Mongering Mexico Summary

This is the way I do all my mongering reports, by the way, in the style of a travelogue, just like the material I like to read. Like it or loathe it this is the way I do it. What you can’t fault is my passion for mongering and the fact that while getting no payment or reward of any kind for my efforts, I am sharing information with you that might come in useful. So, any more non-useful to this forum flippant comments posted here will not even get a minute of my time and for this reason I very nearly couldn’t be bothered to post this last report.

Summary of Mexico


Considering it was my first time in Mexico this trip went very well. For sunshine, relaxation and more afternoon delight than after dark I was very happy I chose Veracruz and I was also pleased I made it to Mexico City which as I mentioned, originally was not part of my plan. Hotel wise, Veracruz had a great choice of very reasonably priced good 4 and a couple of 5 star hotels but what probably did help me as well was not being there during the high season. Good hotels in Mexico City on the other hand were way out of my price range so I would have to do a lot more research if I ever returned which would be for a minimum period of 1 week, which as most of the guide books will tell you, you really need for Mexico City.

Mongering quality

Like any Countries Capitals, women wise Mexico City definitely had the edge over Veracruz with more choice and overall a better quality of woman, I thought, but for my own peace of mind with actually feeling safe mongering on the streets, Veracruz won that one hands down. Here in Mexico I didn’t get the same long term girlfriend experience as I once did in Thailand but if I ever do return at least I know staying and living in Mexico can be just as cheap.


The only issues I really had was sometimes trying to make myself understood even in some of the 4 and 5 star hotels and restaurants. English IS NOT widely spoken in Mexico but always wanting to improve what little Spanish I know, I found this an interesting challenge rather than a hindrance. The other issue was the lack of privacy when often approaching the freelancers on the streets or just walking in these areas. But after a couple of days of that sunshine and relaxation, blending in, wearing a baseball cap and shades, no one I thought was the wiser. Just don’t bring any undue attention to yourself.

mongering mexico
Plaza San Lucas, Pina Suarez. Careful with taking those pictures out on the street, you don’t know who’s watching you

Would I return, first, to Veracruz? My experience in Veracruz has definitely made me want to return to Mexico, but as a Lone Ranger, mongering, I enjoyed the party in Veracruz but as a one off, I think, leaving it just at the right time. I probably have the same feeling too for Mexico City, but there is still a lot of the City to be explored so if I do return I would probably use the Capital as a base while checking out other parts of the country and do much more research beforehand. Same old record, I know.

Taking into account the cost to travel to Mexico, the cost to travel internally, hotels, food, women, prices, and the Mexican people who once you get to know them are very nice people indeed, this Country has got me hooked.

mexico mongering no money no honey
Pussy money. No Money no Honey, wherever we go in the world to monger, money talks.
The End.
By Monger Matt

5 thoughts on “Mongering Mexico Summary”

  1. Hi
    Just read your Mexican Adventure from start to finish on the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok very entertaining and like you Matt I too like trying new places 😉 it seems we have a lot in common and liked that mention down memory lane bit of Wham Club Tropicana and those same very basic hotel and apartment rooms we used to stay in which as a 19 or 20 year old we thought was very cool and sophisticated . Many thanks and great site too Monger Planet with so much mongering information on tap!!

    1. Hello Sidney,
      I wonder if you caught the very slow fast train! Anyway, glad you enjoyed reading my trip report.
      On reflection, me quoting parts of that Wham, Club Tropicana song may have seemed a bit obscure to some of the readers at the time but that’s what really happened to me while using some the short time hotels over there and the more basic looking the rooms were the memories came flooding back of staying in those very same type of rooms on holiday with my mates in places like Spain back in the 80s.

      1. I will just add to that, then on a typical lads holiday there was no such thing like televisions in the rooms, there would be warm water trickling from the bathroom shower for about one hour only during the day if we were lucky and the room maid would come in once a week to change the towels, mop the floor, empty the bins and slam the door shut, but as basic looking and gloomy as some of those rooms were, we had the time of our lives and it just goes to show as it was brought to light to me then and now, as nice as it is to travel alone to all these places to monger and have great sex we still need the company of mates and people around us from time to time.

  2. Do not waste your time mongering in Mexico. There are hot girls on Sullivan street but if you so much as look at them the cops will stop you and threaten to throw you in jail if you dont pay them. They are for the locals only. The girls online are all bait and switch. The locals have a social stigma against going with foreigners. You will understand why about the 10 time some guys drives by cursing you out in Spanish or your 3rd time being randomly patted down by the police for walking. Mexico City has two things to offer. Great food and the Aztec ruins. If anyone tells you different than they are either lying or are a local and dont understand how foreign mongers are treated. If you want to have sex with fat ugly girls just stay in your home country. This is the worste place I have ever traveled to.

  3. I must say while I was in Mexico I didn’t at a guess have the same shitty experience as yourself and did not personally encounter any fat ugly girls selling themselves, that is not to say though there aren’t any, I know everyone to their own but how was the experience? And will you be staying at home from now on?

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