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Best Sex Vacations Around the World

Best Sex Vacations around the World Part II

When I book a vacation around the world I always have the availability of sex at my chosen destination as a priority.  Free sex is good for those who can get it, but I mean P4P or pay for pleasure, mongering sex with whores, prostitutes, freelancers, escorts, bar girls, semi pro girls, call them what you will.

The Worlds Best Whore Mongering

After my popular report on best mongering around the world which was in no way exhaustive I thought I would share some more of my fondest mongering memories from around the world or my best sex vacations.  Going to try to keep it short and sweet and to the point.

Hotel Del Rey, San Jose, Costa Rica

The hotel Del Rey in San Jose Costa Rica has to be one of the seven mongering wonders of the world.

san jose costa rica
hotel del rey

The ground floor of the hotel del rey is just packed out with prostitutes from all over South America and the Caribbean day and night 24/7.  You really are spoilt for choice and the sex is good.   A short time session can set you back $100 though, but the less in demand girls will drop to $60 or $70.

tica pearl necklace
cum necklance

In the hotel Del Rey I took a couple of very busty Latinas girls during the daytime and some Dominican girls during the night.  If you fancy a trip to the pacific coast then Jaco is only a minibus ride away.   Be aware that Costa Rica has some dodgy laws about promoting the country as a destination for sex tourism.  As Cuba Dave found out to his demise.  Mongerplanet wont be returning anytime soon 🙂   But still a great sex vacation can be had in Costa Rica.

Passions, Sosua, Dominican Republic

Unfortunately Passions club in Sosua has now been closed a few years, but Sosua still has a very active mongering scene, although constant negative reports about places being raided and closed down.

passions sex club

Still this report is about what was one of the best brothels in the world Passions, where I had some fantastic sex with Dominican girls, such a variety including Latinas, ebony and mixed race girls or mulatto.

sexy latina teen
passions latina

They were all good looking girls working in Passions Sosua, you really were spoilt for choice.  The prices were fixed, so no scamming, the rooms were really comfortable and clean and the bar area was a great place to relax and enjoy all the beautiful female company.  I shall never forget some of the beautiful girls I had sex with in Passions Sosua.  Still Sosua in the Dominican is a very popular sex vacation especially with mongers from the USA.

Odessa, Ukraine, Threesome

Was a few years ago I visited Odessa in the Ukraine, but what happened one night in the Irish pub down Deribasovaskaya street is all about being lucky, being in the right place at the right time and approaching the girls yourself.

Ukraine girls
Odessa girls

I thought two such beauties must be with some Russian Mafia heavies, but no they were having a drink before hitting the nightclubs of Arkadia.  I say hello to the blonde girl on the way to the toilet.  She invites me over, knows I not really want to go nightclubbing with them ‘ expensive’ then asks if I want sex?  Yes I do!  Back in my Odessa apartment, I was fucking the blonde doggy and the dark haired girl had those massive tits in my face.

It really was a fantastic mongering experience and sex vacation to Odessa in the Ukraine.  Had this not happened, I would not have rated Odessa that highly.  In the morning It was just a feeling of mission completed.

Amsterdam Red Light District, Holland

The red light district of Amsterdam is not everyone’s idea of quality mongering or an ideal sex vacation due to the mechanical short time nature of the sex on offer.  But you can find some beautiful girls working behind the windows of Amsterdams red light district if walk the lanes.

red light district
window shopping

I had an unforgettable experience with a 19 yo Bulgarian beauty one morning in the red light district of Amsterdam.  Fucking her hard doggy for 15 minutes, slapping and grabbing the most beautiful ass you have ever seen.  For this to work you got to be real horny.  She tell me not work the night-time, too many bullshitters.  So pays to prowl the lanes in the daytime too.  Had a good fuck with my first Dominican girl too one night in Amsterdam.  Expectations need to match reality, dont go on a sex vacation to Amsterdam expecting the girlfriend experience or services like CIM, not for 50 euros!

Maid Parade, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

I really enjoyed the discos of Wan Chai in Hong Kong.  At the weekends and during the daytime especially Sundays known as the ‘maid parade’ the discos fill up with non-pro, semi-pro and pro girls from Indonesia and the Philippines.  Many of these Asian girls are maids aka domestic whores who want to party and fuck on their one day off in the week.

new makati indo girl
Indonesian maid

As soon as I walked into the first disco in Wan Chai Saturday afternoon just after checking in, I had a hot little curvy Indo teen sat on my lap with her tongue down my throat, rubbing my cock.  Great stuff, full of potential.  I got so drunk that Saturday night in Wan Chai I was too hung over on the Sunday to enjoy the Maid Parade.  Still I had a great sex vacation to Hong Kong with many different options available.

More Sex Vacations…

Ok Mongers, that will do for now.  I will give a third and final report of more great mongering experiences from around the world soon.

I really would love to hear about your recommendations for a great sex vacation anywhere in the world?  What was your best whore mongering experience?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Best Sex Vacations Around the World”

  1. I have been to Costa Rica many times and Thailand but my favorite is Medellin Colombia. The women can be super beautiful, normally total GFE and pretty cheap. Mongers normally pay $50-65 for an independent in your apartment or hotel. There is a great sex scene but it is not point and shoot. You have to work at it and line up your action prior to coming. The best way is via Facebook. The city is clean, modern and has excellent weather.

      1. Once you get several, you get suggestions by facebook for more friends. You can usually tell they are working girls if they have gringo friends. You build your network over time. I have over 600 facebook friends. When i arrive, I update my location and the girls come out of the woodwork

    1. Thanks for this Esteban, its exactly the kind of recommendation I was hoping some of you would share.
      I have always had Medellin in the back of my mind. Being a monger who likes to be by a beach I have done Cartagena to break me into Colombia. I met some gorgeous Colombian girls and found Colombian people to be some of the most friendly I have ever met. So you may have just put into motion the beginning of me planning a return to Colombia Bogota and Medellin. I do have some questions.

      1. How do you meet local girls for Medellin on Facebook? As its not a dating app but a friends networking kind of app?
      I have used Tinder very successfully in Cartagena and even sat in the airport at Bogota I could have had a few teens visit me if I was in a hotel there.

      2. where is ground zero for mongering in Medellin, what hotel would you recommend and what would be the first bar/club to visit?

      3. Is there a best time to visit? time to avoid?

      Thanks again

  2. I had been to following places fr mongering:

    1) Mumbai India
    2) Bangkok and PattayaThailand
    3) Frankfurt,Germany
    4) Hongkong
    5) Macau

    My best experience was at Macau Sauna amongst all.Germany FKKs were good too but was too mechanical suck and fuck type.

    1. Thankks for this Raju, I also had a very good experience in Rio sauna in Macau, spent a fair bit in there too.
      I also managed to nail one of those hot chinese girls from the lisboa racetrack. The Lisboa racetrack is also one of the Severn mongering wonders of the world 🙂

  3. I like those afternoon meetup venues too when playing away but every bar in Pattaya seems that way. The big difference with the Maid parade in Hong Kong is them being mainly non pro and enjoying the only day off they get in a week or a whole month when they party to the max to forget the daily grind and have sex with any generous foreigner so agree with Monger Planet the Discos around Wan Chai on a Sunday afternoon are really something. A similar pub disco afternoon venue where I was a regular visitor​ to was a place called Today Country situated in a car park in a shopping Mall in Jakarta, from there I once took 5 young good looking college and university girls back to my hotel and got them all to line up and bend down to touch there toes but could only manage to screw 2 of them buck naked. Great report.

    1. Thanks for this Sidney, I am going to include Kota Jakarta in my final mongering compilation. Was this Today Country also in Kota?
      I think when I visited Jakarta it had recently closed down. Sounds like you had a great time with 5 hot Indonesian girls. Indo girls are definitely my favourite Asian girls.
      Its also why I enjoyed Hong Kong so much, Jakarta is not my favourite city though, There were some stunners in the travel hotel, pretty cheap too, the problem choosing a girl was what one to choose? The problem today in places like Pattaya is very little quality else I just dont find Thai girls that attractive anymore.

      1. Today country was in Lokasari Plaza Mall in Kota, think this has now changed owners under a new name and I heard is now more a very early morning to midday venue for the real dire hard drinkers etc.

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