werescorts sydney

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Top business lessons from a high-end Sydney escort

Getting into the escort industry can be a daunting process and although it may take some time before you start to establish regular clients, it can be even more difficult to start down the path to becoming a high-end escort. Here are some top business lessons taken directly from a Sydney escort who has had years of experience in the industry and with her business savvy now charges thousands of dollars for just one night of entertainment.

You may need to spend money in order to make money:

In order to get the maximum return on investment being an escort you need to spend money and time to market yourself. This means buying a gym membership, purchasing nice clothing, getting professional head shots and spending the appropriate amount on marketing your escort services.

werescorts sydney
werescorts sydney

In order to start spending money however you need to make money. While there will be initial startup costs entering escorting you should never outspend your income once you are up and running. This is a slow build process but eventually you can work at increasing revenues throughout the Sydney escort industry for your services.

Create unique appeal:

Doing a bit of research into what clients are interested in and what services other Sydney escorts are offering can help you to position yourself in the market as well as offer unique services which are in demand.


Speak to your peers and be sure to sit down with each customer so that you can adjust your escort services accordingly.

Go out on your own when possible:

If you can make it on your own, stop working for an escort agency if possible. Ultimately in the Sydney escort industry it’s the escort agencies making the money. Becom e a business owner if possible and start to generate more equity for yourself.

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