English speaking staff available.

Accessing Paradise

Getting to the Paradise Brothel has been made easy as they have made an easy to follow video which you can see here:

It is only a 5 minute walk from the JR Kawasaki Station to Paradise so you can get their easily.

Japanese Soapland with Western Style Service

While virtually every sex shop in Japan forces you to choose a girl from a panel of pictures, potentially falling victim to photoshop magic and getting swindled, Paradise does a full line up of genuine Japanese girls right in front of you so you know what you are going to get.

paradise Japan
Inside Paradise

During the lineup, each Japanese girl comes out one-by-one while you sit in the waiting room with your boner making a pyramid in your pants. All the Japanese girls are in their underwear so it makes things easier to see just how sexy they really are.

paradise escort japan
paradise escort

After seeing all the lovely escort girls, you will be asked to make a decision: which girl you want and how long you want to go at it.

Romper Room

A 30 minute course costs $180 which is cheaper than other Japanese brothels by comparison, but if you want that nuru massage the shop requires and recommends you to go for the 90 min session. Getting the full on pleasure + nuru massage in 60 minutes is just not enough time.

After a short wait, you will be called, and up a flight of stairs, your selected girl will be waiting for you and guide you to your room. She will strip you off and maybe even suck your cock right away if you are lucky. As with any Japanese brothel, you have to shower before play.  At Paradise, they train their girls good you will even get your asshole cleaned.

Nuru Massage

Proceeding the shower, the escort will setup the air mat which they have readily available and you will begin your Nuru massage lying face down.

paradise nuru massage
Nuru Massage Mat

Some warm lubricant will go over your body and soon the escorts tits will glide all over you. When your back is finished, you will be flipped over for the sensual gliding to continue, and amidst the nuru massage, you will get your cock sucked.

What Comes Next

What comes next is inevitable and it is within Paradise’s agenda to have the girls be sure you receive that maximum pleasure. You will hit the bed and depending on you and the Japanese escort, you can continue with some oral or tank and spank right away.

Whatever route you go, as long as your libido is in the normal range, your session will certainly end with ejaculation. Busting nuts in a way you can’t anywhere else in the world.

Was it Worth It?

Some people pirating Naruto off the internet and watching behind their monitor halfway across the globe may think that living in Japan is cool and whoever lives there is lucky. The reality is the foreign stereotypes that Japanese have is real. That’s why the opening of Paradise as the first and only 100% foreigner friendly brothel is a big deal in Japan which makes this writer feel that it is worth every penny.

Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minamimachi, 15-5
Website: https://paradise-inn.net/

7 thoughts on “Paradise Japan Foreigner Friendly Soapland”

  1. Interesting, gaijin can now easily get a soap land experience… Kawasaki makes you think it’s way out there, but when see it’s only a 10 minute walk from Shinagawa JR, that’s not bad. It’s only about 35 mins from Haneda I estimate. 40,000 yen for 90 mins. Tempting.

    1. Go for it Mr Q. Thanks for your guest posts on Tokyo Japan. Thats an eye opener for me that Japanese dont like sharing with foreigners because they have STDs. I guess the Japanese mongers in the Rainbows gogos of the Nana Bangkok are a bit more broad minded. Stereotypes are for the simple minded 🙂

      Love Japanese girls, If ever I find myself in Japan Paradise Soapland is the kind of place I would love to experience being a westerner.

      1. I spent 40,000 yen with my one encounter with Rei.. which is a no sex encounter, so this Soapland at 40,000 yen is similarly priced. In a Soapland you would get a much different service than I did with a Hotel escort delivery health. In a Soapland you would also get full service. They don’t say it specifically (I read the paradise website thoroughly) because it’s illegal to provide vaginal penetrative service, but it’s implied your masseuse will give you FS. So… If your masseuse offers it because she thinks you are a nice guy, that’s between you and her and that is legal.

        After reading this post the other day I kept on thinking how much I enjoyed my session with Rei and how it was pretty much the best paid session I have ever had with a working girl even though there was no full sex. Japan is so amazing…. I just want to soak in a bathtub with a Japanese girl again. A lot of what the Japanese do doesn’t translate back into American culture and wouldn’t necessarily work here. Could I find something like that here? A high class escort? A couple hundred an hour?

        I also recently have been reading more about hostess clubs or what are called Kyabakura. No sex, perhaps a bit expensive, but you get treated like a king by a pretty Japanese girl. I gotta try that.

        I could just use 60,000 air miles and be in Tokyo in a day or two! But oh boy I could blow my money really quick there. Just imagine spending $300-400 a night for a few nights straight. One night in Japan is like 6 nights in Malaysia.

  2. Does this don’t like foreigners policy apply to Japanese brothels not having foreigners girls likewise are foreign girls up to standard of these same mongols you see in very mongal location in the world. Just wondering!

    1. If I may chime in on this. I’m certainly no expert.. but from my readings and observations.

      I believe the first thing is that the Japanese believe foreigners don’t understand implied customs at these clubs/spas/etc. There are things that you do and do not do without the need to be told or taught. A lot of these establishments don’t want to put up with it.

      Two language barrier. I read reports of gaijin that do speak Japanese and they are let into some places simply because they can speak it, but still they are rejected by quite a few.

      Three. Gaijin phobia. They simply don’t want foreigners in their clubs and with their women.

      I recall years and years ago I was in a Korean style “booking” club in China and I had no idea what to do. It was awkward. Eventually they just ignore me because of the customs and communication barrier. I thinking it’s situations like this they want to avoid as well in Japan.

  3. To be fair, I am a gaijin and even I don’t want to be around gaijin. Once you visit Japan and find out how polite and respectful people can be the last thing you want are some aggressive loud mouths with hairy shoulders in sleeveless shirts rampaging around. Most guys who have fucked Asian chicks won’t go back to white hogs. Respect to the Japanese for realizing the reality.

  4. So I decided to visit this. It was an interesting experience… it was definitely fun. I ended up blowing over 50,000 Yen and I don’t regret it. That area in Kawasaki is pretty interesting as well, with lots of adult entertainment and food around. I actually tried to do a double header that night, first with a reservation at Kawasaki Paradise and then trying to get a walk in at Tokyo Hentai…. but in the end, I just ran out of steam and didn’t want to make the long trek up to Shibuya and have to bus or taxi back to Kawasaki where I was staying the night.

    If I had pick a next session, I would choose Tokyo Hentai. Getting laid is not everything. Some of my best sessions were without sex. Even though, I’d still love to visit Paradise again.

    Kawasaki is a bit of a hike from central Tokyo, so far out it’s actually in Kanagawa prefecture on a Keikyu line, but it’s really close to Haneda airport. If you fly into Narita, it’s a super long trek where you have to transfer in Shinagawa.

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