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Last Days Mongering in Veracruz

Monger Matt’s Mexican Adventure – Part 6 Depart Mexico City

Before checking out of the hotel in Veracruz that morning, for a change I went to Burger king for breakfast just across the main road and feeling that I may not be in this part of town again before going to Mexico City, had a walk around the square again remembering the fellow monger who took the time to write about his own quality time of sitting in this very same square. Then just having time to walk over to visit the 16th century Baluarte fort, but only from the outside, I left the Hotel Emporio and Malecon with some nice memories.

Hotel Central

Situated in a different area of Veracruz in what looked like an interesting area of side streets with some adult bars, and very busy being right next to the long-distance Bus Terminus, the cost of my room per night with a massive king-size bed, air con and television was 415 pesos, about $21 USD, the room with some nice modern touches was spotlessly clean and the old adjoining bathroom clean enough and I also liked having a room key card, for security, to open my door. Also, my room was facing the side away from the noisy main road but instead of being quiet I got the constant noise of the rattling hotel lift mechanism through the lift shaft that must have been the part of wall right next to where I was laying my head on the pillows in bed.

Not Safe

Time to get out those ear plugs, but Houston we had another major problem, like no safe deposit box in the room, but worse still the fact that I had to ask reception through other listening ears if they had a safe deposit box at reception for guests to use and the answer was no. So, security wise, for my passport, money and credit cards, two phones and tablet and front door and car keys there would be no problem if I just remained in the room for the two whole days, or just walked around Veracruz carrying everything in a larger bag which may as well had ‘Mugg Me and Rob Me’ written all over it every time I walked past reception to leave the hotel.

At that point, in the privacy of the room I went off on one, losing it completely swearing and ranting on about how can even the stupidest fucking Mexican hotel not even have a safe deposit box in reception for its guests. And of course, all the hotel staff I saw from the small army of elderly female room attendants who got me some more clothes hangers for my shirts, to the polite members of staff in the coffee shop which did nice food, including the staff on reception, were all courteous and polite. Lesson to be learnt, to have the convenience and security of having your own safe deposit in your hotel room, expect to pay in Mexico around another $25 USD a night for this convenience.

hotel central veracruz
View from the Hotel Central excellent Coffee shop, the mainly first class bus station also referred to as ADO, seemed always busy day and night. According to my guide book, the journey time up to Mexico City would take 5 – 6 hours costing around $30 US, or for $56 US an eyewatering 15 hour bus ride all the way to the Guatemala border

But refusing to stay in my hotel room and the hotel especially on my last Saturday night in Veracruz, I hit the beach first, leaving some items hidden around several places in the room, but carrying a large bag around with me any way which contained my towel, I slipped a few of my other essential valuables inside it, including my passport.

Wet even before we had sex

Enjoying the rest of the afternoon reading and swimming, just relaxing, drinking ice cold bottles of Corona beer served by a serious but hospitable Mexican couple from their kiosk at my favourite spot on the beach, on the way back stopping at one of the food outlets in the Plaza las Americas I got myself a full Monty T-bone steak with all the trimmings and not quite ready to return back to the hotel just yet, I headed back to the center for my usual coffee fix and while sitting and resting my legs in Parque Zamora, early evening, I got talking to the half Mexican half Caribbean chick who was game for a laugh for me to take pictures of her as long as her face wasn’t shown and who turned out to be wet even before we had sex . A nice horny ending to the day.
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Almost Hurricane winds

Sunday, my last day, saw a major change of weather with strong almost hurricane winds blowing.

veracruz gale
Palm Trees blowing in the gale

Deciding to have a lazy Sunday instead and hearing the wind howling outside, I continued my Mexico City research in the room, in between nodding off and watching TV. Then around 9pm to clear my head I left the hotel and with it still a bit windy outside walked all the way to Parque Zamora curious to see if there was any activity there at night, passing as well a very quiet Calle Jose Mariano Abasolo where even the bars seemed to be shut for the night.

Here I was approached by two young hookers, who I don’t know if it was because of the weather or by just being a quiet Sunday night in general, but it seemed to be eerily quiet everywhere and maybe they would have been better just staying at home. Parque Zamora was the same and starting to feel again outside of my comfort zone, I got in the first available taxi and headed back to the hotel.

I was moving on just at the right time I thought . Tomorrow Mexico City.

Day 10 – Last Day Veracruz

Today was the big day or my big afternoon for flying onto ‘Mekico’ City, I kept saying to myself. Although the flight didn’t leave until 4:40pm I had to be at the airport 2 hours before so 2pm was a nice round figure for the time about thinking to leave the hotel.

The taxi driver who took me to the airport for 250 pesos told me about the period in his younger days when it was usual for him to travel on a bus for sometimes 2 days, cross over the border to the US and travel a whole day again through Texas to flip burgers at a McDonalds for ten Dollars an hour.

Leaving on time, taking in the very last views of Veracruz as the aircraft banked and climbed, there’s a place I really bonded with nicely I thought.

Hair Hostesses

When the two cute young cabin girls came around handing out peanuts and serving the drinks I was thinking is it shaven, or semi shaved or is she all Bushy Watford down there below. Veracruz had spoilt me. 😉

shaved trimmed hairy
Mexican Hair Hostess

Due to a bit of traffic on our approach into MEX we were on the ground and in Terminal 1 at around 6pm and just having carry-on luggage I made my way straight to the airport taxi desks, purchasing an official printed ticket with my taxi fare of 374 pesos to take me in a large white Chrysler taxi to my hotel in Zona Rosa near the center of Mexico city.

Mexico City new sights and a new experience

Despite the evening rush hour, very heavy in sections, we got to my hotel in just over an hour slightly longer than what it usually takes but this was new to me, a new city with new sights and a new experience so no problem sitting in traffic.

mexico city monger map
First putting things into perspective onto the map with the known mongering areas close to the Metro . A daunting thought getting to know Mexico City

The End.

Coming up next in Part 7 of my Mexican adventure…… I check out Zona Rosa and tackle the Mexico City Underground Metro

By Monger Matt.

3 thoughts on “Last Days Mongering in Veracruz”

  1. Matt, regarding the missing safe issue, I have had this problem multiple times. My suitcase doubles as a safe, its one of those hard plastic Samsonite ones with a combination lock to open it.

    Now to stop someone walking out with the suitcase, I have a security cable also with a combination lock that can secure to something. Now if someone wanted to steal my suitcase it would take a some time if not prepared and would have to make alot of noise. makes me feel better anyway. Many apartments dont have safes, but people you dont know of may have door keys. Most thieving is probably opportunistic and just want to stuff valueables into their pockets.

    Of course a safe is better, but rarely can I fit a 15″ laptop into it.
    When I come back to hotel room or apartment with girl, just throw everything in my suitcase which is already secured to something and spin the combination lock. So if I fell asleep or was drugged or something, it still would not be easy for them if the girl was a bad one. Never happened, but better to be safe than sorry. This is always part of my routine.

  2. I would feel the same especially in Mexico but good tip mongerplanet about the hard material case. Where would you attach the cable to and is the cable strong enough not to be cut my pliers? Thanks

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