African Freelancers Sukhumvit Bangkok

African Freelancers Sukhumvit Bangkok

Another day in Bangkok, another day sweating it out along the Sukhumvit  scheming how to get the best lay for a budget price. The plan for tonight in Bangkok are meeting that African freelancer outside the Thermae at 6pm, taking a Thai semi pro from inside the Thermae or having a threesome with the Magic girls in the VIP club down soi 7.1 off the Sukhumvit.

Plenty of Options

So plenty of options for getting some pussy in Bangkok and along the Sukhumvit.  Just another usual day, breakfast at McDonalds at the corner of soi 5, couple of hours relaxing by and in the pool in the Ruam Chitt Plaza hotel.

Staying Anonymous

Walking along the Sukhumvit in Bangkok, and there are so many visitors, mostly Asians and not necessarily sex tourists, but they got their mobile phones out filming everything.  God, I am probably on 1000 youtube videos, maybe its karma.  But if you want to stay partly anonymous then pays to wear sunglasses and a baseball cap during the day, it feels more incognito.  My paranoia is I am mistaken for John Tronn off Asian Sex Diary!

Shooters Bar Observation point

Start the evening off in the Shooters bar, above the Bush bar attached to the Ruam Chitt Plaza hotel.   The Shooters bar is where a few expats go to play pool, but from the balcony you got a good view of the Sukhumvit below and I got an eye out for the first African freelancers to start their shift.  Im horny and in the mood for fucking some cute African girls in Bangkok.

African Freelancers Sukhumvit Bangkok
African Asian freelancers outside Thermae Bangkok

Had a few pints in Shooters but the African girl I wanted not show up outside so took a wander as it was still quite early.

Leo Beer

Beers inside the Bush bar are as expensive as inside the Gogo! no wonder it is empty now.  I ask why so expensive as no naked girls dancing?  Along the Sukhumvit I drink some Leo which is a Thai beer I can stomach and comes in cheaper than exported beers like Heineken.  The main thing is I got my eye out for African freelancers walking along the Sukhumvit, one that tickles my fancy, but a little thin on the ground early on into the night.

Soi 24

I decided to take the skytrain to soi 24 and check out the scene.  I find the 102 club  among  lots of other massage parlours and there was alot of attractive Asian girls sat outside club 102, but lots of Asian mongers coming and going.  I decided to give the 102 club a miss due to budget concerns.

Koh Chang Maybe

Head back along the Sukhumvit to soi 22 to eat some more Thai food at the Honey house, on the way I stop in bar underneath the Holiday Inn and got chatting to a ladyboy who was serving behind the bar.  He/She was so nice and recommended I visited Koh Chang for its beaches, waterfalls, no gogos but did have a beer bar scene, a seed for my next destination after Pattaya may have been planted and it was on the way to Cambodia.

Thermae Freelancers

The night mongering in Bangkok is progressing, Iv had quite a bit of beer now and my grub,  time is ticking but early for the freelancers in the Thermae which I check out next.

There were a few cute Thai girls standing on the sides in the Thermae, as usual it was packed out with Asian men and most of the girls were only interested in them.

Bangkok sex diary
visions of fucking a young asian semi pro girl in the Thermae

Still a few smiled over but the ones that would go with a western man were not really doing it for me, I guess tonight in Bangkok I really wanted some African pussy and ass rather than taking an Asian girl back to my hotel room and fucking her doggy, just upstairs.

African Freelancer Soi 7

I leave the Thermae and continue my walk back up the Sukhumvit towards soi 5 with my eye out for the African streetwalkers.  There were more African girls on the street now and I notice a really cute attractive ebony just on the corner of soi 7.  I knew she was the right girl as I was getting aroused looking at her imagining getting behind that big firm African ass tonight.  She was nice, polite, perfect English aged 22 and from Kenya, but would not drop below 2000 baht but had to take her.

African Men in Bangkok

She got a real tight figure hugging dress on and we walk back down the Sukhumvit towards the Ruam Chitt Plaza and she is getting noticed.  Alot of bars restaurants down the Sukhumvit have an outside balcony for smokers and they are all leering over, can be quite intense walking pass with an African Hottie.  Good thing with all the beer consumed I dont give a shit what they think.   We walk pass a group of African men and surprisingly they are mostly sex workers too, not the stereotype people often project, pimps and drug dealers.  My African girl tells me Thai women go for the African men and the tourists too including many gays. I had noticed a few African men leaving the hotel.

African Girl Friendly Hotel

No problem taking my African girl up to my room in the Ruam Chitt Plaza Hotel.  She has to give her passport to reception and her photo looks nothing like her.

African sex worker Bangkok
African Freelancer Bangkok

We shower together and she is very friendly and she loves my big white cock that has got very hard and swollen for her.  She licks and sucks my cock with no condom and the blowjob is very good.

Great Fuck

I fuck her really good with condom, doggy and she makes so much noise the whole hotel must have heard her.  It begs the question who should be paying who, when your African whore is enjoying it more than you, and I am really enjoying that black pussy.  I ask her to quiet down and she just compliments my big white cock inside her African pussy pumping hard.  Really good sex session with this African freelancer picked up off the Sukhumvit in Bangkok, lovely girl, great fuck, not easy to cum though due to the drink.  At least I will sleep well tonight in Bangkok, feeling content.  So why goto to Africa to fuck African girls when you can goto Thailand?

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3 thoughts on “African Freelancers Sukhumvit Bangkok”

  1. Black girls are not my thing but look a how perky those nips are. Look at that angle… They’re pointing to the sky!

    1. She was the first of many African girls I took in Thailand in both Bangkok and Pattaya. More stories and photos to come, the African girls were not too shy about their photo being taken. In the end took more African than Asian girls while in Asia. For me thats good as prefer Asia for general relaxation, but fucking African girls is my favorite, although just like variety. Overall though was a lack of quality Thai girls to take

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