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Sex Massage Soi 23 Bangkok

My contract had ended in the West Midlands UK and I was now a free man.  It was time for an extended sex vacation somewhere in the world.  After alot of indecision on where to travel, I decided to return to Bangkok in Thailand.

Mongering in the Balkans

About 6 weeks prior I had actually decided on a mongering tour through the Balkans.  With a flight booked up with Whizz Air to Skopje in Macedonia from Luton London.

mongering in the balkans
Macedonia Pussy

Then moving onto Lake Ohrid,  then the plan was to travel into Albania then Montenegro and maybe flying back from Croatia in late July.

croatia hairy pussy
Croatia Pussy

I then remembered the hard time I had mongering in Latvia and Lithuania and not fancy a repeat of this.  I wanted easy cheap sex  not to have to try to hard, or dig too deep, as well as to explore some new places.  I then researched places like Skopje on the international sex guide.  Generally the trip reports for these destinations was not good.

I had paid a little extra for my flight with Whizz Air to Skopje so I could cancel and get a refund.  Its only in the small writing that they then tell you, the refund is to your Whizz Air account and can only be used on another Whizz Air flight and within 3 months!

Flight to Bangkok

I got a really cheap flight to Bangkok from London Heathrow just £420 return direct with Eva Air which I found on Sky Scanner.  I like these night flights direct to Bangkok with Eva Air.  They leave around 9:30 to 10:00 pm arrive around 4pm the next day in Bangkok.  But you sleep through most of it.  Plenty of leg room as a few seats free and sat with a fellow monger.   Changed up some UK money in the airport getting just 42 baht to the pound about as good as it gets.  We shared a taxi into Bangkok agreeing 600 baht, should have refused this and found a taxi driver who would put on the meter, usually an older guy.  But being two of us was only 300 baht each.

Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel

I was dropped off at the Ruamchitt Plaza on the Sukhumvit Soi 15 just above the Thermae coffee shop, first time I have stayed in this hotel. Room was a little dark,  just one small window with a ‘city view’ a small section of the Sukhumvit road below.  There was no safe for my cash and laptop but had my hard suitcase to compensate.  And not much storage – is this what they mean by Chinese rooms?  they store everything on the floor?  The Wifi in the room was a little shaky but good when it did work.  What I did like about the Ruamchitt Plaza is the rooftop swimming pool.  I needed this for downtime in Bangkok, especially this time of year with the heat and humidity.  I knew there was going to be alot of downtime on this sex vacation through Asia.

ruamchitt bangkok skytrain
skytrain ruamchitt bangkok

Nice views of the lower Sukhumvit too and the skytrain heading to the Nana.  I had a loose plan about visiting Pattaya, then maybe Cambodia and the Philippines even Vietnam.  But tonight it was Bangkok!

Soi Cowboy

I dont know why but often my first night in Bangkok and I am drawn to the bright neon lights of Soi Cowboy.  My last trip to Thailand and my first night in Bangkok began down Soi Cowboy and ended up with a great massage and great sex with a cute girl working down soi 23.  Could I be in for a repeat?

How things Change

There were less people about on the Sukhumvit than I am used to.  A lot of the street stalls have gone too.  Every time I come back to Bangkok there is less of a bar area and just more Condos, 5 star hotels and shopping plazas.

country road bangkok
Country road old Sukhumvit
Bangkok terminal 21
new Sukhumvit

Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.  Lets get on with it.

I entered a few gogos along Soi Cowboy including Long Gun and Tilac, many of the Thai girls dancing on stage were naked, but I do not remember one of them, not one stood out.

soi cowboy bangkok
soi cowboy

In Playskool a girl was rubbing my cock through my jeans but not buy her a second ladydrink so she got up and left.  No money no honey.  With a small bottle of beer around 180 baht money was going down quick, that is around £4.50!  Bangkok is just so expensive now with the poor currency exchange, price inflation and the quality of the girls has gone downhill rapid!  Still I keep coming back to Bangkok.  Not much different in Crazy House either along soi 23.

Massage with Full Sex Soi 23

After the long flight and feeling tired and jet lagged now would be a good time to enjoy a massage.  I walked down soi 23, lots of massage places still down soi 23 and there were nice looking Thai girls sat outside some of them.  I chose one girl for a 1 hour full oil body massage for 400 baht.  Nice looking girl and the room upstairs was lovely.  Got undressed naked and she proceeded to give me a good massage and yes I fell asleep a couple of times.  Towards the end of the massage she asked me if I wanted special? I not really fancy a handjob and would really like to fuck this Thai girl.

massage sex soi 23 bangkok
massage girl soi 23

Full sex was on the menu, the total price including the massage was 2000 baht.  Not bad.  She got undressed and had a nice firm body, nice Thai tits and a very nice Hairy Thai pussy, just like I like!

Bangkok sex diary
Bangkok hairy pussy

I fucked her hairy Thai pussy really good on top of the massage table, on top of her, too the side and behind. I was going to ache the next day.  Had been a long time since I had had a really good fuck.  She seemed to be enjoying it too,  full french kissing and I even went down on her wet hairy Thai pussy for a little while.  Great sex, good quality girl and not a bad price, Bangkok can still deliver if you know where to look.

Thermae Sideliners

On the way back to the Ruamchitt Plaza feeling satisfied I took a look inside the Thermae coffee shop.   I thought the Thermae was going to be my main hunting ground during my one week mongering back in Bangkok.   Inside the Thermae and it was 98% Asian but OK if your western.  Inside it reminded me of sideliners in the Nataree down the Ratcha.  The sides of the Thermae were just packed out with Thai girls looking for business, old, young, semi pro and pro.

If one of these girls only goes with Asians then she wont keep eye contact with you, if she goes with western men then you will get a smile.  Got chatting to a lovely young student geek like girl in spectacles, who would do a short time for 2000 baht.  I agreed to meet her the next night in the Thermae as my balls were completely empty and so was my wallet now.

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  1. Just like everywhere else incomes are rising and once seedy areas are being redeveloped. You can see that happening in Korea (where the entire 588 RLD was demolished), Malaysia and even in Singapore were new towers were being built in Geylang.

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