Nana Plaza Bangkok

Night Out Nana Plaza Bangkok

Whenever returning to enjoy the carnal pleasures of Bangkok every couple of years or so I always gravitate towards Soi Cowboy the first night and then the Nana Plaza down soi 4 on the second night, this trip to Bangkok was to be no different.

There is still some seductive pull for returning to the neon lights, the gogos of Bangkok and the scantily clad Thai girls that can be yours for a short time.  I used to call it the ‘sirens’ but its not nearly as strong as it was 10+ years ago when mongering in Bangkok was almost a magical adult experience.

McDonalds Soi 5

I started the morning off with breakfast in McDonalds by the corner of Soi 5 on the Sukhumvit road.  Even early in the morning McDonalds has freelancers in it looking over smiling.

mcdonalds soi 5 sukhumvit bangkok
McDonalds Soi 5

In fact I would say McDonalds on Soi 5 is the new star wars bar of Bangkok 🙂  Africans, Arabs, Asians, Thai freelancers and me,  all sorts in there.  But the breakfast and coffee are good for 140 baht.

Kasalong memory lane

Later on I took a walk down soi 4 and pass the Nana Plaza, then up soi 6 and pass the blowjob bar Kasalong that I have some fond memories of.

blowjob diary bangkok
Bangkok blowjob

The girls sat outside Kasalong were not good quality though today.  One of the girls I recognised, she was one I had taken twice before when she was a fresh recruit, the years had taken their toll on her now.   God how many cocks had she sucked in that time? do the maths.  A main part of her daily protein intake must be sex tourist cum.

Getting a SIM Card

You used to be able to pop into the 7/11 without your passport and get a local SIM for your mobile and be connected and online almost immediately.  Not anymore due to abuse and security concerns.  You now have to goto proper mobile phone shop which are based in Terminal 21 along the Sukhumvit road.  Cost 50 baht for a tourist sim card lasting  30 days, then 750 baht for 6 GB of data and the internet.

Downtime, contemplation’s

Spend a few hours down time back at the Ruamchitt plaza hotel relaxing by the pool side before getting ready for my night out visiting the gogos and beers bars down soi 4 and the Nana Plaza.

bangkok pool downtime
pool downtime

I felt quite content beside the pool, contemplating spending maybe up to 2 months mongering and travelling around Asia, Bangkok was just the beginning, but in this modus operandi I had budget concerns for lasting that long.

Big Dogs Beer Bar

Start the night off with something to eat in Margarita storm on the corner of soi 15, not a bad place to get some grub and is open 24 hours.   I then walk onto the Nana and stop off in Big Dogs for my first beer.

Big Dogs Nana Bangkok
Big Dogs Nana

Bigs Dogs was the first bar I ever had a beer on my first ever trip to Bangkok back in 2002.  Big Dogs is the corner bar right next to the Nana Plaza.  Not alot has changed in Big Dogs except for the prices.  Despite low season the Nana is pretty busy with mostly sex tourists and local Thai people selling their wares. to passerbys.

No more Golden Bar

The Golden Bar opposite has gone replaced by Hooters, unimaginable 10 years ago in Bangkok, Hooters down the Nana!  But its happening now, seems like Hooters has bitten a big chunk out of the Nana Hotel what was once the restaurant area.

Hooters Nana Bangkok
Hooters Nana

Big Dogs and what was the Golden Bar are always good places to sit and people watch before enjoying the gogos in the Nana Plaza.  I notice security checking bags of anyone entering the Nana Plaza, but its pretty relaxed really.  A bar girl joins me, more mature, been working in Big Dogs 7 years, but is pleasant enough speaks good English but not interested in bar fining her so make my way into the Nana Plaza.

Nana Plaza Gogo Crawl

I do a few gogos inside the Nana Plaza and drink alot of beer which is expensive around 180 baht a bottle and not many if any promotions on offer.

Nana Plaza Bangkok
Bangkok Bunnies Nana

I did some new Gogos like Bangkok Bunnies and some old ones like the Rainbows still popular with Asians.  I dont remember much and never saw one girl I wanted to barfine!  Maybe a first when on a gogo crawl around the Nana Plaza.  One thing I did notice rather than throwing ping pong balls at the gogo girls some Asians, I think Chinese are throwing money at them!  madness!  I really had seen enough for my night out in the Nana Plaza, coming to much the same conclusion as the night before down Soi Cowboy.

Hooters Nana

I decide to have a beer across the road in Hooters, just to get a feel for the place.  Its huge inside and not many punters in, if it was still the Golden Bar it would be humming.   I can only assume the Nana made a big profit selling some estate to Hooters, and the owners of Hooters took a calculated risk setting up down the seedy soi 4.  Is it the beginning of the end?

russian girl nana hooters
Russian barmaid hooters

Surprisingly one of the barmaids was a Filipino girl and another was Russian who was very nice looking.  There was a Filipino girl sat at the bar with a bottle of champagne in a chiller,  she tells me she is just back from Hong Kong, wtf!  An expensive freelancer no doubt.  I am told the Hooters down soi 16 in Bangkok is alot better if you like this sort of thing.

Leaving the Nana

My mind was wandering back to the freelancers in the Thermae coffee shop below my hotel.  That geeky student Thai girl I met the night before.  I had had enough of the Nana for my second night in Bangkok and I was leaving empty handed.  There use to always be a choice of gogo girls to take in the Nana Plaza in years gone by.

soi 4 nana plaza bangkok
leaving the nana

I left the Nana and Soi 4 and crossed over the Sukhumvit road and headed back in the direction of the Thermae coffee shop around soi 15.  I had an eye out for the African girls freelancing along the Sukhumvit, there were some groups of black girls about but from what I could see they looked more mature, hardcore and tired looking, one told me I could cum in her mouth.  More on African girls in Bangkok later…

Soi 7 Freelancer Thai Cutie

Passing Soi 7 and I decided to take a peek inside the Beer Garden, it was past midnight now and not many in looked like it was closing.  Walking back up soi 7 and noticed a cute Thai girl sat at one of those road side makeshift food stools.  She was looking at me and we exchanged smiles.  I sat with her and paid for a couple of beers.  Her English was not so good, aged 23, not been in Bangkok long, but basically she was available and simply agreed 2000 baht long time.  So we drank up and walked back to the Ruamchitt hotel with my Thai Cutie.
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The Ruamchitt hotel is girl friendly, no problems taking her up to my room.  Lovely girl, very affectionate, nice body, shaved pussy though and not give BBBJ but good fuck and cuddled up all night.

Goodbye Sweetheart

Told my Thai Cutie would take her to Pattaya with me, which she got excited about.  So felt a little guilty in the morning when I let her go.  Had she woke me in the morning with a nice wet sloppy BBBJ may have been a different story, carrot and stick and all that.  Seriously,  I let her go because I liked her alot.  I dont do girlfriends anymore, not in Thailand, not with whores.  But glad I took that little detour down soi 7, just dont know where a little Thai cutie will turn up.

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