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Kuala Lumpur Mongering Malaysia Part 1

Malaysia – Part 1, Why Malaysia?

Overwhelmed with the rigors of work and life, I desperately needed to get away. I had never been so compelled to do so and with that desire, I slipped away to an island paradise halfway around the world. Malaysia was the farthest single journey I had partaken requiring more than 36 hours of travel including layovers.

On the other side of the world, islands and quiet beaches lay, a land away from traffic, commuting, and the pressures of life. Getting to the paradise, I would embark on a journey of four planes, two trains, an automobile and boat. The journey seemed so long and arduous. I did not know if I would perish trying or grin in pleasures adventure. In the end, I had an amazing experience, seeing and experiencing new worlds I have never seen in rural Malaysia.

Along the way to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur which is becoming a city known for it’s adult tourism. To it, I sought its pleasure. I didn’t seek companionship, but merely pleasure. I wanted the pleasure of a woman’s flesh with no strings attached, the kind that didn’t need to be wooed by attention and subservience. The only commitment would be my wallet.

I am not one who goes out to hunt. I am an urban shopper, not a hunter of the wild. I care not for finding a gem in a bar for a full night of paid girlfriend experience. I like to window shop and purchase the goods and discard when I’m done. After the girl has served her purpose, I no longer need her.

When I look back at it was a worthy adventure. A remembrance to the days of being a younger man, an age with less responsibility and more vitality. With age, I gained confidence, a self assurance I lacked when I was young. But when I was young, I lacked the money and desire for adventure. I will present anecdotes of my carnal conquests, but I will eschew the culture, travels and foods I ate. So please let me begin on the topic of carnal Malaysia.

The Research

Available information of Malaysia is numerous and easily found. With available volumes, I like to summarize what was relevant to me.

Prostitution is NOT legal in this Islamic majority country but guess what? It’s existence is tolerated. When desired, the authorities will perform a raid or two. Soon after some bribes are paid and a few girls violating their visas are deported, it’s business as usual.

The business seems to be controlled by the 25% Chinese minority while the providers are from neighboring Indonesia, Laos, Thailand,Cambodia, Vietnam and further away girls from Mainland China.

Malaysia sex diary
Chinese Pussy in Malaysia

There are also Russians, Mongolians, Koreans, Filipinos and Indians in the mix but those are the minority.

The two biggest monger destinations are the sprawling capital city of Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru across the strait from Singapore.


Forum sites such as International Sex Guide, Sammy Boy Forums, and even Hong Kong Go141 give reviews, trade stories for mongers or what are locally called “cheongsters”. Beyond forums, many of the larger establishments (spas and escorts) have their own websites where you can browse and request girls. I was surprised at how openly illicit pleasure is advertised in a country where this is criminal sin. Here is one site called Lust141 that is an aggregated database for several escort agencies.

mongering Malaysia escort sites
escort Aggregator Malaysia

The Options

Men’s Spas – Some of these are strictly fuck joints. Walk in grab some food or drink, smoke and choose a girl. She’ll take you up to a room, bath you, suck your dick and then fuck you. Then there are actual spas with extras. Add some hot tubs, sauna, facial, and massages into the mix. After that you can still be rewarded with a suck and fuck if you would like.

malayasia mens spa Bond
Bonds Spa

Here is the website for Bond Spa, it’s quite popular. The place looks completely legitimate, and after a relaxing back rub and facial treatment, don’t forget a hot water cold water suck and fuck.

Independent Escorts – Back pages, Locanda, WeChat, Viber. Check out the forums for recommendations.

Escort Agencies – Tendered are services for incall and outcall, conveniently operated out of hotels. Though most of these are in the suburbs, there are still a few that service the central city. Most intriguing is the network to bring in girls from all over Asia if not the world.

malaysia escort agencies
escort agency

Here is one agency I dealt with but we were never able to strike a deal.

Streetwalkers – the Bukit Bintang area is known for street walkers. I did notice a few, mostly ladyboys. Perhaps I didn’t look around enough and in the wrong places. For the most part, I usually travel in hurried rush and to this, I forgo.

Massage Parlors – These may offer happy ending or full service, but happy ending is more likely.

Freelancers – Can be picked up from bars and clubs especially the Beach Club, Thai Club and Healy Mac’s (Changkat location). You can also pickup freelancers from certain food courts and certain prostitute centered buildings. Such examples are the Richmoore Hotel / Ace Elektronica and One Stop Food Court in Pudu.


There are a quite a few mongering options in Kuala Lumpur and most of them are inexpensive by Western standards and in my opinion, relatively safe. I have a penchant for travel and this year has been fruitful, with a count of four continents and a country count nearing the fingers of two hands. Food, lodging, transport and paid women, were all cheapest in Malaysia. A well provisioned monger can live in a bit of luxury, a poor man can live above his means, and man who wants to make his money last can do so with ease. As a city I didn’t like central urban Kuala Lumpur but as for mongering options, there was plentiful paid women to be had.

By Mr Q.

*Just a disclaimer: I don’t advocate these places I mentioned above, I haven’t even patronized them. Rather, I’m trying to show how openly these places operate and advertise on the web.

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12 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Mongering Malaysia Part 1”

  1. I visited Kuala Lumpur in 2007 for the first and only time as one of my Bangkok sex excursions, the trip report is on the mongerplanet archives

    Its funny because this trip to Malaysia was only from Bangkok and it was the first trip I was beginning to get tired of travel( with you its the opposite) its was losing its excitement as by now I knew what to expect.

    Never got to bang a malay girl though, I guess they are a cross between the best of Thai and best of Indonesian. They got some curves.

    Plenty of options in Kuala Lumpur for mongering though, massage parlours, freelancers in the beach club, Spas, I fucked a lovely Chinese teen in one of those Spas, they are similar to the Macau saunas.

    You definately like to play it safe, getting a package, I guess you dont really drink alcohol either? I like different experiences but getting a great session for a knock down price is the best combination. With plenty of beauties on offer

    BTW: the comments are fixed now

    1. Yeah we have different interests. I don’t drink much, though i do like alcohol a lot.

      I also usually travel on short trips. Often it’s out and and back within a week. So I don’t have much time or patience to meet girls and such. For me when it comes to P4P I like to shop quickly, pay, and then be on my merry way. It is a bit unfortunate at times as I don’t mind much how much I pay. With the mentality that I will never be back again, the money gets away from me at times.

      We just have different interests. Cheers =)

      1. Cool, its good to see mongering from other perspectives, I like to try these things too sometimes. But I assumed you stayed out of the bars etc coz you not drink.
        Thats why I like places like Bangkok and Thailand because going out, drinking partying then bringing some girl back to your hotel are all part of the same experience.

  2. I would also add there brothels in Little India. I didnt go inside there were a few that had gals trying to wave me in. Ive been told there are brothels behind the stalls in the main night market too.

    1. I thought when in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and in Singapore there might be a good chance to fuck some nice looking Indian girls, I did see some in Singapore in the lorongs but not in Kuala Lumpur, despite there sizable Indian community. Ithought at the time it might be best to talk to Indian taxi drivers, or tell the men in the Spa you want a nice looking Indian girl late teens, early twenties and see what they can do?

      Anyway Brockstar would be a honor for us to have a guest post from you on Mongerplanet, you been promising a long time, your chosen subject?

      1. I did recently run into an Indian working girl…. In Europe of all places. I was immensely interested in her story but she was quite guarded and would not divulge much of anything.

    2. Oh I forgot about the little brothels in the row houses!
      There are supposed to be some in Brickfields and Petaling Street. I went to brickfields twice to eat, morning and late night but I didn’t seek those row houses as the reports were the entire block was recently purchased and everybody kicked out.

      I went to Petaling Street and casually looked for the row houses with girls but it was much too early in the day for the girls to start working.

  3. I have a question I have seen WeChat, Viber come up on a few blogs now specifically in Asia? Are these being actively used by pros/semi pro girls to find clients online? Should I install them for Asian trips?

    1. WeChat WhatsApp and Viber are commonly used by ppl in lieu of SMS and traditional phone calls, thus the penetration amongst the population is quite high. Personally I’ve never used Viber myself.

      The working girls do use these to find clients. Turning on location on WeChat I did see some available ladies in KL.

      Wechat is particularly popular in Chinese countries… But because mainland China uses it as Viber and WhatsApp is banned in the mainland, and as you’ve seen in BKK, they are everywhere.

      I just came back from a country where everybody uses WhatsApp. Text, pics all SMS and half of the working girls use SMS. I’ll have a story about WhatsApp use with the girls there.

      1. The things is with whatsapp, facebook, sms you cant browse profiles and press like
        Its like on these apps you have to add them as friends first etc? I had success again with Tinder in Thailand which I will get to as well
        But so many apps out there, would be good if there was one exclusively for P4P, but again the girls can pose as normal but really be semi pro on mainstream dating apps

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