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Risky Business Mexico City

Monger Matt’s Mexican Adventure ……Final Part

Day of Departure

It was quite a bonus that with my flight not leaving until that evening I still had the best part of the day to enjoy Mexico City, extended if you like. Check out of the hotel was not until 1pm but wanting to make the very most of the day I checked out at 11pm leaving my suitcase and bags in left luggage with the concierge.

After having breakfast in Zona Rosa my plan was to go back to Calle San Pablo to see what other pleasures there might take my fancy (also, I couldn’t stop thinking about the good sex session with the nice Indian looking girl the day before) and then if I felt up to it energy wise, I would take a walk to Pino Suarez Plaza San Lucas and maybe have a beer right there in the Plaza and chill out a bit before the long journey home.

But there was more, after all that walking around and hopefully fucking, I had that morning booked an afternoon appointment for an hour’s full body massage at a Spa advertised and highly recommend in another quite pleasant tourist and residential district of Mexico City called Condesa situated to the SW of Zona Rosa and also conveniently located on the Metro.  Here I would relax having all my aches and pains soothed away and benefit too by taking a shower in the Spa ready for the long flight home.

Back in Calle San Pablo

Travelling on the Metro to Merced and leaving at the correct street exit was now almost second nature to me.

Merced metro mexico city
Front of Merced station (somewhere amongst that lot), and so close to the street hookers but life goes on

Every time I walked down this road I wanted to take a good picture of the street scene where it was the busiest, but every time it didn’t feel right, I felt I was being watched and now with it being my very last chance I was more determined now than ever on my last morning in Mexico City to get that good snap shot with my mobile phone.

Calle San Pablo mexico city
Calle San Pablo with white arrow showing approximately where the main action was on the other side of the road

Sexy black tights, Knee Socks

Walking down San Pablo even at that time in the morning before Midday there was a fair selection of hookers to choose from and I got a few smiles from those girls who recognized me from my last visits. I had not even walked half way down the street when a Mexican chick wearing tight blue denim shorts over sexy black tights standing next to somebody also nice-looking wearing a short revealing skirt with sexy knee socks definitely caught my eye with both of them returning my smile, and what I did next by turning down the next street before returning, I thought, back for a threesome probably had a bearing on, and was relevant to me making it onto the plane that evening.

Starting to get an erection at the same time just thinking about those two bawdy looking girls, out of curiosity I left San Pablo to check out the streets next to the two Short time fuck hotels I had visited previously but seeing nothing of interest, on the way back to where the hookers were standing I noticed two policemen standing near Las Cruses street. Crossing to the other side of the road to where the street pavement stalls were, I walked up and down past the stall holders with my mobile in my hand trying to discreetly (not!) take pictures through the gaps in the traffic of any good examples on the other side.

Calle San Pablo-hookers
These pictures taken from the other side of the road were not even worth the effort

Calle San Pablo-street-hookers

Claimed to be undercover police officers

The more covert I was trying to be, obviously the more I was drawing attention to myself so it was my own stupidity really when appearing out of nowhere blocking my way and saying ‘Halt Police’ to me were two (claimed to be) undercover police officers. Quite lean and physically fit looking with an air of military about him, showing me first what looked like a police detectives badge, one of them asked me for my ID so wisely or unwisely I pulled out of my pocket a copy of my passport and handed the piece of paper over to one of them who examined it and shaking his head passed it to his colleague who did the same thing telling me ‘Illegal, illegal’ and that I must show them correct ID. For this request, I knew they were right for by law in Mexico any tourist or foreigner must carry with them at all times on their person the Entry Registration card which was originally stamped at immigration for inspection at any time (but at the same time if you lose it or it gets teared or damaged in your trouser pocket you are fucked when you try to leave the country), so now starting to get worried I had no choice but to just play dumb.

Serious Conundrum

And still holding in my other hand my ‘Smoking gun’ mobile phone evidence containing most of the pictures I took in Mexico including most of the women from those Short time fuck hotels sessions I had, I found myself facing a serious conundrum, do I just walk away? But if they are real police officers, risk being arrested for trying to resist arrest and be searched thoroughly and possibly have my phone confiscated right there in the street perhaps, but if I stay, what if they are not real police officers, but criminals trying a scam and if so what might happen to me?

Fear, and fear of the unknown

Surely the longer I stayed where I was the worse the situation would become and the decider there and then for me was fear, when the one who showed me the police id badge started making a call on his mobile phone but to whom, asking for more people, calling for a car perhaps? Fear of the unknown, I took back the copy of my passport the other person was holding and pointing to the other side of the road I said ‘Police, I go now to police’, and started to cross the road making my escape.

And at that point not knowing if I was being pursued, and hoping, when I crossed over the road that the same police I saw before were still down that side road, I was so relieved when I saw the police still there and walking over to them and still playing dumb, I explained that I was lost and showed the taxi hotel address card I still had and obligingly one of the policeman then stepped out into the middle of the road and commandeered a passing taxi to stop just for me and to take me to Zona Rosa.

Lucky escape, and I really do not know what I would have done had there been no police around.

That was it, play it safe and no more mongering if I was going to make it on the plane that evening and feeling more or less satisfied that those people were scammers and I wasn’t being pursued, in the taxi I instructed the driver to continue straight to the Spa address I had in Condesa and rather than feeling disappointed at the thought of not having a repeat now of the San Pablo pleasures of the day before, I felt so relieved that I was now safe and out of danger.

Condesa Spa Massage

More of a nice residential neighbourhood with a few tourist hotels, lots of restaurants and a bit of nightlife, Condesa was originally on my list as a possible place to stay in Mexico City. Therefore, with some time to kill before my massage I took the opportunity to walk around a bit. Leafy, but more spread out than Zona Rosa and although pleasant enough with some nice looking restaurants and a sense of feeling safe about the place, Zona Rosa still had the edge with more going on I thought.

The Massage I booked at Desertika Spa on Avenida Benjamin Franklin at a cost of 599 pesos for one hour was I thought excellent, and though kosher with not even a hint of a happy ending the therapists’ hands did wonders to my back and tired legs. Feeling clean after the shower, totally relaxed and feeling rejuvenated I got on the Metro at Patriotismo station back to Zona Rosa. Then collecting my left luggage and changing into new clothes back at the hotel, I got a private taxi to the airport for a bargain 200 pesos in time for the overnight flight back to London.

mongering map mexico city
Summary of MEX City

The End.
Monger Matt


14 thoughts on “Risky Business Mexico City”

  1. That is risky Matt, I know what its like wanting to snap a sneaky candid photo, that what pushed me into the realms of secret photography, but got into more trouble with that. lol. Great photos though really sets the scene. A photo paints a thousand words!

    1. By the way, what problems if any have you encountered while secretly using a camera? Very curious as you normally get great pictures.

      1. When my photos are good it is because I was not taking them secretly. I got chased once in Amsterdam redlight district for taking photos.
        Obviously the expert now on secret filming is Mr Q. No doubt you have read stickmans latest post on secret filming in Bangkok
        I did something similar in Hong Kong and there was a big backlash! I just dont do it anymore. I will always now try and get permission to take photos, even paying the girls a tip to take a photo that is always a sweetner for them an offer they find hard to refuse. The last time I did some secret filming now was in Filis street brothels Athens
        Photography and candid street pics like what you have taken can be addictive especially when you are trying to tell a story.

        1. Bangkok 112 and 69 videos may even get me returning to Thailand now. Just spent the last hour going down memory lane, fu.k how Pattaya has changed it’s almost now like the best modern and sophisticated westernised​ parts of Bangkok now with a beach in front of it.

          1. Yeah I feel like a return to Asia. Rather than travelling down the roads less known. Just some good old fashioned Asian mongering, drinking and lazing around
            Bangkok, Pattaya, Phnom Penh, Manila and Angeles 🙂 but maybe try a few new destinations too like Vietnam even Hua Hin and Chiang Mai

          2. That is a good and accurate description of what Pattaya has now become. There is still a bit of the 1990s feel still left in some parts of Soi Buakhao, Third Road and the Sukhumvit Road Dark Side but prices everywhere continue to rise and every second white person you see in the street now seems to be Russian.

          1. true me too. And it can feel uncomfortable even asking, but I just try and be natural and complimenting them. Its getting harder though. I guess thats the route to secret filming or candid street photography.

  2. I saw that one just as a little nudge, a reminder perhaps to never, never let your guard down especially in such an allegedly dangerous city. Just because you return to a place several times doesn’t necessarily make it safer. Lesson learnt.

  3. Randomly, to fill in that totally blank sheet or canvass in my SE Asia mind, the End might be Sihanoukville for the first time, with a trip big time down memory lane to Phnom P and for the Start on the way to whatever Hub in Asia I was flying to, stop off for 3 or 4 days somewhere new and exotic. Somewhere with easily available Indian pussy could well fit the bill. For the middle part of the trip though, work is still in progress.

  4. If prostitution is legal in MX, then why would they stop you, unless street walking is not legal. You called their bluff. Good.

    1. You haven’t been around for a while, nice to see you back Mr Q. No, those punks on the street knowing I was not carrying the correct ID on my person were trying a scam I think. Impersonating the police though in any shape or form is not good for the nerves.

  5. Going to Mexico city Thursday 10/12/17. I’ve done the world mongering, one thing worries me about your fake police story. You got lucky, how do I not standout I’m 6’4 300 lbs kind of hard. I had a similar experience in Tijuana yrs ago. I’ll be sober so no worries there, there is a tactic that helped my next time in Tijuana. All of the locals that see pigs coming towards a group of people everyone scatters & duck into the closest store until they pass. What do ya think? any other ideas?

  6. Hello Greg,
    Like yourself I am quite tall and when I first hit those mean streets in Mexico I was white and very pale looking coming straight of the plane from the UK. Basically baseball cap and shades should do the trick together with looking as if you know where you are going even if you don’t. When out on the street, even when you find your bearings and start to feel comfortable with the surroundings never, never let your guard down and always be alert at all times. Using that nice old word Just Be Streetwise.

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