best sex tourist destinations

The worlds best sex tourist destinations

Best Sex Tourist destinations around the world Part III

The third and final part of my most memorable mongering moments from around the world. Yes call me a sex tourist, but these experiences not necessary happen in the worlds best sex tourist destinations.

Pattaya Beer Bar Girls

Pattaya has so many beers bars and bar girls, you could never visit them all.  Amongst the quantity there is quality to be found.  Farm fresh Thai girls just starting out in their career as bar girls in Pattaya.  It used to be the better looking girls worked in the gogos and the girls who had children worked in the beer bars.  This simply is not true anymore.

pattaya bar girl
soi 2 bar girl pattaya

I have simply lost count of the number of beer bar girls in Pattaya I have fucked both short time and long time.  But I remember this little  Thai cutie from soi 2.  While talking to her over the bar, about 4 different foreign boyfriends popped up on her mobile phone, she ignored their calls.  She chose who she went with.  She took a liking to me and gave me a great long time experience one hot night in Pattaya.  Pattaya still has to be the worlds premier sex tourist destination.

Angeles Room Service

I had read on one of the world sex guide forums that one monger checking into a hotel in some new sex tourist destination tipped the concierge and then asked him if he could provide any local girls and bring them to his room.  I decided to try it when I checked into my hotel Angeles City in the Philippines.  As I was unpacking there was a knock on my door.  I opened the door and the concierge had brought two beautiful fresh faced Filipino girls for me, how is that for room service!

Cute Filipino girl
Angeles Angel

Turns out the first Filipino girl I fucked within 10 minutes arriving in Angeles city is a Filipino porn star and John Trons girlfriend from Asian Sex Diary.

Filipino beauty
Angeles Angel

The quality of the Filipino girls delivered as part of room service at my hotel in Angeles city was so good, better than the girls available in the gogos and bars around Angeles.  Angeles city in the Philippines still a great destination for sex tourists.

Threesome in Punta Cana

Punta Cana was my starting point on a mongering adventure through the Dominican republic.  Punta Cana has some P4P options but for mostly overpaying naive tourists taking a break from the fat nagging wife.  One afternoon I ended up at the cool club and was introduced to two really cute young Dominican Chicas.

dominican threesome
dominican chicas

They wanted a threesome but only had enough money on me for one girl, but they decided to go for a threesome anyway.  Fantastic time in the hotel room with these two Dominican chicas. Its the closet I came at the time to fucking two girls without having to changed condom.  When I changed pussy they just gave the condom a wipe.  Afterwards standing there naked and a third Dominican chica came in the room and could not take her eyes off my cock.  Unforgettable!  Just goes to show you dont need to be in the worlds best sex tourist destinations to get the best sex sessions, they can happen anyway and anytime of the day or night.

Kota, Jakarta

Kota in north Jakarta is a bit of a dump like most of Jakarta but there are lots of a lovely P4P Indonesian girls to be fucked through the day and night around Kota especially in the Travel Hotel.

Travel hotel girl
Hairy Indo pussy

Indo pussy in Jakarta is pretty cheap too and alot of the Indo girls available are of high quality.  Inside the Travel hotel I was spoilt for choice.  I love Indonesian girls, really curvy full figured asian girls often called the Latinos of Asia.  Jakarta in Indonesia is a great sex tourist destination if fucking is your number one priority.

Hostess Bar Girls, Cambodia

Whenever I fly to Bangkok in Thailand, I always want to take the one hour flight across the border to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.  I love Cambodia and am very attracted to Cambodian girls.  The place to meet good looking Khmer girls in Phnom Penh is in the hostess bars down street 136.

glamour girl
cambodian bar girl

Generally a lady drink down street 136 in Phnom Penh is $5 the bar fine is $10 and a short time fee will set you back $25 to $30.  Some bar girls will do long time for $50.

bar street girls
dragon fly bar girls sihanoukville

There is a similar setup of hostess bars in Sihanoukaville on Victory hill.  On Victory hill you can find some good looking Cambodian bar girls.  Not all bar girls will bar fine though, at least not at first, you may need to break down their defences, play pool, buy some lady drinks, chat to them, is this not part of the fun?  to get into their panties not too easy.  I always want to return to Cambodia making Phnom Penh and Sihanoukaville my favourite sex tourist destination.

Kasalong Blowjob Bar Bangkok

Bangkok features again in the worlds best sex tourist destinations but this time its because of the blowjob bar called Kasalong at the corner of soi 6 and soi 8 just next to Lolitas.  What set Kasalong blowjob bar apart from the others were the quality of good looking Thai girls willing to get down and suck your cock with CIM.

Bangkok thai teens
Kasalong bangkok blowjob bar

I walked pass Kasalong one hot morning in Bangkok and there were three gorgeous Thai teens sat outside, who would not have looked out of place dancing in the Rainbow Gogos of the Nana.  I could not choose between the three Thai teens so took all of them up to the sucking room.  I got the three of them to strip naked and they all had lovely tidy natural hairy pussies standing in front of me.  Got me so hard then the three of them got down to some serious sucking and licking of my cock, eventually taking my cum in their mouths.  Fantastic mongering experience one I shall never forget and all for 700 baht each.

Wrapping it Up

That wraps up my mini serious of the worlds best mongering moments and sex tourist destinations from around the world with Asia featuring the most.  I would love to read about your best mongering memories from around the world and any recommendations on where I should travel to next.

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2 thoughts on “The worlds best sex tourist destinations”

  1. Re: Soi 2 Bar girl, I knew her a long time ago when she worked at Tesco Lotus and it was one of my rare occasions in Thailand when I dated a non pro while on holiday. Even then she had a boyfriend sponser overseas, nice girl, quality time and she looks even younger in that picture, small world. Just shows you Pattaya still has some glittering gems somewhere out there amongst the real ugly as shit rough, it just takes longer now to find them if you can be bothered.
    Saw this nice one too on YouTube

    1. Thanks for the update Sydney, you would be surprised the number of emails I have had of bar girls I have posted guys who know them even married them now, so can I remove them. lol

      It really is no surprise a beautiful thai girl like this has many sponsors, credit to her. Its the guys that are the fools, believing they are something special to these girls. Wanting to marry them etc. These girls have full choice of men everyday. Dont sponsor a bar girl, sponsor a monger, me!

      Girls like this are getting harder to find in Pattaya and Bangkok though. My last trip I was mostly doing African girls in Pattaya and Bangkok, more on that to come, just because quality thai girls were so thin on the ground

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