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Merced Street Hookers Mexico City

Part 8 Monger Matts Mexican Adventure

Joining the evening Metro commuters, most of who were wearing coats seemed bizarre having just come from sunny warm Veracruz, but in Mexico City it does get chilly later in the evening.

mexico city metro
Joining the evening commuters not at Moorgate London, but Mexico City

Merced Market

Counting the stops to my first port of call, Merced station, which if the info I had read was still up to date, Merced is apparently one of the main mongering areas for street action in Mexico City but allegedly it is not one of the safest areas so I travelled here with the most caution taking my spare second mobile phone with me which was good for any pictures but had no internet.

The main street action in Merced was supposed to be on Calle San Pablo, but where, and where in relation to the Station was not clear. Coming out of Merced station has more than one exit but thinking I had probably come out of the right entrance I was facing part of a T junction with a very wide road to cross. Being a typical street market area now closed for the night all the streets and side streets were littered and the area seemed a bit too quiet for my liking and together with an absence of any clear street signs it was time I thought to mission abort, but for a true monger like me, mission postponed but not cancelled.

Pino Suarez

Travelling back on the Metro in the opposite direction back the way I came my next port of call was Pino Suarez, just one quick stop down the line. This one should be easy I thought as I read almost across the street from the station you will find street walkers. Being a busy interchange Metro station, Pino Suarez has several exits and you can quite easily walk for miles just looking for them. What was not mentioned was that whatever exit you leave the station from, at night, it is pitch black outside with no street lights making it barely impossible to even see the street never mind the piazza, precinct and square. There was a lot of building work going on at the time which may have been the reason for the lack of street lighting in places.

It was around 8:30pm when I hit the mean streets of Pino Suarez and there were a lot of people about, standing and sitting around the precinct and square part but the problem I had was I could only see their silhouettes. Walking around a bit, but cautiously, hoping my eyes would become accustomed to the dark I checked out the areas that had the most lights including the entrance to what looked like an indoor commercial sort of market place where a character straight out of ‘Central Casting’ for Breaking Bad with his bald head and face covered in tattoos stopped me and explained that here was a public wash room.

Most of the silhouettes I saw I’m sure were hookers but it was very difficult to approach them to have a better look, one girl who had that raunchy Madonna 1980s look, wearing a bikers jacket and a Donny Osmond cap who I thought looked quite cute would be sitting down but whenever I walked over to her she stood up again and found another spot to sit down again and when I saw her approached and walking off with another client who I saw approaching several other women earlier, I felt quite jealous. It was then time to call it a night but I knew I would return, and maybe who knows, meet that kinky looking Madonna girl again in the better light of day.

Day 3 Mexico City

It was now 2 days without any pussy but I was feeling tired and I did not seem to have that same oomph and spring in my stride like I had in Veracruz. Whatever, I had laid on a full agenda that day and after having a late morning breakfast outside the hotel, followed by a bit of a walk around Zona Rosa, like all good tourists wanting to take some nice pictures I got on the Metro, destination the Zocalo Main Square, changing at Pino Suarez onto the Blue Metro line 2, for one stop.

The Zocalo

Also known as the Plaza del la Constitucion and the Plaza Mayor – the very center of Mexico City, the Zocalo Main Square is after its Moscow counterpart the second largest public square in the world. Full of good photo opportunities and surrounded by impressive buildings, and add to that the contrast, at some angles, of seeing this almost deserted vast open space surrounded by what is an otherwise crowded city.

zocalo mexico city
The Zocalo Mexico City

First visiting the very imposing massive Cathedral and then seeing part of the big grand National Palace from the outside, which I thought was a piss take considering it only served as a residence for Spain’s colonial masters, thinking there was not a lot going on I missed out entirely seeing part of an Aztec temple on the top end of the Square, something I would like to have seen.

Joining the bottom left corner of the square, the streets 16 de Septiembre and 5 de Febrero, especially, and some of the adjoining streets where I walked could easily have been the center of Madrid. Here I stopped for coffee, this time in Starbucks.

Back to Merced

Still wanting to see the mongering street action around Merced Market and with my tourist hat on as well I was able to kill 2 birds with one stone first visiting the ‘Must see’ Mercado de Sonora, or Witches Market, nearby. I had seen this place on television and it looked fascinating where fortune tellers’and local healers and makers of love potions etc,etc all tout for your business providing they are not shopping there themselves.

Getting the Metro again and getting off at Merced Station where I was the night before, after the barriers instead of turning left to take me out onto the main road I turned right walking directly into Mercado Merced, proper, practically one big indoor general market spread over several blocks with confusing narrow passages which seemed to go on forever. What didn’t help either was the odd Mexican Man or Women with whatever they were selling from peanuts to chewing gum, just standing there and blocking the middle of the passage whenever they made a sale. This part of the afternoon I was not enjoying one bit and I couldn’t wait to get out onto the street again from one crowd into another crowd. And by some miracle I managed to find hidden away among the market stalls on the street level below, the start to the only footbridge in the area crossing the busy highway linking the Sonora Market.

Losing the Plot? Alone so far from home

Sweating like a pig and to be really honest I hate crowded places and damn markets especially if I’m not buying anything, at that moment there alone and so far from home on that footbridge in Mexico City I wondered if I was losing the Plot.

merced marked mexico city
Crossing the busy Avenida Fray Servando Teresa de Mier on one of those really, still, sweltering hot afternoons.

Mercado de Sonora

Just as I imagined it to be mercado de Sonora, a bit creepy inside, with lots of candles and incense smoke and herbs potions and medicines for sale and quite a size too, probably being the only Cash and Carry store of its kind for all of Mexico’s traditional healers, and I should imagine a fair share too of Mexico City quacks as well.

The stall holders come healers who did approach me only spoke Spanish (they seemed very firm about this) so there was little chance of getting any love potions that day, but what wasn’t so nice was the live animal corner which as well as being stifling hot inside smelt horrible where reptiles and domestic pets of all ranges, including caged birds, seemed to be waiting crapping themselves for whatever fate lay in store.

Once outside again I crossed back over to the over side of the road, but instead of carrying on straight in the general direction of Merced Station where I was probably at risk of losing all sense of direction and getting totally lost amongst the forests of suitcases, plastic household items and copy DVDs, once down on street level I turned left following Avenida Fray Servando Teresa de Mier for two blocks or so in anticipation of missing out the last sections of street market before turning right up the next available road that would take me right in to the part I hoped of Calle San Pablo.

The fact that I was in a dodgy neighbourhood too, constantly at the back of my mind, I had to get this right. In need of a cold drink anyway and a place to rest my aching feet for ten minutes or so I went into the first Oxxo convenience store I saw, and grabbing a cold coke from the fridge sat down on one of the stools next to the window away from any prying eyes and studied Google Maps on my mobile. The next turning to my right which would take me to San Pablo was a street called Jesus Maria and with a street name like that surely, I couldn’t go wrong.

Best mongering bit of Calle San Pablo

As it happens the best mongering bit of Calle San Pablo is where Jesus Marie joins this street. Reaching the junction, just across the road I had my first sighting of the famous street hookers. But unaware that I was in the best part of Calle San Pablo, staying on the same side of the road as the street market stalls I walked for another 300 metres or so towards Merced Station before choosing to cross the road, confirming at the same time that all the street action is definitely contained on that opposite side of the road where all the shops are.

Spoilt for choice

Usually standing in the shop doorways alone or sometimes in twos but initially very thin on the ground at the Merced Station end, things start to really hot up choice wise between the junction of Calle del Topacio and Jesus Marie. On that one block alone, opposite the Cathedral, I was so impressed with the quality on offer and so spoilt for choice I found myself walking up and down that same section of street more than once which after a while brought a few smiles even to the most casual looking nonchalant ‘House of Wax’ standing there.

Office type of girl

It was ‘That girl from the office’ type that I finally chose and not only fancying her, when we started speaking I knew that in less than 5 minutes probably, we would be having sex on top of the bed in the nearest cheap hotel, and this my friend is what mongering is all about. Had I spotted her first in a shop or in somewhere like Starbucks away from the street scene I would not have imagined her doing this, and even better too that she spoke a bit of English she took me just around the corner to a ST fuck hotel on Las Cruces where I did the usual, first handing over the agreed price to her of 300 pesos, her paying the hotel reception with part of that money and then us going up to the room just like any nice couple checking into a hotel.
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Job done and it was one of my best mongering sessions so far in Mexico.
The End.
Coming up in Part 9 Tequila and more fabulous mongering pussy in Mexico city.
By Monger Matt.

14 thoughts on “Merced Street Hookers Mexico City”

  1. Dude, sometimes it seems you are trying to write a novel, but thanks for your effort and information. Just like the 50’s L.A. TV program name Dragnet, [ justed the facts man] when, where, and address. Just kidding, great job.

    1. When and where and address, Dude, are we going to see any helpful written contribution to this forum from yourself? Just kidding 🙂 but seriously when people do go on sites like this just personal opinions like yours don’t mean Jack.. but quite rightly as you said yourself facts do as in contributing relevant and useful information. He has done a great job though, I would agree with that.

  2. Good write up Matt, I have felt all those emotions, been through all those mongering experiences. It reminds me why I am reluctant to book up some flights to some new destination I have never been before. But perseverance furthers.

    1. Sure, Mexico City can also be dangerous in places and for that reason I tended not to be out too late at night. Saw a high police presence not only in the main tourist spots but also in the two main mongering areas I visited during the day which in a way I found reassuring. Did though find my self in a bit of trouble with some guys on the street on my last day in Merced but managed to get away from it.

      1. Matt, I always recon new mongering areas during daylight hours. To at least get a sense of direction. times i have got completely loss coming out of a metro station wrong exit 🙁

  3. Why are you going to all these dodgy places?

    Despite what the travel media tell you that these countries like Mexico and other South American countries are now pretty safe to travel, it is still not, unless you stick to the overcharged tourist areas. Don’t think with your dick and take such high risk. You are lucky you have not been robbed or jumped by any street hooker or gangs.

    Stick to Zona Rosa (ie, Reforma district), it’s a safer tourist area. After 10pm you’ll find some streetwalkers i think around Plaza Garibaldi. Though, because of a recent crackdown, i’m not sure where they have moved to? Or try many of the nightclubs around but avoid strip bars, most of them are mainly scams. Prostitution is legal in Mexico so i wouldn’t worry too much about the police presence. and i believe hotels are guest friendly.

    But seriously, if you are in Mexico, the best place is Tijuana without a doubt. It is safe and you can fulfil any of your sexual fantasies there for cheap.

    Good luck,

    1. I have to say any visit to Mexico for me has to include monger friendly Tijuana. It surely is one of the monger havens like Sosua, Pattaya, Angeles etc
      Anyone got a good write up on Tijuana? a newbie guide to Tijuana with lots of pics would be a great inclusion on MongerPlanet 🙂

    2. Hello Theo,
      delayed replying as one of my reports later covered this topic in greater detail. Thanks for the input.
      Some parts of Mexico City definitely had me looking over my shoulders constantly but I must say walking around Veracruz even late at night had totally the opposite vibes and feeling to the place. I felt safer there actually, even than in some parts of london. Will definitely return and Tijuana will definitely be on my itinerary for places to visit.

      1. I have to say Matt after looking at Calle San Pablo on Google street view it doesn’t look even half as appealing as Zona Rosa. Selection of girls sounds great but is there anywhere to sit and drink coffee or have a beer while taking in the views on this street?

        1. Hello Sidney,
          on the part of San Pablo, I think opposite the Cathedral, I noticed a small sit-down Diner type of place serving roast chicken on a spit but everyone was sitting with their backs to what was going on, and apart from the odd stall selling cold drinks other than that I didn’t see much in the way of catering and places to sit. Walk and talk seemed to be the strategy there. For the best ambiance and typical Mexican experience, I think, would be mongering around Plaza Garibaldi when it’s busy at night time.

  4. I’m glad I came across. I want to plan a trip to CDMX and there isn’t a lot of info out there. I was in Costa Rica in 2011 and spent way too much money. I feel like I could have lived in CDMX for a year on the money I spent in just 2 week in San Jose.

    1. JUST KEEP SAFE. Like other capital cities across the world Mexica City has more than its fair share of crime and now looking back, in retrospect, maybe it was foolish of me to have ventured out alone, especially, to some of the places I ended up in.

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