worlds best whore mongering

The Worlds Best Mongering

Best Whore Mongering Around the World Part I

I have travelled far and wide around the world over the last ten years since being a repeat visitor to Thailand.  I have been searching high and low for the worlds best mongering, the worlds best sex destination.  I would now like to share with you my best mongering memories from around the world.

I am not going to put the worlds best sex destinations in any order, I am just going to share my fondest mongering memories with you as I remember them.  Maybe it will inspire you, give you ideas for your next sex excursion.

Bangkok Pattaya Gogos

I dont think anyone can consider themselves a world monger if they have not experienced the gogo’s of Bangkok and Pattaya.  You have not experienced mongering at its most exuberant if you have not been inside the gogos of Bangkok and Pattaya.  I have met so many beautiful Thai girls in the gogo’s of Bangkok and Pattaya and had some great sex, even fallen in love.

heavens above
coyote dancer

The gogos of Bangkok and Pattaya were alot better ten years ago.  All the girls were available many would do long time, 2000 baht was the max you would pay to the girl with a 500 baht barfine on top.  Bangkok was always my favourite with red light districts like the Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.  In Pattaya you were spoilt for choice down Walking street.  Failing the gogos there were always the many beer bars and massage parlours as second tier.

Filis Street, Athens

Filis street is Athens official red light district.  But rather than red lights they are white lights shining outside day and late into the night.  Most of the girls are European teens and early twenties including Romanians, Moldovan and a few Greek besides.

red light district
Filis athens

Its only short time sex on offer, but there is quality in among the quantity and its cheap, the cheapest in the world at 20 euros for a 15-20 minute fuck and suck with a beautiful European teen girl.  I had a couple of really good sex sessions down Filis street in Athens including cim!  One monger described Filis street in Athens as mongering heaven, not far off.  Its best to visit in the day when your sober and feeling really horny and just want to lighten your load.

FKK clubs, Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt

Get into a conversation with a hardcore world monger and they will ask if you have ever experienced the German FKK clubs.  German efficiency at its best.  Again mostly beautiful European girls walking around naked in the club.  Not the cheapest mongering in the world with upto a 90 euro entrance fee and then 50 euros to fuck the girls.

goldentime vienna
Goldentime FKK

FKK clubs are not limited to Germany you will find them in Austria and Switzerland too.  My best mongering moments were in the Goldentime FKK in Vienna.  I fucked this beautiful Blonde German girl in the morning then a beautiful Bulgarian teen in the evening both fucked my brains out and gave BBBJ.  Fantastic!

Senegambia, Gambia

If you love curvy African girls then the Senegambia in Gambia will really float your boat.  Getting to fuck African girls in the Gambia is like taking candy from a kid, so easy and pretty cheap too although can be a problem taking girls back to your hotel, best to book an apartment.  These African beauties will latch on, wanting to be with you longtime, be your girlfriend, be your wife, but its mostly a scam.  All the waitresses and bar staff are semi pro and will give you their phone numbers without you even asking them, its that easy to get African pussy in the Gambia, or I am a very handsome man 🙂

kololi beach massage
Beach Massage girl
Big black tits
Big African tits

I remember staking out a quiet spot on the beach one afternoon as I had a date with a waitress who had given me her phone number.  The beach girl working the chairs sat next to me and started chatting, then touched my cock through my shorts then gave me a handjob on the beach 10 minutes before my date turned up.  Those are some of the best mongering memories you can bring back home from the Gambia in West Africa.

Centro, Havana

Centro in Havana Cuba during the evening and into the night is full of mongering opportunities and some sex of the best kind with latina girls, Africans and mulatto or mixed race girls, all ages and all shapes and sizes.  Centro in Havana looks run down, rough and most tourists dont venture there sticking to the tourist centric old town.  But centro in Havana is mostly safe and you can get a really good fuck for 30 dollars.  Problem is without your own apartment nearby the girls will try to rent a room short time nearby which will set you back another 10 dollars.

threesome havana
threesome havana

I had some great fucks in Centro Havana just walking the streets but the ultimate and one of my fantasies was a threesome fucking two mulatto sisters doggy without changing condom and then cim!  Fantastic, addictive, I want to go back to centro in Havana.

Malate, Manila

At night the streets around Malate in Manila Philippines are just one big red light district.  The main bar in the malate area of Manila is the Manila Bay Cafe, full of Filipino girls freelancers who will do anything for a few thousand pesos!

Filipino freelancer
Manila CIM

Around Malate and I picked up a few Filipino freelancers from the Manila bay cafe who were fine with CIM for 1500 pesos.  I want to return to Malate in Manila because of its potential for some of the worlds best mongering, where anything goes.  For instance three freelancers wanted to come back to my hotel and suck my cock all night.  All the hotels in Malate are girl friendly.   Manila is maybe like what Bangkok was like twenty to thirty years ago – raw mongering, not a destination for mass tourism, not yet.

Cartagena Tinder Teens

In Cartagena Colombia there are many mongering options on offer from streetwalkers, brothels and freelancers in clubs all pretty standard mongering options.  But the cherry on the top was tapping into an unlimited supply of semi pro Latina teens through dating and social networking sites like Tinder.

tinder teen latina
Latina teen booty

If your Spanish is not great you can use Tinder alongside Google translate to seal a deal.  Prime time is around 5pm in the evening and these Colombian girls mostly do outcall only and will visit you at your apartment. The going rate for a short time sex session being around 2000 pesos.  Again fantastic sex on tap when you want with gorgeous Latina girls.

Your Best Mongering Memory?

So there you have it mongers, some of the worlds best mongering, some of the best sex destinations in the world, some of my fondest and best mongering memories from more recent times.  Please use the comments below to share your favourite mongering memories, your best sex destination.  Give me some ideas for my next world best mongering experience.  Where should I travel to next?  Where should make it onto this compilation?

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16 thoughts on “The Worlds Best Mongering”

  1. I had been to Bangkok,Pattaya, Hongkong, Macau, Frankfurt for mongering.My best experience was Macau. second best was Bangkok.
    Frankfurk FKK was good but not the best.In 50 Euro service in mechanical suck and fuck 30 mins.I visited 5 main FKKs in Frankfurt and banged 20 European chicks in 5 days in all FKKs .
    Macau Saunas I got the best experience having variety of options, good choice and excellent service. But don’t go in day time.

    1. Thanks Raju for your comment and recommendations. I have also done Macua, good but not my best experiences. Also done FKK in Frankfurt also good but not the best. The day I spent in Goldentime FKK was exceptional though. Another two places nearly to make it onto this best mongering list was Wan Chai in Hong Kong and the hostess bars of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, both also good but just not the best of the best. I want to explore Manila more and then maybe head onto Cebu

  2. Your destination compilation with everything which a world monger should know is amazing.Keep your good work going.
    It would be good if you can consider such a similar summary for Ukraine,Russia,Bulgaria,Belarus,Romania,Albania and Serbia.

    1. Thanks Zeletic, glad you liked my worlds best mongering compilation. Of course its subjective.
      The point is I would really like to hear what your best mongering experiences are? just a sentence or paragraph?

      I may do a second compilation soon, I have mongered in Bulgaria, Romania and Odessa in Ukraine. Odessa was an exceptional threesome, was going to mention that but over 8 years ago now. Had a good experience in Bucharest with a gypsy girl, but most Romanian girls I have fucked have been playing away from home. Some memorable Romanian girls are Vienna, even a brothel in Milton Keynes UK, the globe Fkk in Switzerland. Bulgaria not much to say, nothing exceptional did Varna and Sofia. Best Bulgarian girl I ever fucked was a beautiful 19 yo in Amsterdam red light district. Another good experience with a Bulgarian beauty was one I mentioned in the post in the Goldentime FKK vienna. Eastern Europe as a mongering destination is not that good. Although you will meet many eastern european girls playing away from home working as escorts in London or walking around naked in one of many German Fkks. Point is you could have an exceptional sex session anywhere, even when generally the place is not that good.

      Never been to Albania, Russia or Serbia.

      Although I said I would never visit eastern europe again for a mongering vacation, I am planning a trip to the Balkans covering Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, at least, but not expecting the mongering to be great there?

      So again I would love to hear all your best mongering experiences, please leave a comment

      1. Hey !sorry about my late reply.i would grade a best mongering destination based on price of the girls per hour and per night ,how guest friendly are the hotels there and the beauty of the girls available.On my personal experience I find Ukraine, Bulgaria and Hungary awesome.I love women with big firm big breasts which you would find on all the three places.Also i personally feel that getting these women in their countries is cost wise cheap rater than finding them in costly destinations such as Germany,Paris or Amsterdam.It would definitely be worth if you travel to all your proposed Balkan counties.Wish you all the very successful mongering !!

        1. Thanks for your comment Zel, Yes price is also a consideration, I mean a great night of sex but huge dent in your wallet is not ideal. Now I have visited Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine. None of them have I returned recently. I tend to find the best girls are playing away in western european countries, except Ukraine as not in the EU. I would be interested how you monger in these countries? why you rate them so highly? I know in Budapest the way to go is with escorts, but most are on the outskirts, so got to find addresses, run the gauntlet with taxi drivers etc. Not my idea of great mongering? But yes women from these countries are hot!

  3. Barecelona and Madrid in Spain – both cities are great. Of course money dictates quality. You can get average looking ladies for less than 100 euros – less than full service, and more importantly get unbelievably gorgeous ladies for 200 to 300 euros – full service and then some more like golden showers – drinking and eating her asshole; no inhibitions at all. Enjoyed quite a few ladies in these two cities.

    Another place where you can get unbelievably beautiful and young girls/ ladies is India – yes India! in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. Only issue is you need to know the right contact to get these girls; otherwise 9 out of 10 times, you end up wasting good money on really ugly girls. I was lucky enough to fuck in 5 star hotels, some real air hostesses, TV soap opera stars, fresh college girls and upcoming models. All pricey ( a couple of 1000 dollars a night!!) , but worth the time and money. You can enjoy and realize almost all your fantasies and fetishes in the nice and cozy bedrooms of these hotels. The mongering business that goes on in 5 star hotels in Mumbai at night is big and is like an open secret.

    1. Thanks Raj, interesting to hear these stories, those prices are out of my range, but if you got it and those are the prices. I would love to have a good fuckfest with lots of hot horny Indian girls. 🙂 I did do Barcelona on a stag weekend and actually had a good experience with a Nigerian street walker early in the morning after a nightclub.

  4. Hi
    Never had a black girl but might try one one day in Bangkok or Pattaya where there are now plenty where I am spending a lot of time at the moment. Agree Manila is also nice and ticks all the right boxes. Looking to travel somewhere new later in the year and it might even be Mexico via the States, someone’s got to put a face onto all those nice asses I have seen posted here recently 🙂

    1. Thanks Sid, you know what they say, once you gone black there is no going back. I just love fucking Black girls from behind with those big asses up in their air, latinas are good for this too. But Latinas not so available in various parts of the world, especially home in London and England. Sid, thanks for all your positive comments, always looking for new guest posts, new perspectives from around the globe, if you would like to contribute to mongerplanet, please use the contact page.

  5. Man, all of these experiences seem like they were fun. I’m currently in the early planning stages of a trip to Brazil. I would love to hear any tips or pointers that any one of you experienced mongers have to offer….

    1. Whereabouts are you going to in Brazil? For me Rio in Brazil was an amazing experience, but some time ago now, before they held the world cup. Up to the world cup and Olympics they were cleaning up their image which started with closing down the infamous Help disco on Copacabana beach front. Everywhere there was the Termas with beautiful girls who did everything, not so cheap though much like an FKK in Germany but better IMHO. Last I heard was the Termas were being shut down too? Hopefully Brazil will return to its former mongering glory. I never had a problem with crime there, but be vigilant and dont take any silly risks. Anyway Marcus would appreciate an update from you when you return from Brazil? Good anecdotal reports encourage mongers to visit new places.

    2. In theory, Brazil has legalized prostitution that is very accessible from the web…. but….

      I spent some time in a smaller city in Brazil (Curitiba) and found it hit and miss. Girls stop working at 5 or 6 pm and many don’t work weekends, especially on Sundays. It was challenging. English was not prevalent and neither was Spanish.

      I only manged 2 days in Sao Paulo, but I thought Sao Paulo was too huge of a city and too many options for girls in too many neighborhoods. I only had 1 pursuit at a famous massage spa in Villa Mariana. Perhaps if I were there for a week or two I might think differently.

      I might be back again, to another southern city… maybe Florianpolis and then the other big city to the north, Rio. we’ll see how that goes.

      Good luck.

  6. “The going rate for a short time sex session being around 2000 pesos. ”

    What?? I think you accidentally left a few zeros off there. 2000COP is less than 1USD. You could buy a couple of empanadas and a cup of soda maybe, but the going rate for sex in Cartagena starts at around 200,000COP. Of course you can find street walkers around Getsemani for as cheap as 80,000COP but a quality 19yo bubble butt on tinder would be around 200K+.

  7. Awesome blog . I hve been pretty gaming and have some amazing women I’ve been texting with in Cuba , Dominican Republic and my mother’s country of birth , Colombia . Some fine women 18-24 . My friends are all on lockdown with their marriages . I need a travel bud ! I speak fluent Spanish and can’t make it much easier for my non Spanish speaking friends that want to see colombia . Haiti , Dominican Republic , Cuba and jamaica are some places I want to hve fun in after I go to Colombia .

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