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Strawberry Jam Molestation Tokyo Japan

Japan Part 3 of 3 – One Night in Tokyo continued (Strawberry Jam / Gatsuri Chikan Club)


I originally wrote this not long after I visited Japan. A month later, I found out I didn’t go to Strawberry Jam, but rather ended up at a place above it called Gatusuri Chikan Club… some sort of *molestation* club. A molestation club sounds pretty wacky but remember, it’s Japan so don’t expect the norm. One more last point, I have not rewritten my story with this new info, it’s pretty much as I wrote it originally.

Hey I know that place!

As Rei walked me down the alley, I noticed a store on a corner with a pink sign, Strawberry Jam. I’ve read about that place… it’s some sort of blowjob place or some sex place.

strawberry jam molestation tokyo japan
Strawberry Jam Building

Curious, I walked in and a cool looking Japanese man welcomed me. I told him I did not speak Japanese and he obliged me with English and gave me an English menu. The prices were phenomenal, starting at 12000 yen for 40 mins.

The sign had some explanations for the services and the man said “no sex”, but I wasn’t even paying attention, I was completely fixated on 12000 Yen ($100 USD). Having just spent $400 USD with Rei, I thought this to be a bargain *whatever* it was. I’d try *whatever* it was for $100 USD, who cares? I asked if I could choose the girl and he handed me three cards with pictures. I thought about how much Japanese money I had left in my wallet and was sure I had enough. I was smiling, interested but was hungry. I told him I’d be back.

Returning 30-40 minutes later I was recharged and ready for *whatever* Strawberry Jam (Gatsuri Chikan Club) had to offer. I chose the 40 minute option as I had to leave in an hour. The girl I had originally eyed was taken so I made my choice for Yua.(she was much thinner 2 years earlier at age 18)

molestation club tokyo japan
Yua Profile

You can’t see their bodies in the pics but she didn’t look slim from her head shot. Not my typical girl, she was a bit rounded in the picture but she seemed Kawaii (cute and coquettish). Not exactly knowing what I was exactly getting into (maybe I should have read the sign),

paying for molestation
paying for services

I paid the first man and a second super nice man  took me to the the Hermes love hotel, a two minute walk up another one of Dougenzaka’s alleys. I paid 2200 yen for the room fee, was given a key and was escorted up to the room. I was told to wait and Yua would arrive shortly.

It was a small clean room with modern dark brown decor. it was a nice place. I waited for about 5 mins and there was a knock.


I had never met a more cheerful working girl (see video ). Yua age 22 came in with arigato’s (thank you), hellos, and full of enthusiasm. After minor introductions we made it to the bathroom. She soaped and showered me and then gave me iodine to rinse my mouth as did she. The whole time she thanked me, daijobu (careful) and giggled every step of the way. I was thinking this Japanese professionalism is amazing. BTW, she spoke ZERO English but seemed to understand very basic simple English (BTW, I do understand simple basic Japanese words).

japanese girl love hotel tokyo japan
Yua enters

After showering we made it back out and Yua kneeled on the bed waiting for me.. I wasn’t sure exactly what she planned and I went over… I grabbed her and she grabbed me and starting kissing me all over. She shoved her tongue in my mouth and wow, this girl was so enthusiastic! I could smell that she smokes but it was so faint and I didn’t mind.

japanese tits tokyo japan
side boobs

Tongue ramming is not really my kind of thing but her enthusiasm made it quite enjoyable. She moaned slightly but fakely and not before long my hands were all over exploring her entire body. Her 20 year old skin was amazingly soft just like Rei’s. She had inverted nipples which I love. I sucked her breasts and I ventured down to her fully untrimmed hairy pussy which was already wet. I diddled and rubbed her clit and she moaned and moaned and became oh so creamy and wet. Most working girls I’ve come across don’t let you play with their pussy but this one loved it. I was so tempted to just eat her out but I refrained… she’s been with a lot more than just me.

Domo arigato

I was a bit pressed for time so I motioned for a suck job and boy was it good. Wet sloppy, deep, ball slurping, professional. I read that some of these girls offer FS but I wasn’t too interested in that so I just let her do her thing. I was about to explode but wasn’t sure if what I paid for included CIM. WTF I thought. I told her I was going to cum and just let it all into her mouth. She obliged. Professional.

tokyo sex diary japan
Tokyo blowjob

She looked at me with a mouthful and giggled. Turned around and excused herself to get rid of the load in some tissue. She turned back around and said “Arigato”. I just came in her mouth and she thanked me! She came back to cuddle and by now I noticed her nipples had fully popped out. Mission accomplished!

A bit more chit chat and I told her how kawaii she was and that her hair was strawberry colored…. Arigatou… thank you thank you giggle giggle.. she was a Japanaese doll.

Next was the cleanup in the shower and we then got dressed. Giggling and thanking me. I told her I had to go to the airport and she understood my hurry. We left the room holding hands and made it downstairs. We walked down the alley back to the Strawberry jam office (Gatsuri Chikan Molestation Club), had one last hug and we parted ways.

Was it worth it?

I had debated where to transit for this trip, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong or Japan. In the end I settled for Japan as the ticket price and convenience was just right (it’s only a 10 hr flight to Japan). I was not disappointed at all. In the future I may start transiting in Tokyo instead of Seoul. Korean girls are hot and is a major fetish of mine, but the service is not that great and 588 Cheongnyangni had just been torn down. With these Japanese girls, I’ve gotten quite an unforgettable experience with my two encounters.

I love visiting Japan, food, culture, and professionalism and amazing legalized culturally accepted P4P. Japan has me sold. Sayonara and I can’t wait to be back again.


Even the love hotel staff was so courteous. Thanking me for my business at the reception. When you walked by the cleaning crew, they made it a point to make themselves unseen to save you face, cause you’re visiting this love hotel discreetly whether to spend time with your girlfriend or to visit an escort. Even as I checked out with Yua a young 19-20 year old couple arrived… it’s just so cool there’s inexpensive clean professional business to get your shag on whether for P4P or an intimate time with your girlfriend.

By Mr Q.
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3 thoughts on “Strawberry Jam Molestation Tokyo Japan”

  1. Just a note you can get full service but you will have to spend big bucks. The places where you will get guaranteed full service is at Soaplands and independent Escorts. Soaplands you will be spending probably at least $400-500 US min. Independent escorts, not sure but I’m sure Tokyo Adult Guide will have posts about that.

  2. While I’m perfectly content without full service I’m sure many would not be. At first I balked at the high prices of adult services there but the quality of service I received was extraordinary. I also say this having been to several other countries for P4P after this last visit to Tokyo. Service I’ve received in other countries since then have not been as good as Japan.

    Aside from that I’m more than happy to visit Japan and has become my favorite place to visit in the world. I’d be more than happy to transit in Tokyo and walk around a bit. My eyes gloss over in amazement everytime I go there. Call me a Japanophile.

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