Calle San Pablo mongering mexico city

Mongering Calle San Pablo Mexico City

Monger Matt’s Mexican Adventure – Part 9 – Day 13

Day 13 and it was my last full 24 hours in Mexico City before flying out the next day evening.  With staying in 3 different Veracruz hotels in different parts of town, generally getting up early so as to make a full day of things including that 260 mile round Day trip to the ancient city, plus adding to that 2 domestic flights turning my trip into a two Centre holiday, arriving finally to my 4th hotel I felt as if I had been away for almost a month.  And I was happy with that and above all I felt I was getting good value for money in Mexico.

On today’s agenda was a bit more sightseeing in the historic downtown part of Mexico City where, if my sources were correct, street whores can be found, but of course as a normal tourist, my main reason for showing the flag was to visit the famous Tequila museum.

Plaza Garibaldi

Using the Metro to get to Plaza Garibaldi was easy from Zona Rosa with only six stops including a change onto the green colour Metro line 8.  Stepping out of Garibaldi-Lagunilla Station and walking down Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas under the lazy feeling midday sun it was about a 5 minute walk to the Plaza and again I was in a much different part of town, how I imagined any typical small Mexican town to be with two and three story high plaster wall buildings typically coloured brown, yellow or red. Plaza Garibaldi there shimmering under the noon heat was in fact something straight out of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.

Before I hit the museum, I went to check out a bar with 2 drunk whores inside and changing my mind quickly I moved from the bar area with my bottle of sol and sat outside at the tables overlooking the square to survey the scene. As far as the eye could see there were no other hookers, but there were Mexican musicians and quite a lot of them.

Plaza Garibaldi mexico city
Plaza Garibaldi – How many Mexican Street Musicians does it take to change a light bulb?

Museo del Tequila Y el Mezcal

Not wanting the guided tour the cost to enter the Tequila and Mezcal Museum was 50 pesos and good value considering 2 complimentary drinks were included in the price and thinking there were going to be hordes of backpackers inside, but for a small tour group of quiet well-behaved Chinese I had most of the museum to myself. Interesting and a good place to pass an hour, at a push, you are shown the production process from harvesting the Agave plants to production and the best bit, drinking it.

Basically, there are two kinds of this same tasting liquor, Tequila of course which can only be made from the blue Agave from only one area in Mexico, and Mezcal which can be made from any other variety, and for both there are hundreds of different types, as displayed in one large continuous cabinet in the museum. On the bar roof top bar terrace of the museum you hand over your voucher to one of the waiters who brings you over 2 shots with some lime and salt etc on the side. The first one I took a sip of and not knowing it was the cheaper Mezcal tasted like any good tequila, just like the ones we used to knock back on holiday in Magaluf and Tenerife in the good old days, and the second shot I knocked down in one tasted smoother and was a lot better, that was the blue Agave tequila. Something else I’ve learnt.

Once outside again I had a walk around, including to the far side of the square hoping for some early afternoon delight but I saw not a single sign of any street action and left the area a little disappointed. Here of all places I thought I might get that raunchy looking Spanish gypsy type Senorita who would push me into the nearest hotel, but that was during the day, it is at nighttime apparently (after further reading back in the UK) that this place really starts to rock, and it is because of the Mariachi bands, the musicians who I saw in the square that people flock here and the girls of the night too. It is usually after 11pm when all the bars and restaurants around the square are packed and beyond midnight when the Latin dancehalls like the Salon Tropicana and nearby discos come to life with weekends being the best. A bit late for me, but this is the appeal of Mexico City with so many different areas of town to check out each with its own individual feel.

Return to Pino Suarez

Next on my list was to return to Pino Suarez in the more sensible light of day. Taking one of several exits to leave the Metro station, when I surfaced I found myself in the public gardens of another cathedral but a least it wasn’t dark outside and on the opposite side of the road I saw people sitting around the precinct and square which is called Plaza San Lucas.

Walk around anonymously

Unlike Calle San Pablo in the Merced area where unless you are actually buying something from the shops there (which mainly seemed to sell parts for bicycles) there is only one other obvious reason why you are there, Plaza San Lucas at Pino Suarez seemed to welcome the Monger with open arms in that you could sit anywhere, buy a cold drink or an ice cream, sit down for some food or walk around anonymously all the while surveying the scene without the imaginary I’M A SEX TOURIST flashing on you shirt.

The part of the plaza nearest to the main road and Metro station where the shoe shine men were kept busy seemed to have the most people sitting around, but with not so many trees for shade it was also the hottest part and after a while I started to find the heat unbearable, but further down towards the center and left of the square where I estimated to be around 7 hookers at any one time sitting or standing around collectively near the shade of the trees, I tentatively moved closer to get a better look in and instantly felt the benefit of that shade under the trees. Not rocket science I know but when it comes to trying to keep cool in the tropics sometimes the simplest things like mother nature works the best.

déjà vu

Then something amazingly déjà vu appeared through the shimmering heat in the form of those two Uzbekistan girls’ booty ass and tight leggings I wrote about in a previous guest post here on MongerPlanet, when two party girls from Tashkent, well-oiled with drink, invited themselves into my hotel room in Kiev in the Ukraine.

street hookers plaza san lucas mexico city
Looking for customers


Though, here in Mexico City more like the two fat slags from Viz comic, together like partners in crime they walked through the Plaza and square looking for customers and it was the blonde one who spotted me first and cautiously together they walked over just stopping short to where I was sitting and while standing and talking to each other the blonde booty girl standing with her back to me deliberately started flirting by moving her big fat booty ass and blocking my field of vision which brought a few smiles to those sitting near.

hooker -Plaza San Lucas mexico city
Would have liked to have got a much closer and much better, clearer picture of her booty ass tight leggings but with there being so many people sitting in close proximity to me in the square made it difficult

Indian looking Girl next door type

As a much nicer environment to monger, Plaza San Lucas at Pino Suarez definitely got the thumbs up, but for overall quality of the girls and choice Calle San Pablo still came tops so now feeling horny I made a decision, instead of catching the Metro just for the sake of one stop, I realised that it would be probably quicker to walk there and if it was no good I would return to Pino Suarez where two possibilities had already caught my eye.

The walk to Calle San Pablo was even shorter than I anticipated and in no time based on that lovely reciprocal eye contact followed with a smile, I picked a gorgeous local Indian looking girl next door type, as a substitute perhaps for an ongoing desire of mine to screw some of the British south Asian Indian girls who I see on a daily basis on the train commuting to and from work.

Hot and Naked

Once inside the cell (the room), hot and naked, for foreplay as well as stroking her pussy, testing the water further I fingered her ass before spanking her naughty bare buttocks. Another good screwing session, I left there covered in sweat and quite knackered, planning to return to pick and choose again whatever took my fancy the next day.

short time fuck hotel Calle San Pablo mexico city
Short Time fuck hotel first impression
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Calle San Pablo mongering mexico city
Mongering map of Pino Suarez to Merced area

The End.
Coming up in the final Part I find myself in a spot of bother only hours before I’m due to fly home.
By Monger Matt.

6 thoughts on “Mongering Calle San Pablo Mexico City”

  1. Calle San Pablo sounds like my kind of street. getting the impression not take long to find a quality girl giving good service and a good price?

    Good to see you using a camera, you will make a photographer yet. How were the girls about you taking a picture, how you arrange it with them? is not showing face your decision or theirs? Any refuse to let you take photos of any kind?

    Shame you dont show their face or front a bit more, some look like they are getting off the loo! 🙂

    1. For me when mongering, taking pictures and taking pictures like trophies is not a priority but mongering and getting on with it is. 🙂 Most if the time at the heat of the moment the thought of opening the camera actually never crossed my mind and in my report not even 25% of the women I had are shown even if it is only their bare ass. I was never refused but some were very shy and some were I thought uncomfortable with me snapping away so I respected that by keeping their face private from such a public website.

      1. More souvenirs than trophies, i love mongering I always enjoyed taking photos even before I started travelling, but since travelling got more into photography.
        Then since blogging pictures become a lot more important, people love photos more probably than the stories. Anyway keep up the great work, I really would have liked to see more of these girls

  2. They say you have to walk first before you run and that’s how I see my first David Bailey attempts :-):And the burning question as always is where too next?

  3. Matt am I right in thinking you felt more comfortable mongering around Pino Suarez Plaza than Calle San Pablo and how many minutes walking distance is there between the two?

    1. Definitely felt more at ease mongering around Pino Suarez Plaza than Calle San Pablo due to the fact that it is one of those places where people just naturally congregate and sit. Walking distance between the two was not even 10 minutes.

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