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Tokyo Japan Sex Industry

Japan 1 of 3 – Mongering Japan… really?

Who goes to Japan for the sex industry? Hostess bars, geisha girls, Japanese school girl porn, isn’t this all closed off to foreigners? Isn’t Japan a horribly expensive country? Doesn’t the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) Control this industry? Seriously who goes to Japan for sex?

Japan Cute Quirky

I’ve been to Japan several times in recent years simply because Japan is a fascinating place. The culture is like no other in the world. Japan is in Asia but it’s not like any other part of Asia and the food, the gastronomy makes my mouth water around every street corner.

Everything in Japan is cute or quirky. The Japanese have their own unique ways of doing things that is often practical or comical.

The level of professionalism and courtesy experienced in Japan is unseen anywhere else in the world. Whether at a lowly convenience store, a Japanese airline, or love hotel they don’t half ass it. Professional and courteous at all levels.

Kabukicho Red Light District

In my first trip to Japan I unknowingly stayed in one of Tokyo’s red light districts, Kabukicho.  Surrounded by host and hostess bars, massage parlors, my eyes were opened.  On one particular day, I went to Akihabara to see the anime culture but I also found entire multistory buildings full of sex and porn.  Floor after floor, filled with DVDs, magazines, adult comics and toys, all neatly organized by category and serviced by courteous uniformed professionals with ties and white gloves.  I even searched for the famed used panty vending machines, but could not find them.

tokyo japan love massage shop
Love+, massage shop
tokyo japan DVD porn store
Japanese DVD porn store
tokyo japan love hotel sign
Love Hotel sign (100 minutes, half day, and full day rates)

Back in Kabukicho I was propositioned in the street by African touts, Japanese men in suits and by mama sans offering the services of young Japanese women. I did not partake. There are also information booths around the several red light areas of Tokyo, but walk into them and you’ll be rejected. They don’t serve non-Japanese.

tokyo japan info booth
info booth
tokyo japan inside info booth
Info booth inside

I didn’t know much about the options for mongering in Tokyo nor did I have the finances then.  What if I went to a hostess club and I racked up a $1000 tab?  No thank you and to this I passed until now.  Armed with the knowledge of the interwebs, I now stand ready.

The Research

Vaginal sex for money is illegal. Everything else is legal. Yes EVERYTHING else. Anal sex blowjobs, escorting, urination, and nude massage is all legal in Japan. Society accepts it and there it is, in plain sight and even regulated. In Japan’s highly conservative society this seems highly odd, but this is Japan, don’t expect the norm.

tokyo japan blowjob asian sex diary
asian sex diary Japan

Pinsaro (blow job bars) – Walk in pay the guy in front the fee. Sit down in a curtained booth, watch a girl strip and then one or two Japanese girls will come by and suck you off. $40-80 bucks. They might not be the prettiest girls but they know how to suck dick.

Derihu (delivery health) – A  Japanese girl showers you, massage, hand job, sometimes a blowjob, and a shower to clean up. 100% legal and they even have a special license for these businesses. Either incall or outcall. Sometimes you will find these offering weird fetishes, such as if you want to play with lactating women, Milky Baby.

Soaplands – Walk in choose your provider from a screen, she’ll shower you, soapy massage, Nuru Nuru massage (breast massage), blow job, full sex, shower again.  These are semi legal.  Technically they are health spas but they somehow offer sex and get away with it.  Very expensive.. expect to spend $500-800 USD at least and the women are usually older.

Escorts – Escorting is legal as long as their is no vaginal sex, but that’s not enforceable.  We’ll leave it at that.

Hostess Clubs – Pay to sit and drink with the company of women.  In a host bar, women pay men to accompany them.  Charming and quick witted, they will never put out.  If they put out, you would never come back.  There are tons of them in Kabukicho and tons of hosts and hostess walking around.

tokyo japan hostess club
hostess club

Whore houses – go in, select your girls shower, massage and sex.  I don’t believe there are any in Tokyo area but I think they can be found in Osaka.

Geisha – No idea, except they are highly stereotyped in Western eyes. I only know geishas entertain with traditional arts and shrewd banter rather than sex.

Street walkers – There are some reports of mainland Chinese women.

Social Clubs / Kissing clubs / Hugging clubs– I don’t know too much, but there are clubs where you go meet girls and try to arrange an outing… or you pay to go into a kissing / hugging place.. whatever.

There’s all sorts of stuff in Japan, some straightforward and some bizarre.  Most of  the options are off limits to foreigners, but there are always some businesses that are an exception and allow them.  Foreigners don’t speak the language well and don’t understand the many unique customs of Japanese people so most of these businesses would rather not bother with foreigners (gaijin), but do your research well and you will find the ones open to foreigners.

Summing it up

Japan is an amazing country. I’ve taken away lots of great memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. The dedication to professionalism and courtesy is unseen in the States and seems to extend to all industries, surprisingly, even the sex industry.

To be continued…

by Mr. Q

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