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Mongering West Midlands England UK

After resigning from my last job back in May 2016, I took an extended vacation through eastern Europe visiting Latvia, Lithuania and then Poland and Moldova.  Due to the uncertainty of Brexit I was finding it hard to find a new job in the UK in the last quarter of 2016.  I booked another extended trip to Asia with the intention of looking for a new job in the first quarter 2017.  I then landed a new contract in the west midlands England.

Move to the West Midlands

I cancelled the flight to Asia,  I then proceeded to let my house in south London and made a move to the West Midlands in the UK England.  This was a first for me,  finally I was no longer bound to my house, restricted to its commuter belt.  With small mortgage this would be another source of income.  I managed to rent a studio flat in West Midlands for 6 months and then working was able to replenish my piggy bank.

A man needs sex

I knew no one, was a stranger in a strange land, a new kid on the block.  Now I did wonder what the local mongering scene was like in the West Midlands? being close to cities like Birmingham, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Worcester.   A man needs sex, I am not just a worker.  Is sex not one of the primary reasons we travel, to get the kind of regular sex we dont get at home?  I mean if we got regular sex at home with a variety of attractive women, would this alone drastically lessen the need to travel?

Finding P4P in the UK

What follows is not necessarily specific to finding some P4P in the west midlands of England, its the online resources I use when wanting to indulge in some mongering anywhere in the UK.  The following websites could be used in any town or city throughout the UK.   If you have any further suggestions or ideas for some mongering in the UK then please comment below.

Regular Dating – Plenty of Fish

I am not one to go to local pubs, nightclubs or go on meetups etc, so if I was going to get sex in the west Midlands I had to use the internet.  The first thing I did was activate my profile on PlentyOfFish and changed my location – to try some regular dating and maybe get some free sex, even a relationship.

After a week or two I had up to 60 meet me requests.  But 99% of them were unattractive – fuglies.  Two  were not bad, mixed race women, and got to chatting to them on the phone.  But in the background there were things like kids screaming, smokers cough, telling me they usually dated younger men,  I realised I not want the baggage that comes with regular dating.  At my age it is going to be extremely difficult to meet a woman for regular dating without baggage.

Tinder, Badoo

I also tried social networking and dating sites like Tinder and Badoo which I have used successfully abroad but not in the UK.    With my location now in the west Midlands it made no difference on the likes of Tinder.

Casual Dating – Craigslist

I then put some adverts in Craigslist Birmingham, looking for some younger females and willing to offer cash rewards.   I have had some amazing semi pro student pussy off Craigslist London in the past, so was curious as to what it would produce in the west midlands.

Got a few replies, mostly black girls from Birmingham.  The logistics of a meetup was difficult though, they could not accommodate,  could I book a hotel? I was in a built up respectable residential area.  Some girls just stopped responding,  Alas,  I was a little out in the sticks here in my lodgings in the West Midlands, all the pussy seemed to be in Birmingham.  Past experiences though you could often get a girl for £150 maybe all night, sometimes dropping to 100.


Interestingly at the time, they were running some articles on the news about Craigslist, that 5% of students now use it to meet older men – friends with benefits.  Is that all?  lots of growth potential there then.   Also that some landlords were offering rent free in return for sexual favours.  That this was exploitation not a win win situation.

Cape Verde Break

Come Christmas time and I had to take a week off so enjoyed some winter sun in Cape Verde and fucked a few Nigerian freelancers, which took the edge off things for a short while once I returned to work in January, now it was a slog until end of May.

Seeking Arrangement

I reactivated my profile on Seeking Arrangement, I noticed the monthly fee had gone up significantly.  I had met some real cute sugar babes back in south London using Seeking Arrangement.  I only learn about Seeking Arrangement from a comment on MongerPlanet.  So it was now time to throw the dice in the West Midlands.
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Again most of the girls were concentrated in Birmingham city center, again logistics of a meet made it difficult.  I was a fair distance away from Birmingham and have never visited the west midlands city.
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Others wanted to much money like 350, its then alot of effort to get them down to a more respectable 150.  I mean sex is just not worth that much!  You have to convince them to make money need to do regular meets.

Eventually I meet a very attractive 40 yo African woman for coffee one evening after work in Gloucester city center.  It goes well and she wants to meet again.
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About one week later I meet her close to where I live in the West Midlands and take her back to my flat.  Fucked her big black African ass good that night but had to hand over £150!  This is about average for a sugar babe off Seeking Arrangement, but at 40 yo she was hardly a sugar babe.  I prefer these type of encounters though to escorts.

Massage – Gumtree

At weekends I got very tempted to indulge in a massage maybe with a happy ending.  Gumtree in the UK is a good source for finding local massage anywhere in the UK.  There were a few operating in the area and thought I would try some of them.  Usually these are going to be Chinese or Thai mature women.

One I tried in Evesham was exceptionally good Thai women, the massage was Ok, but the touching was incredibly sensual and gradual, she made me shoot my load up over my chest.  Was very tempted to visit her again during my stay in the west midlands.

Another I tried in the area as soon as I walked in she asked did I want extra services meaning hand job. The massage was mediocre, no touching or teasing between the legs, when the massage was over she just gave me a handjob, very mechanical, was not going to return.


Generally prices for a 1 hour full body massage will set you back £40.  If you want a happy ending then expect to pay another £20 on top of this.  On rare ocassions I have had a handjob for £10 even once a BBBJ CIM for an extra £20 with a Chinese MILF but these are exceptions rather than the rule.  But dont ask dont get.

Adult VivaStreet

Putting in adult search terms like escort, massage etc in the west midlands area usually brings Adult Vivastreet to the top of the first page.  Adult vivastreet in whatever area you happen to want some mongering in the UK always lists local escorts and massages.  I was tempted a few times, some girls looked more casual and semi pro rather than pro.  Like renting a flat short term and wanting to make some money.

Adult Friday Ad

Like Vivastreet Friday Ad in the UK also has an adult section where you can find erotic massage, escorts and other adult services.  Friday Ad is also worth checking when mongering in the UK.

McCoys Brothel Guide

McCoys brothel guide is another source of mongering establishments around the west midlands and the UK.   McCoy is local to the west midlands so thought it might be good for some research.  My personal feelings are – a brothel guide is going to be more static than the adverts you may find in the likes of vivastreet gumtree etc on any given day you are feeling horny.  But McCoys is worth a browse, this monger supposedly tries out all these whores and brothels before listing them.

Backpage West Midlands

There are other players for massage escorts like Backpage etc but again these are restricted to the big city areas like Birmingham and Bristol.  It can be difficult to pin down a girl on sites like Backpage, a girl you would like to spend some time with and some money.  Often I just get bored and give up, have a wank instead.  I dont want to spend hours trying to find a hot contact.


The Uk’s premier connection for pro hookers in and around the area you happen to be living has to be Adultwork UK.  Adultwork  has good searching facilities can narrow your options down to girls available today within 10 miles of your postcode who do CIM under 25 etc.  Very tempted a few times to go and visit some dirty young sluts who did everything but the timing was wrong, here today, gone tomorrow.

Pop up Brothels

Adultwork changes day to day, sometimes you will get a troop of girls in a specific town or area from Hungary or Moldova, I guess these are pop up brothels or short term lets using sites like AirBnb.  Sometimes calling the girls and they will be operating out of a hotel room requiring a different sort of walk of shame if you were to visit.

Hungarian MILF, massage, blowjob

Some girls you will find on adultwork, vivastreet etc at the same time.  I was very tempted by an attractive Hungarian MILF who was offering an hour massage with finishing off in her mouth BBBJ and CIM, she wanted £80 for the hour!  Again logistics was wrong on the outskirts of Birmingham.  I really regret not visiting this Hungarian MILF, I found her online again but now she was working out of east London.  So these escorts move about alot, have to strike while the iron is hot!

 Escort Directories

There are lots of escorts sites that cover anyone area.  I am not going to list them here.  you only need to enter into google something like ‘west midlands escorts’ to get the top page of escort directories that rate top for that area.  Many girls will be on the escort directories as well as viva street and Adultwork etc.  But there will also be some differences, so its worth checking them out for something special. Some profiles can be old and inactive so check when the escort last logged in or edited their profile.

Uk Punting Forums

In the UK, guys who tend to visit local prostitutes are known as punters and the hobby in known as punting.   I guess mongers and mongering is more international and travel based.  In the UK there are some established ‘punting’ forums like PunterNet UK and Punting UK.  These are broken down by locations throughout the UK where you can glean some local information.  Often they share links to Adultwork etc with reviews etc.  Many prostitutes also use the UK punters forums to get some local business.  Personally I am not a big fan of searching through sex forums, too much noise to signal ratio and when you ask a specific question its like RTFF!  Oh right yeah there is a bit of info 30 pages back from 5 years ago.

Mongering weekend in Birmingham

I meant to spend a weekend mongering in Birmingham to sample its delights and get used to it, but it not happen.  Birmingham has many strip clubs, lap dancing, pubs bars and lots of escorts and brothels.


After 6 months working in the west midlands with very little pussy I sure was ready for an extended sex vacation somewhere in the world.   I never realised that first holiday to Thailand in 2002 would not just be a sex vacation but change into a lifestyle.

Ideally I would find a woman close to my own age who I could date and go out with and enjoy a healthy sex life and relationship.  But this is near on impossible to achieve in the UK if you have any kind of standards.

So, when your feeling horny you dont want to have to travel too far, face parking headaches, traffic etc, overpay, receive poor service and feel bad about it.  Ideally I want to meet a hot young sugar babe, who will stay the night, do almost anything and will accept a £100.    But I am not going to be taking her out for dinner or to the cinema.

So mongers that wraps up my time spent working in the west midlands of the UK trying to get some quality easy mongering not too expensive.  Not really happen for me and found it difficult, although had I been renting in Birmingham city center may have been a different story I am writing today?


For UK Punters, or for those that have been mongering in the UK I would love to hear about how you find local pussy?  Any other recommendations to the techniques and sites listed here, or stories to share?   Please leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “Mongering West Midlands England UK”

  1. Alright mate spoke before about a year your website.problem Is your 100 percent right in London you don’t really get your money’s worth fake pictures .or just to much money.thats why south east Asia wins hands down.i have been Thailand over 15 times .been there done it and got the t shirt.its the angeles city for me p4p good not ripoff like in mania and Bangkok ,Pattaya .i am the same as you brexit fucked everything .British pound down infatuation up.we just don’t get good mongering here in London tried Philippines beautiful ,dark,soft,no is to ,fuck,sleep what more can you ask for

    1. Thanks for your comment Tony, so London city center is no better?
      The best sex I have found in the UK is through craigslist and seeking arrangement, semi pro girls, usually black
      Yes I am planning my next trip will fly directly to the Philippines and spend a month there. Do Manila Angeles and Subic then onto Cebu and a few other places besides. But still have to spend majority of my time in the UK, working and earning money without a regular girlfriend and a man needs sex? So has anyone had good experiences meeting girls anywhere in the UK P4P? 🙂

    1. Thanks Mr Q, took a few hours to put together but wanted to cover everything for the UK or when I monger at home, written more than I intended.
      On the surface UK not look great for P4P, but I am sure some ‘punters’ are getting their rocks off in the UK and in no way do I feel I have turned over every stone.

      The point is, I still spend the majority of my time in the UK, working, earning money. And need some light relieve inbetween. At times it has been real good with the likes of craigslist and seeking arrangement that I realised travel lost some of its appeal, that I was getting exotic pussy at home. The thing is also in the future I need to keep hold of some of these sugar babes, I keep just wanting to go onto the next. Bit like a man settling for one woman as his wife 🙂 frustrating!

  2. I’ve never used escort sites because i have no idea how the process work and what escorts do to screen their clients? There’s also the fear factor of whether it is genuine or a dodgy setup, or a police sting?

    Would be interesting if you could write an article about how you go about making contact with escorts online and what the requirements are for a screening process so the escorts know they are dealing with a safe client?

    I don’t visit brothels or massage parlours in UK as i never know whether women are there on their freewill or trafficked? same with using Backpage.

    Luckily, there are nightclubs where there are a lot of loose women. So I tend to go to these places to pick them up. They aren’t exactly pretty but can’t complain for free sex. However, some times it’s nice not having to put in all the effort and lies just to bang a very average looking chick.

    1. Thanks for your comment Theo.
      Generally for escorts there is no screening process, you ring and they visit you or you visit them. I forgot to mention about the fake profiles, photos etc or bait and switch but this was always the case when the UK phone boxes used to be plastered with cards, you knew the photos were fake. On the rare occasions the girls were better than the photos. So no screening process 99% of them and generally its legal in the UK, thats why they can advertise in mainstream papers etc. So I would not worry about a police sting unless you are into kerb crawling or something. I guess you are younger than me, I use to pull regulary at nights clubs 20 years ago, but over 40 it gets alot harder all round. Of course it was alot of effort not guaranteed and usually spending over 100 with a nasty hangover the next morning.

      1. I’m surprised they don’t do any screening, especially working independently? Anyway, thanks for the advice and insight. I’ll pluck up the courage and try an escort. If i do, i’ll report back about my experiences.

        By the way, if you turn up at their place and realised she doesn’t look like the one in the photo (bait and switch), can you just politely excuse yourself and walk away?

        1. Most call themselves escorts but work independently and list themselves on sites like Adultwork, vivastreet and other escort directories. Often they will travel or be in an area for a short while. Basically they are whores pro and semi pro, selling pussy. I mean an escort is someone you want to take to the theatre, dinner and then maybe back to hotel, maybe some guys do this. I cant blame them for using fake profiles online, so as to remain anonymous to the general judgemental public. Other girls will work for professional escort agencies, maybe this route is a little safer. I have fucked some amazing girls or escorts before, the type you would drawl at in a nightclub and only look and have a wank later 🙂 You can get some really good sex, but not always. Its when you get good experiences that it gets addictive.
          Of course we all want to avoid trafficked girls, you only have your gut instinct, most girls these days working as escorts are foreign, again best to stick to established brothels or escort agencies. Hard to believe for some but many girls enjoy doing this sort of work, Iv had escorts say are you going to fuck me really good? etc.

          1. I’ve checked out Adultwork and Vivastreet and yes, there are some stunners and the prices are reasonable. Some have verified photos, can this be trusted? or just bullshit?

            1. There is no guarantee other than going to see for yourself, suck it and see.
              First time I had a hotel outcall in Warsaw Poland, she was not the girl I had selected, but not bad all the same, when your horny you make allowances. I would also enter something like “Birmingham escorts” into google to see what escort directories comes top – replace Birmingham with your town/city. There are differences as they have to pay to advertise on these sites, so rather than all of them, just one or two.

              There is no real difference between escorts and girls working in a brothel. Most towns cities have one or two established brothels where there can be a large selection of girls from all over the world. I have seen some amazing talent working in some of these places. So you have more of a selection. Do not worry about turning up your nose and walking out, just say you are looking at a few places so may be back later. Many mongers have had outcalls to their hotels and refused the girl(s) that have turned up. So yes if you are not happy just walk out. no problem. Generally in a brothel its 40 for a 15 min quickies, 60 for 30 mins full services and then BBBJ and CIM would be another 20 on top. Work on those prices. an escort from a professional directory coming out to visit you is around 150 for 1 hour. cheaper if you visit them. But again not much difference so do the maths – Around these prices they are all just working girls – all the same

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