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Santiago Island Cape Verde

1. Praia Santiago

From a tourist perspective, Praia of Santiago, Cape Verde’s capital,  there is little to look at. Better restaurants are in the mall called Praia Shopping and along Palmarejo Baixo but better music is next to Hotel Santa Maria which is right on Rua 5 de Julho, a pedestrian only street in the center of town. I sampled some restaurants on that street too but in each one I found food rather mundane. Music though… to die for.

The other thing is the quality of sandwiches in the nice sandwich place in the middle of Praia’s main square, Praca Albuquerque, is pretty high and I was pleasantly surprised by their burgers.
If you have time for only one thing to do in Praia – you should visit African clothing section of Sucupira market to buy whatever presents you’re thinking of buying either for yourself or for people back home. Anywhere else in the country you’d be facing lesser choice for more money. If you’re coming back to Praia, I’d suggest you pick material that you like and place an order. When you return you’d pick up a perfectly fitted peace of summer clothing for yourself or whoever else.

Stella – In Praia of Santiago

My first stay in Praia on the island of Santiago I spent in one of its better hotels Oasis Atlantico Praiamar. First or second night there I talked to one of the guys in the hotel and 3 or so hours later I had a knock on my door and met Stella, pretty 22 year old with (I think) 36Cs, a personable pretty creola with great rack and huge tattoo on her ass that enjoys sucking cock.

Santiago semi pro girl cape verde
Stella Santiago girl

Damage was 50€ to which I had no objection. Stella came from Cidade Velha de Santiago which is about an hour away from Praia on public transportation and about 20 minutes by taxi. In the course of our discussions however

Stella informed me that she has a girlfriend in Praia with whom she’d gladly do doubles. So what’s the catch? There are two. First Stella would stay for only 2-3 hours while anywhere else they’d stay the night but at that point I didn’t know that. Stella doesn’t speak a word of English, which is no problem for me since my Portuguese is more then passable but could present problem for other hobbyists. If you don’t speak Portuguese ask male employee in your hotel to call her for you. Give him 5€ or something. When you see Stella use Google Translate or Sari to communicate. If there is a will… After all she’s there for sucky- fucky not for yipie-yapie. I have her number for contributing members.

More on Praia

There is a nice beach across from Atlantico Praiamar, about 10-15 min walk along Ave. Jorge Barbosa as well as pretty active nightclub whose name I don’t remember. I never visited there but it’s reasonable to assume that if you go there you’d have a great chance of not coming home alone. Again, I’d like to re-emphasize that she may seem like a freebie to you but make no mistake she’s there to make money. Even if she doesn’t mention money to you, if you don’t leave something for her (like 30-50€) on where she can easily see it then I truly hope you get robbed.

Also be somewhat careful on Ave. Barbosa and on the beach at Praia. There are all kinds of shady characters that could be walking up and down there. I heard stories of beach shoes and towels disappearing while people go out for a swim as well as people getting robbed. If you want to go to that club later at night, do yourself a favor and take a taxi.

Now I’d like to touch a bit on a sensitive topic. Three isolated but identical incidents made me feel that there just might be a pattern here. Most of Cape Verdeans would tell you that there is no racism on Cape Verde for obvious reasons – all Cape Verdeans are black. Most of Cape Verdeans however are well aware that in other places it is not so. If a Cape Verdean begins to talk to you about racism in Cape Verde (and this is particularly true if they’d see that you yourself are of African descent) you can be 99% sure that in the end of your conversation you’d be asked to help (financially) to ease his/her difficult racism-infested existence. Just keep that in mind.

Truth be told, I actually met one white Cape Verdean later on in Mindelo. When I say it to other Cape Verdeans however my claim is inevitably met by scepticism. Every Cape Verdean I ever told about this seem to think that this person must’ve been an albino. Naturally I myself am beginning to have my doubts about it too.

A Tour of Santiago

I went through Praia de Santiago 3 times. I arrived to Praia initially where I stayed for 3-4 days. One of those days I asked Luis, my taxi driver, to give me a day-long tour of the island de Santiago which convinced me that I had to come back to Tarrafal. Luis gave me great tour, never rushed, always knew where to stop to take pictures and at least twice on the way ensured that I have someone to visit should I decide to come back to Santiago. One of which, a total non-pro I ended up spending a lot of time with upon returning to Tarrafal.

I returned to Praia and ended up spending 3 more days there, this time staying in more centrally located Hotel Santa Maria. Nice place. Very safe at night. At night there is great music at two adjacent restaurants. I really enjoyed sandwiches in sandwich place on nearby square (can’t miss), and walking distance to Sucupira market, African clothing section of which should be your must stop ASAP, especially if you’d want something to be tailor-made. Btw, next to African clothing section is central aluger station with vans waiting to take you anywhere else on the island.

Car Rental Maybe?

But I didn’t take aluger. I rented a car. In Praia I recommend renting from Sylvia.  PM me for her personal email.  Silvia speaks perfect English and was recommended to me at Oasis Atlantico Praiamar, one of the better places to stay in Praia. Her rentals are of good quality and a bit cheaper than Hertz, etc. I checked.

Like a Virgin

During my 2nd stay in Praia of Santiago I also asked my taxi driver to help me out with a girl. I told him that I need someone pretty but also someone that I can go out and have a conversation before taking her back to the hotel, someone not too young, maybe closer to 30. He apparently didn’t know anyone like that so he had to ask his colleagues. Well, the woman that showed up, she was pretty good looking alright but I very quickly understood that I was dealing with a complete novice. It was almost like being with a virgin and I really prefer women who’ve been around a bit. After walking couple of blocks I realized that there’d be not much conversation to have here so I took her to my hotel room.

It wasn’t much better there. She took her top off. She looked ok. But as I touched her I noticed that she was shaking. I felt like I was about to commit rape, and not a fun rape when she acts as though being raped but a real one. I’m sure some hobbyist would enjoy such situation but not I. Even if she’d been an 18 yo, I still would want someone who knows her way around the sack and can suck with reckless abandon.

My Taxi Driver

Here I’d like to make short diversion and talk a bit about Luis, my taxi driver. Despite the fact that the girl he sent me ended up being a bust I highly recommend him. Luis is a great guy. This fact is even written over his face. But… Luis also is a regular Cape Verdean guy with a wife and couple of young daughters and as such may not be the right person to ask for a girl on a younger side. But… Luis would always be there even when taxis are harder to come by, Luis would tell you what to do and not to do, Luis would not rush it if he gives you a tour around Santiago, and would take you to nice places and will stop at correct spots for you to take the best possible picture and wait patiently until you’re done. Luis speaks some English but I can’t be exactly sure how much since I speak pretty good Portuguese. Luis has experience with foreigners like you and I, and would masterfully ease you into good graces of a waitress with right attitude towards hobbying.

So if I’d be you I’d strike personal working relationship with Luis, have him pick you up at the airport , and maybe even do a tour of the Santiago with him but if you also want a pro under 23 either work Badoo or Tinder or maybe ask a guy in the hotel to get you a girl.

If anyone interested in Luis’s phone number then PM me.
Contributing members only please. You don’t even necessarily need to be contributing member here on mongerplanet although this would be preferable. You just have to point me to where on-line I can find your contributions and under what alias.

Nightclub semi pros

In general from what I’ve heard you’d get semi-pro opportunities at every nightclub in Praia of Santiago. It’s just a matter of arriving at the right time. If you like to stay up late – it’s great. Pick a nightclub (almost any, Cockpit, Quinta da Musica, etc) and just go.

santiago semi pro girl
cabo verde semi pro

They usually begin filing in around 12:30 and soon after 1am it should get really busy. You should have plenty of semi-pro or even pro, or even non-pro pickings even if you are like me, a bit overweight and in your mid 50s.

2. Cidade Velha. Santiago

Cidade Velha is small nice looking colonial town on Santiago about half-n-hour ride from Praia where you may want to spend a day, if that. The fortress up on the hill is worth visiting and is served by English-speaking knowledgeable staff. Best hotel is Vulcan, which I’m pretty sure is girl-friendly but it’s a bit of a distance from town. Stella, the 22yo I talked about in my section on Praia lives in Cidade Velha. I’ve little doubt that if you talk to hotel folk you should be able to find yourself some local talent. From Praia 10€ taxi or 1€ on intercity bus (or rather van) called aluguer.

3.  Quinta da Montanha

Whether you’re into hiking or not, on the way to (or from) Tarrafal of Santiago do yourself a favor and spent a night in the hotel called Quinta da Montanha. The hotel is located in the village up in the mountains. Get there at night when it’s already dark, ask (demand/beg) for a room with a view. Get up in the morning and feel overwhelmed. There is beautiful Botanical Garden within walking distance from the hotel. If you arrive on aluguer you can be let off at the Gardens and walk up to the hotel. There are nice, not too difficult trails and if you’re really into hiking this is where people usually start their hike to the top of Santiago’s highest mountain.

4. Tarrafal of Santiago

Don’t leave the island without visiting Tarrafal de Santiago. Tarrafal arguably is my favorite place on Cape Verde. There are three or even four Tarrafals on Cape Verde, this is Tarrafal de Santiago.
Tarrafal primarily is a beach town. It has 2-3 nice charming sandy beaches, 2 small ones and one medium size. Water is clear, ocean is calm, and the sandy bottom makes entrance into water pleasant, which for me probably is the most important thing about a beach.

There are tourists but it hasn’t been overrun by tourists making Tarrafal a great blend of just enough to have some tourist infrastructure services but not too much so. Many locals dream of Tarrafal one day becoming something like Cape Verde’s tourist resort island Sal (of that later); I hope not.
I used AirBnB, and ended up with 4-room apartment with huge kitchen in the center of town just for poor me, but there are plenty of hotels in town. The best is King Fisher but it’s a little ways from the town beach and the center. There is a 3 star hotel right on the beach which people seem to be happy about. If I ever return, and Tarrafal is one place that I would consider returning to on Santiago, I probably would be staying there that is if hotel gets around to installing Wi-fi.

Tarrafal Food:

There is a nice Italian run restaurant next to small beach. Good food. King Fisher has a nice place too.  One place whose food I was disappointed at however was a pizza place called Alto Mira popular with foreigners probably for the same reason that I went there. It got high ratings and great reviews on Trip Advisor. Not bad intimate atmosphere but I’m sorry but I know a supermarket crust when taste it. Enough said.

Le Buzio

Then there is Le Buzio aka Buzios… For food Buzio is mostly a local fare, well prepared but little imagination. But… Buzio often has live entertainment. I for example saw a female butt dance troupe sort of like belly dancing but instead of a stomach they do amazing things with their ass.
This was incredible dude! I could just imagine one of them doing this thing on your mile-high! I was there with a local friend who was actually trying to set me up with one of the dancers but she just wasn’t my type and I don’t think we really clicked.  Still Le Buzio is your hands down best bet to set something up. I’m not saying that all waitresses there are open to suggestions but many sure are.

During my first (only 2-3 hour long) visit to Tarrafal , as part of the island tour of Santiago with my taxi driver, one waitress became so aggressive that during subsequent 3-day visit I was trying to figure out how do I avoid her because by that point I already had a romantic interest in town (no longer in Cape Verde). There were better looking waitresses in Le Buzio too; she was just the one who was serving us. According to Luis, my taxi driver all waitresses (and I’m sure many dancers) in Le Buzio would be open to becoming your girlfriends. But as I said earlier, girlfriends or shmollfriends, love or shmove but no matter how special you think she feels about you don’t forget to pay her (or them) at the end.

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  1. Another great report on Santiago Cape Verde, I had heard this island and Praia were avoided due to crime? When I was on Sal all the girls on Tinder were in Praia, kind of wished I was based there for the quantity and quality of pussy. They not reply though, I guess they knew I was on Sal.
    What about the guys there? did they cock block? get jealous?
    How much were you paying the porters and taxi drivers to set you up with the girls?
    Would definately visit Tarrafal myself, sounds very up and coming before all the main stream tourists head there. I can see Cape Verde becoming very popular in the next 10 years. So enjoy now mongers!

  2. I had no problems with men in Praia. You usually encounter more of the resentment in that regard in smaller towns. In fact as you can see I used male help in hotels and taxi drivers to get me to girls and am suggesting it for others too.

    I didn’t pay anybody to set me up. When I asked them about it I also told them that I assume their “fee” would be incorporated into girl’s fee. They never objected so I assumed that’s what happened. But now come to think of it it may not be such a bad idea to drop them a small dime anyway. Still I think we should go easy in that regard. There is no reason for us to facilitate inflation. 🙂

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