soi 7-1 red light district bangkok

VIP Magic Girls Soi 7.1 Bangkok

Sleepless in Bangkok

I am not sleeping too well in Bangkok,  I guess it is just temporary due to the time difference rather than no rest for the wicked.  But feeling better for not drinking too much and not drinking in the day.  Im thinking maybe a week is just too long to stay in Bangkok,  I mean more specifically the Sukhumvit.  Tonight I might just try a few bars down Soi 7,1 and check out the African streetwalker scene.

Robin Hood to Honey House

Spend a few hours relaxing by the pool in the Ruam Chitt Plaza hotel and change up a £50 note for 43.05 baht right between the Ruamchitt and the Thermae, thats handy, best rate so far.

That evening with the Londoner pub gone on the corner of soi 33 check out the Robin Hood English pub in Bangkok.  The Robin Hood was busy mostly with expat types so give it a miss and it’s too far too walk from soi 15.

honey house bangkok
honey house soi 22

Decided to eat Thai food tonight in the Honey House on Soi 22 and the price was much more agreeable and the food was good.  Problem is with Thai food, although cheap one hour later you are hungry again.  I know I am on a budget but not quite ready to eat street food or fried bugs.  Too not get the shits I have to eat at least 2/3 western food at least to begin.

VIP Club, Soi 7,1

After a pint in a pub along soi 22 I head up to soi 7,1 along the Sukhumvit to check out the scene.  Soi 7,1 is a red light district of Bangkok, every time I return to soi 7,1 there are new clubs and bars and a few that remain like the infamous Eden Club.

soi 7-1 red light district bangkok
Eden club soi 7,1

Dr BJs has changed its name to the Wood Bar, lot of Thai girls sat outside offering you blowjob.  Never been in these blowjob bars down soi 7,1 but I guess there is a first time for everything, not sure about tonight though.  There are a few massage places down soi 7,1 too and these places will also usually offer blowjob too, I have experienced this before.

VIP club soi 7.1 bangkok
VIP soi 7-1

A new player on soi 7,1 was the VIP club, its like a raunchy gogo bar where anything goes with the customers once inside.  They call themselves the Magic girls inside the VIP.  There were 6 girls dancing in the VIP and they come over to you and they were opening up their Thai pussies in front of my face, I was slapping their asses having some fun without committing, not even a lady drink.

thai pussy bangkok
Thai pussy

You can take the Magic girls inside the VIP club upstairs too short time rooms to do the business there and then.  Full sex including everything is 1200 baht.  I was negotiating with two magic girls who would do a threesome, with blowjob and CIM for 2000 baht total, very tempted but not feeling horny enough at the time.

threesome thailand
Tuk Tuk girls

Made a mental note though to return to the VIP club down soi 7.1 maybe one night in Bangkok.  Seemed like a good deal and the girls were dirty sluts if not that attractive.  A hardcore magic girl latched onto me and would not let go, hands all over my cock, had to get her a lady drink for her work and left the VIP 500 baht lighter without indulging.

Any bar down soi 7,1 you buy a drink and sit down and you dont get any peace from the bar girls, they swarm around you asking for lady drinks all the time.  It’s all they are really interested in, to make even a little money from you, hopefully more via a barfine.

Sukhumvit African Girls

I walk back down the Sukhumvit to my hotel the Ruam Chitt Plaza and there is a few African girls sat outside the Thermae waiting for some Asian customers.

African teen tits
African streetwalkers

I guess these Asian whore mongers like some African curves and chocolate pussy once in a while, a nice change from just Thai pussy.  One of these African girls soliciting outside the Thermae is a real cutie with an African figure to die for.  Chat with her a bit, nice young girl, fresh off the plane, new arrival and spoke perfect English,  Still not horny enough though to fork out, but she tells me will be in same spot tomorrow night in Bangkok around 6pm so may take her then.

Blended into one

Of course when you’re mongering in a city like Bangkok and on a budget one of your biggest expenses is going to be P4P with the girls so taking a few nights off helps, but your still going to spend 2000 baht on food and drink.  I just got to have the real horn to indulge in some pussy budget or not.  The difference is with mongering in a city like Bangkok a night out down a place like soi 7.1 and having sex just blend into one. It’s all part of the same experience.   Take it or leave it.

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