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Mindelo, São Vicente, Part IV of IV – Summary

Mindelo, São Vicente, Part IV of IV – Tips on tricks

Last day

Next day was my last day on St. Vincente so I figured I’d rent a car and go around the island. I already made a day trip with a German girl who introduced me to Leo to a place called Calhau from where I was hoping to get to the island of Santa Luzia, a deserted but still a good size island with what was supposed to be one of the best beaches on Cape Verde.

I talked to fishermen they offered to take us there for an arm and a leg of a price and it never materialized.  So on my last day I planned to grab Leo and go around the island. But I was already on the borderline of feeling like shit. Initially I couldn’t get the car and by the time it was about to materialize I decided that I was too sick to do anything.

Under the Weather, too young

By that point I was already sipping coffee at Café Mindelo with Leo who is trying to convince me to see a 15 year old, which of course I wouldn’t go for since 15 was way under my age limit. So Leo says he had 2-3 other ladies in their early 20s with their own incalls. “No way man,” I said, “I feel like shit today I need to take it easy in the hotel if I were to make it to São Nicolau (next island on my itinerary) tomorrow.” We continued shooting the breeze for little longer as Leo was enlightening me on local street scene and pointed out small short-time hotel to where girls usually take their clients.

dating cape verde
before after date

Soon after I paid Leo some well earned money for all the time that he spent with me making my time in Mindelo so much better than it would’ve been otherwise and went to my hotel. Less than an hour later Leo materializes in my room with some great cold medicine that soon knocks me out for several hours but when I finally wake up I feel like I’m really getting better. All throughout Leo was proposing to get me a girl for next morning so I get at least one more fuck in before my flight. But by that point I was just trying to get better so I can make it to my next stop.

Parting tips

So to summarize Mindelo hobby-wise.

There is plenty of action if in Rome you follow the Roman way. Relatively predictable street action is all along Avenida Marginal as well as along Rua Cristiano Sena Barcelos and where it intersects with Ave. 5th de Julho. If you see a girl hanging around anywhere near that intersection, or just standing around looking left and right chances are she’s not waiting for a taxi. I also have been solicited on Praca Nova, all along Ave. 5th de Julho and on Rua Lisboa (Libertad d’Africa).

young mulatto pussy
young mulatto pussy

According to Leo girls have tendency to take their clients to Recidential Atlantida, a small rustic place close to Café Mindelo. You may want to check there too.

The whorehouses Experience1 & 2 have closed. Xoxo, which initially I was told was strip bar ended up being a pipe smoke joint.
For some reason I found all taxi-drivers that I took in Mindelo useless in regards to hobby. (They are Godsends on Fogo though (see my Fogo report))

You should be able to find a pro/semi-pro in either Sirius or Caravella. But don’t expect anything before 12:30-1:30am.

mulatto teen
mulatto teen

Prices for a girl (with gringo mark-up of course) are anywhere between 20 & 50€. She stays as long as you want. In poorer neighborhoods I was told that not a bad quality could be had for as low as 3€/day.

Last on Leo

In my opinion the best way to handle Mindelo whether hobby-wise and otherwise is to get a hold of Leo and have him steer you around. Great trustworthy guy, great company, speaks multiple languages fluently at least that’s what he was to me. He’s in his 40s so it’s not like you’d be dealing with some young kid who’d get embarrassed by you asking him about girls (happened to me in São Nicolau). Even if you’re looking for a guide to tour other islands I’m sure he can do it better than most. You also would get some interesting insights into immigration of West Africans to Cape Verde.

Make no mistake Leo is your friend but he is also there to make money, he does sometimes come across as a local hustler but you know what? He never brought up the issue of money with me. Paying him was my initiative. My suggestion for you would be to meet him, see if you click and if it’s a go make him an offer. I suspect 10-15€/day should be fine.

Message me if you want Leo’s contact info.  Contributing hobbyists only. I want to point out that by “contributing” hobbyists I don’t mean only those contributing to MongerPlanet (although that would be preferable). If you contributed to other hobby-oriented sites like the international sex guide forum and your contributions are easily verifiable and you want Leo’s or other people’s that I recommend contact info – PM me.

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