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Asian Sex Diary Philippines

The Philippines in Asia is still a great country for some mongering and a sex vacation.  Asian Sex Diary is on a permanent vacation in this part of the world travelling from country to country and city to city.  The Philippines and Filipino porn feature predominantly on Asian Sex Diary.

Sex Diary Filipino

So lets feature some of the hottest Filipino girls getting regularly fucked on Asian Sex Diary, each of these Pinay hotties has their own dedicated full length videos but thats for members only.

Menchie Pin Up Girl

Regular visitors to the fleshpots of the Philippines like Angeles and Manila will often have their eye out for a Filipino bar girl who catches their eye, something sweet, cheeky, sexy and a little naughty.  I think most mongers will agree Menchie fits the bill.

filipino sex diary menchie
menchie pin up filipino

What a cutie Menchie is, how could you not keep Menchie long time?  How difficult would it be not to fall in love with little Menchie?

menchie sucks tourist cock
Filipino blowjob

Mongers with a keen eye will notice that Menchie is one of Asian sex diaries banner girls specifically for Filipino sex diary.  Menchie just loves to munch on a big fat swollen white tourist cock when she is not at college.

Filipino Anabel

The lovely Anabel, another star on Filipino Sex Diary and John Trons favourite girlfriend.  I have personally fucked Anabel too, the porter delivered her to my room just after I had checked in to my hotel in Angeles.  What and Introduction.

filipino porn anabel
anabel filipino porn

The lovely Anabel is now a porn star on Asian sex diary but still loves to fuck sex tourists as a sideline with her hopping between Manila and Angeles.

filipino porn star anabel
anabel porn star

Anabel has a gorgeous slim tight Asian body and when I fucked her good her tight little pussy was fully shaved.  Lots of porn videos of Anabel fucking and sucking in the members only area of Filipino sex diary Asia.

Curvy Filipino Rebecka

Filipino girls are known to be more curvy than your average Asian female.  Pinay girls are probably not as curvy as Indonesian girls though which are my favourite.  On a night out in the gogos and bars of Manila and Angeles you may just find a curvy little Filipina just like Rebecka.

filipino big tits
curvy filipino rebecka

Rebecka has it all, pretty face, friendly, big tits to play with through the night and a lovely tight hairy Filipino pussy.

rebecka hairy pussy
hairy filipino pussy

Oh look at that little fuck box on Rebecka, just waiting for your hard tourist dick to enter that lovely smart hairy pussy.

Cheena Dirty Street Slut

Of course when your mongering in the Philippines places like Manila, Angeles and Subic you dont always have to go to the bars and gogos to find Filipino girls you can often find dirty little sluts on the streets and knock down prices like 500 pesos.

dirty street slut cheena
filipino street slut

Cheena was one such dirty street slut up for anything for 500 pesos.  What a surprise too Cheena had a full hairy pussy for a Filipino girl, I like that, not every mongers taste though.

Hairy pussy diary
Filipino hairy pussy

So lots of options with streetwalkers and freelancers on the streets of Manila and Angeles, just walk around, point your finger and negotiate a knock down price for some great monger sex.

Dating regular Filipino Girls

The bar scene is not the only way to go even in cities like Angeles.  Get online and you can date many non pro and semi pro Filipino girls.   Popular sites are Filipino cupid, but why pay when you can get it for free off sites like Tinder and Badoo?

lou filipino girl
Filipino date

So Lou was as cute as her profile pics took her for a nice drink in a bar and then took Lou back to the hotel for another drink.

filipino cim
filipino cim

Next evening met majorie on another filipino dating site, took majorie for something to eat in a nice cheap restaurant.

dating filipino diary
dating filipino girls

then took Majorie back to my hotel for another late night snack.  She was still hungry.

What are you waiting for?

So mongers there you have it, a snapshot of what  the Filipino sex diary is like inside Asian Sex Diary.  All these girls are in full featured 90 minute sex videos with no condoms, cim and lots of Filipino creampies.  If you enjoy reality porn filmed in the Philippines or are planning on taking a sex vacation to the Philippines or just a big fan of Filipino girls then save yourself alot of time and money and join Filipino sex diary now!  You wont be dissapointed.  You have my guarantee.

Here are some bonus Filipino girls if you are not convinced what is behind the members only area of Asian Sex Diary.  Click on the photos to see the girls full gallery.

filipino girl hand job
Filipino hand job

Skinny Pinay gets revenge on cheating boyfriend by fucking white sex tourist.

pussy behind panties
Filipino pussy

Hot looking Pinay amateur poses as model for horny sex tourist.

skinny filipino milf
Skinny Filipino milf

Skinny Filipino MILF shows off her tits and pussy.

fllipino teen blowjob
Filipino teen blowjob

Raunchy Pinay Teen gives tourists blowjobs both outdoors and indoors.

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