club 102 bangkok

Club 102 Massage Bangkok

Club 102 Massage

Affordable Luxury Massage in Bangkok

During my last trip to sin city AKA Bangkok, I heard of a new venue on the massage scene: Club 102. Ideally located just 50m from the BTS station, in Sukhumvit Soi 24.

It was a Friday evening around 6pm when I decided to go check out Club 102 in Bangkok.  From Phrom Phong BTS station, I went down the stairs of the exit #4 and walked down the Soi 24 Sukhumvit.

Upon my arrival I was welcomed by about 10 girls waiting outside and calling me from a distance. I was actually quite surprised how pretty they were. Once inside, the manager Jean-Louis made me sit in one of their very comfy sofas and after a short chat lined up all the therapists and presented them to me. This guy is really friendly, helpful and not pushy in any way.

club 102 Bangkok main lounge
club 102 Bangkok main lounge

The whole place is vibrant with a well designed interior.  Club 102 reminded me of the European luxurious massage places during the 19th century.

A one of a kind experience

I picked Wawa for a 90 min massage in a room with a jacuzzi. The quality of the service was quite astonishing. It was way above the standards provided by the other establishments in the area.

club 102 bangkok massage girl
massage girl wawa

The rooms are also much nicer and cleaner which is highly important in my opinion.

club 102 bangkok massage room
club 102 massage room

Wawa is incredibly talented and one of the most charming girls I have met in Thailand. I felt completely dry, relieved and happy as I walked out.

It was such a pleasant experience that I actually came back on Saturday and Sunday and picked different therapists with the same end result.

Should you visit this massage too?

Absolutely! No questions asked. I doubt that anyone can be disappointed visiting Club 102 in Bangkok. It is the absolutely best value for the money.

  • Services: 9/10
  • Girls: 8/10
  • Rooms: 9/10
  • Management: 9/10

If you are in Bangkok, this is a must to experience.

club 102 bangkok map
how to get to club 102
  • Club 102 Massage BKK
  • Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok
  • Phrom Phong BTS Station – Exit 4
  • Tel:+66 (0)22 594 528
  • Email: info(at)
  • Web:

10 thoughts on “Club 102 Massage Bangkok”

  1. If that is an independent review (as opposed to someone who either owns, has shares or some other interest in the place) then I am a chinaman! He could at least have tried to be subtle about it.

  2. Everyone operates a website for one thing, to make a profit. This is obviously a paid review. I just wish Mongerplanet will be honest enough to mention it. Otherwise, it just looks bad on your part.

    However, if that girl is for real, like she actually works there. Then, i’m booking Wawa for sure. 🙂

    1. If you check the categories the post has been filed under, if it says Sponsor then it is from a commercial site
      There are legal implications in what they can say.
      If it also has the category guest post, then I not write the content myself.

      Commercial websites are more interested in getting quality backlinks on related sites. This way when someone types ‘Bangkok massage’ into google or ‘sydney escorts’ they are more likely to come up tops.

      Mongerplanet is a hobby when not indulging in the hobby. Wish I could make a living out of it. I have invested alot of time and money in this site and barely break even with sponsors and affiliations.

      Still I will take my readers thoughts on board with any future sponsor posts. I can confirm Club 102 in Bangkok is currently very popular with a big selections of very energetic girls. When I am next in Bangkok I will try club 102 myself and I also hope Wawa is available 🙂 god wish all Thai women looked like her!

      1. Apologies, didn’t know you tagged it sponsors, wasn’t very clear though.

        Whether you make money or not, it generally is part of the motivation to host any website in the first place, even hobby sites. And why not? nothing wrong with that. We all need to make a living some way or the other. Unless you are in a very privileged position.

        But it’s not easy, most users run adblockers these days.

        If i make it to Bangkok before you, i’ll let you know if Wawa still works there and how talented she is. 🙂

        1. I started blogging end of 2007. Mongerplanet came into existence 2010 after having problems on free platforms. Hosting your own blog you have complete control and can post what you like. But its not free. Before I use to share my trip reports on the world sex guide forum. This has now also gone! I welcome sponsors, not sure if that is the right word, more commercial advertisements, not had many but receiving money for something you enjoy doing gives alot of motivation. I dont actively seek sponsors, they occasionally contact me. Other bloggers like mongerplanet can post for free with an original story on mongering and of course guest posts are great as cover more of the world and perspectives.

          But yes, maybe a mongers report on a visit to club 102 in Bangkok? someone must have visited?

  3. Totally bogus review. A lot of reviews of this place on the internet are all bogus, probably written by the falang owner. This place is lipstick on a pig. A facade of luxury but in actuality its just your typical poor rushed service massage Bangkok parlor catering to a mostly Asian demographic. I didn’t see any westerners there besides myself or any girl that looked like “Wawa.” Don’t recommend, best to avoid.

    My full review is on google.

    1. I walked pass club 102 very recently, yes it mostly caters to Asians, sat outside there were 20 to 30 Thai girls, pretty young and not bad looking, I not go inside as on a budget. It seems some of you are expecting some sort of mongering nirvana because of the reviews on the internet. Of course they have to sell themselves. Its no better or worse than any massage parlour you will find down the Ratcha, but alot closer if your based on the Sukhumvit, so well worth a visit if you like this kind of setup. What we want is an honest review from a monger who has actually paid for a girl and service in club 102.

      1. I did pay for a girl named ‘beer” after the french manager rushed me. It’s very nicely decorated inside and actually quite a few really good looking girls. However, Beer kept asking for a tip the whole time before we even started, so i canceled and went next door to “addict massage” and had the best threesome experience of my life ever. (Yean and Haru) Highly recommend that one. Maybe I came to Bangkok 102 on a off day.

  4. WARNING: Do not ever go to Club 102 Massage at Phrom Phong BTS, Sukhumvit Soi 24, right beside Addict Massage. I had the WORST and MOST EXPENSIVE/OVERVALUED full svc massage experience in my 7 long years playing in Bangkok. Club 102 has black and red shop front with luxurious-looking theme and furniture, but the service is far from satisfactory. Yes some of the girls may be hot, but most of them can’t or do not bother with giving any good service.

    My first (and definitely the last) time in Club 102 Massage I picked a beautiful girl with big tits named Jessi, but on first contact/closer look, she is old, has had a baby before, done up lots of plastic surgery. She could speak fluent English as well, which is never a good sign. Having gone for massage in Bangkok for the last 7 years, I sensed something amiss immediately, but carried on to pay at the counter and headed upstairs for massage. WRONG CHOICE.

    Jessi from Club 102 Massage is a huge time watcher, she is lazy and has a terrible attitude. You know how a Thai massage girl behaves during work; feminine, polite, overall at the least, good service, friendly, doesnt speak much English (if any). So you can see my immediately utter disbelief knowing I chose a lousy/wrong girl at such an expensive place. (God knows how many more bad service girls there are in Club 102) .

    So, Jessi keeps whining , massage was painful and she kept looking at her phone during massage. Probably for seeing her new messages and keeping track of time. It happens way too frequently. Made me annoyed. I paid extra for the Jacuzzi room 90min massage with full svc. When the bathtub filled, she sat in the already small bathtub with me and kept talking and talking about herself. Such a narcissistic woman. She doesn’t know when to shut up, even when she saw me not replying to her and closing my eyes. Kept playing with the soap bubbles, minimal contact with my dick. Wtf

    1. Thanks for the update Noel on Club 102, I walked pass when I was last in Bangkok and not my kind of place. Much more for asian visitors which are the mainstay these days in Thailand

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