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Things Can Change Quickly

Hello this is Guy from GuysNightlife and we are going to talk about how quickly things can change when it comes to mongering. The internet has been a great tool for us all and allowed us to learn about so many new places around the world.

Our site, as well as Monger Planet and many others have helped a countless number of guys find out everything you need to know about what is available to you in other countries. On the one hand this is great, it lets many guys who never would have had a clue learn about all that is out there.

On the other hand as more and more tourists start to travel abroad markets will get more and more spoiled. This is just how the world works, once the masses find out about anything and the demand goes up so do prices.

And not just prices, but attitudes become spoiled as well. As more foreigners start visiting countries and more girls start having guys lead them on and lie to them it doesn’t help our cause.

There is a reason why if you hop on any sexpat message board you hear lots of rumblings from the old guard. Lets use Cambodia as the example for this one.

Things Get Worse, Not Better

Unfortunately we weren’t around Cambodia in the 90’s but have heard many stories. Go into a bar and tip a girl a dollar and you could get a blowjob right there on your bar stool.

Cambodian whore
Sihanoukville girl

Cambodian Girls would go home with you and fuck you all night for a few bucks. There were few tourists and fewer dollars to go around.

Fast forward to around 2010. The internet had been around for awhile, long enough to make some changes. Long enough to make countries clean up how out in the open prostitution was, even in a country like Cambodia that was considered the wild west.

Prices had gone up, but not all that much. You could still get freelancers for $10-$20, and bar girls would go with guys for $30-$50 after a $10 barfine.

Cambodia girl naked
Cambodian tits

The Cambodian girls were still hungry to earn and if you made an offer that was in their required price range they would go with you and try to make you happy. Only 5 or so years later and things have changed even more.

Now girls all have smart phones. Hookers in a country where the average person makes under $100 a month have phones that cost triple that.

They have thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook, some of which send them money. They might have boyfriends from all over the globe putting them on Western Union, some of which they have never met before.

They are pickier about who they go with, they charge higher prices when they do go, and more of them have attitudes and think they are hot shit than ever before.

It Isn’t Dead Yet

We aren’t trying to be all doom and gloom here. Things are certainly not dead yet, there are still many great places to visit where you can have an awesome time as a single guy.

But how long will it all last, and how long until the current group of mongers start to be like the guys who were talking about how Cambodia was ‘back in the day.’ Get out there now while the getting is good and get your fill.

We wrote a lengthy post on our 10 best travel destinations for a single guy . Find a spot that sounds right to you and have your fun while the getting is good. Things will be fine for the foreseeable future, but nobody knows what the next 10 years will bring.

By Guys Nightlife.

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  1. Yes the internet is definitely a double edged sword. I wonder how many of the wrong kind of people read the monger forums and our blogs? But the oldest profession will always be thriving somewhere. For sure also I have had some great sex with semi pro girls I have met because of the internet not in spite of it. sites like craigslist, seeking arrangement etc. And also travel wherever you are had some great sex because of girls I have met on Tinder, tagged and Badoo.

    I visited Phnom Penh Cambodia first time 2005 and took a visit to the legendary Sophies that was still open. Had 10 girls most really nice looking around me at the bar each taking it in turns to suck my cock at the bar, without paying a penny. Eventually chose two and took them into the back room for great blowjob and CIM I think $10. Was so quiet on the streets back then. Now completely different but Cyrcee was still open last time I was there. So yes agreed still lots of mongering to be had but the low hanging fruit has maybe all been picked

  2. Lousy White Knights as a call them. They over pay then try to keep these girls under a sugar daddy status. It makes it harder for everyone when they get the idea they can charge double or triple what they previously did just because one dummy went and overpaid. Hopefully it reverts rather than gets worse. I think many fellow monger sites kinda do like this and informs its readers not to over pay. It’s our money, we control the inflation. If someone acts dumb with their money it sets the precedent for over pricing and the providers thinking they can take advantage of the situation. I’m all for them getting more to better themselves but not in this manner.

    1. the problem is its inevitable once mass tourism arrives. you have to find pastures new, problem is today we are running out of new places to go or it seems that way. you cant educate these people, they go in with their hearts wide open

      1. it really is amazing how many girls will get overpaid one time and then set this as their new going rate, you could come in a week later when she hasnt got one other customer and she still wont go for the actual going rate because she got paid more once

        but many do think that way, and no inflation is higher these days than in mongering

    2. Add to this the very cheap flights on the low cost airlines as well used by the economic migrant whores with their flashy i phones, and there seems to be no low hanging fruit left to pick in what we used to call Eastern Europeon countries. I mentioned this before but in London now in the top 5 star west end hotels in places like Mayfair and Knightsbridge an all night arrangement with a so called High Class eastern european whore can see the girl now easily commanding 5,000 Euros with the right client. Go to Sofia Bulgaria and the only street whores you will see now in the centre are the local gypsy women.

      1. Was in Sofia last month, hotel to stay is the girl friendly Ramada and casino a bit on the wrong side of the tracks near the train station but only 10 minutes walk from the Lions Bridge and BLVD Maria Luiza where I saw a lot of gypsy women at night. Nice health club and pool also at the Ramada.

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