Shibuya Crossing tokyo japan

One Night in Tokyo Japan

Japan Part 2 of 3 – One Night in Tokyo

As with many of my previous trips to Asia, I had one night only and this visit to Tokyo in Japan was no exception. Perhaps the exception was that this would be even less than one night.   It would be a mere 10 hours to to experience some mongering in Tokyo Japanese style.


Before I begin, I’m going to preface this by saying, I’m going to try to keep things on the downlow and I’m going to not use full names or full names of businesses but I will leave links.  I don’t want to expose too much of this wonderful Japanese girl and business and I definitely plan to return.  There are places online where there are reviews of this establishment and of its girls.  This is not a review but merely my account.

Rei I’m Coming for you

I arrived in Tokyo tired, anxious, and excited. I came here to see “Rei”. The anticipation for this was huge. I had spent months perusing the internet about Japan and I settled on a delivery health called Tokyo Hentai Club that only serves foreigners. I had chosen two Japanese girls much in advance. One had great English and was vibrant yet mature and would give a GFE experience. The other had a fit petite body, a cute face, and mesmerizing eyes but significantly less English.

I chose Rei (she has a Tumblr but was recently removed for reasons unknown. I think she looks much better in real life than her company profile page not to mention her hair is not long anymore), because I wanted to communicate well and to have a Japanese girlfriend experience. In the days before coming, I switched to the second Japanese girl (her Tumblr is pretty hot) as her Tumblr posts revealed more of ever so attractive eyes and amazing body. I tried to book her but as luck would have it, she was not working the day I would arrive in Tokyo. In the end I fell back to my original choice.

After two flights, I arrived at the airport and took a shower to freshen up and it was off to roam the city of Tokyo.  Before I knew it, it was time for my date.

I was a little behind, very tired, and extremely nervous. The Japanese are very punctual so I was concerned about being late. I was so nervous about my date and trip I spent the entire night sleepless.

Shibuya Crossing tokyo japan
Shibuya Crossing tokyo japan

I made my way across the famous Shibuya crossing, went up half a block up Dougenzaka St to the Tokyo Hentai club office at 5:31 pm, one minute late.  As I came down the hallway, even before I entered, a Filipina girl said, “You must be Mr. Q?” and sitting on a chair behind a curtain, Rei emerged in a lovely blue dress.

The Date

She had an oval face, large almond eyes, snow white skin and a huge smile. She was distinctively Japanese. Her voice was deep which caught me off guard as most Japanese girls are higher pitched. In what felt like a whirlwind hustle we headed through Dougenzaka’s alleys to a love hotel.

paris love hotel tokyo japan
paris love hotel tokyo japan

We chatted about her travels as she recently visited my home city in the USA. This was not a topic I wanted to talk about, but it made her happy so I obliged. Within 2 or 3 minutes, we arrived at the Paris love Hotel.

love hotel room tokyo japan
love hotel room

The love hotel was clean, decent and slightly cheesy. Pastel paintings of naked ladies, faux brick, pastel colors, a bed, toilet room, Japanese bath and shower, karaoke and sitting area. It was actually much larger and nicer than other regular hotels I stayed at.

(if you want to see what’s inside a love hotel, watch this video they are very common in Japan).

tokyo sex diary japan
inside tokyo love hotel

Also check out Asian Sex Diary in Tokyo Japan, where many Japanese girls are fucked in Tokyo love hotels.

Heart Pounding

Rei prepared the bath and came back 5 minutes later. We disrobed and my heart pounded.  Her body was gorgeous and I tried not to stare. Milky white skin, nice full C-cup breasts, pointy light brown nipples with big areolas. I wanted to just touch her and hold her and I should have but I was so shy and I really had no idea what was acceptable and what was not. I didn’t see her as a prostitute but a woman who shared her companionship so I set my boundaries.

Bath Time

We went to the Japanese bathing room where she showered me, washing my whole body. This was followed by a couple of buckets of water poured over me and then we hopped into the Japanese tub together.

We chatted. We talked about our backgrounds, our travels, men, women, and our views on life. I was expecting her to throw her body at me but it never came. Once in a while there was a soft touch here and there, and a gentle holding of our hands. I suspect there is usually more but perhaps since I was absurdly nervous, she held back. She even asked if this was the first time I had seen an escort. I said “yes” and it was… sort of.

The soap bubbles disappeared one by one and the water leaked slowly out of the tub. More and more of her beautiful body appeared. I wanted to feel her and grab her but I resisted. Eventually the very last bubble disappeared and it was time to leave the tub for the bedroom.

Options – CIM

Before we began she asked me if I wanted any options. You can order options online for the Tokyo Hentai club but I didn’t book any, preferring to play it by ear. I asked about them and she brought out a list. Cum in mouth 3000 yen. Swallow 4000 yen. Anal 200000 yen and the list goes on. It’s not everyday that you get to build your sexual experience piece by piece as if ordering a burger, but this is Japan. I cowly pointed to CIM and asked, “you can do that?”. She nodded and said yes, giving me a look that read, “of course I do, who you think I am?” “Can I try that?” I replied. I wanted her to swallow but the two combined would be 7000 yen. I wasn’t about to spend $70 bucks so someone can eat my cum, but then again, if your girlfriend or wife doesn’t do that, then maybe it’s worth it.


We began on the bed with her arms around me and the kissing began. Passionate deep French kissing DFK. I usually refuse kissing but this was so real and so insanely passionate I gave no resistance. She ceased to be a stranger and began to act as a lover. It was amazing. Our pressed bodies moved together intimately as ever. She really knew how to make me feel so good with her amazingly soft skin and body. Her breasts, oh my they were fluffy soft pillows. It was unforgettable.

She sucked on my cock and she was a pro. Hands, tongue, lips, throat, she was a professional, yet so sensual. Pleasure was given with a passionate gaze into my eyes. Prostitutes don’t do that. After the blowjob next would be ”sumata”, a simulated sex of her rubbing your cock with the outside of her vagina while on top of you. Others have mentioned it feels so real you don’t even know it’s not inside. But her sucking was so good I could no longer hold back. I exploded in her mouth and never got to the sumata. With the release, I missed the chance to pleasure her back, to play with her beautiful soft pussy.

She suggested a massage to relax me and she was wonderful. Working all the way up my body, she straddled me higher and higher in the nude. Her soft body felt so good on top of me.

The Gift

I had brought a gift for her from the States. A surprise for our so called “date”, but in the hustle of our initial meeting I had forgotten. We had a break in the massage and when I mentioned it, she became ecstatic. This was now the focus for the next 10 or 15 minutes. Her enthusiasm was immense and I was rewarded through a session of nude photography. She posed and I took photos. Too bad the photos are on her phone and not mines. I surely would have liked an uncensored photo and yes, that too is an option for 3000 yen, but you can see that on her Tumblr, at least the censored version [she recently removed all the photos from her Tumblr =(].

I was ready to go again but was too shy to suggest another round. We still had 30 minutes left in our 90 minute session. With that we concluded through another shower and we got dressed which took a bit longer than I expected. 15 minutes remained by the time we were dressed to which I feel would not have been enough for another round. (Note: next time book 2 hrs instead of 90 minutes)

With that we left the Paris love hotel with a hug and parted ways. It was an amazing experience and made me think of how the Japanese service even extends to this delivery health escort. I had a first Japanese woman and it was amazing. There was no sex but I was immensely happy and satisfied. We had made a connection, but it ends when the timer is up. This is how the host / hostess industry works in Japan. You pay for the connection and when time’s up, you part, but the connection is so intense you keep coming back for more.

Would I book her again? Possibly. Would I be as shy. Not all all. Am I looking forward to returning? 100% yes.


By far this was the most expensive mongering encounter I had ever had. 35,200 yen for 90 minutes, 3,000 yen cum in mouth, and 5,600 hotel charge (I actually paid for 3 hrs hotel instead of the usual 2. I was planning to rest after our date but in the end I didn’t). All in all, I spent $400 USD (43800 yen). Not to mention at the last minute, I upgraded my plane ticket to a higher class so I would be better rested when I arrived in Japan for the date. And let’s not forget the gift. Not cheap at all but definitely one of the best mongering experiences I have ever had.

Done for the night?

After we parted, I thought I was done for my one night in Tokyo until I walked by Strawberry Jam

To be continued…

by Mr. Q

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3 thoughts on “One Night in Tokyo Japan”

  1. Good report Mr Q, I am assuming you are on business and not choosing yourself to visit Tokyo Japan. I do love Japanese women was a fan of Japanese porn for a while.

    On the odd occassion I have paid alot for a one off experience that I am not going to miss or forget. Its only expensive when its regularly repeated.

    I met a local Japanese girl off ICQ many years ago now. She would come round and suck my cock CIM for free. Seems these Japanese girls are very favorable to CIM.

    1. Sir Paul… Hehe… In my next part, I explain a bit more of how I ended up in Tokyo, but I’ve yet to send that to you. Quite the contrary I love going to Japan. I’d fly over just to spend a few days there on my own dime. it’s such a short long haul flight too, less than 10 hours going and less than 9 hrs coming back. I find it much more fun than traveling the US and cheaper too. I’m really quite a travelholic.

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