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Escorts and whores in Veracruz

Part 5 Pre Mexico City Ups and downs

Had Aeromexico had availability at the time to connect me for my return flight back to London, Mexico City may never have happened because even just visiting or staying in the capital of Mexico was never on my travel itinerary.

Instead I booked my return flight from Veracruz to MEX with Interjet with their more expensive but flexible Priority fare, the only seat price they had left for the time of day that was to suit me best. The good news was, though, I could change that flight with no further penalty or changes.

Veracruz Tourist Stuff

During those first 6 nights and 5 days mongering in Veracruz after a few disappointing searches I had found the perfect beach.

veracruz beach
Closest proper beach to the Malecon but just didn’t cut it
gulf of mexico
The perfect beach on the Gulf of Mexico only 50 pesos, twenty minutes away by taxi. The built-up area you can see ahead is the Zona Hotelera (tourist hotel zone) with the large Plaza las Americas shopping center.

Had spent the days exploring the town including a museum and culture,

mexican naval museum
The Mexican Naval Museum close to the Malecon. Very interesting place complete with fit friendly Mexican woman in their smart white navy uniforms walking around.
mexico monger map
One of my favourites inside, a large scale map of the world on the floor in the large main lobby of the museum. Looking down at it as I stepped across the world and crossed the Atlantic Ocean in one second from London to Mexico City it put in perspective the other many far flung mongering places I have been to over the years. What if, I thought, if I had instead saved all that money and.. (But we won’t go down that route)
The Spanish Conquistadors
The Spanish Conquistadors own full metal flax combat jacket. Imagine walking around in that under the hot Mexican Midday sun.

Visited on two occasions the big Plaza las Americas shopping centre, plus, visited 2 casinos and an Irish Pub, but above all had sacrificed a whole day and part of an evening of my life in a small bus to gain the spiritual rewards of visiting and walking freely through a pre-Inca (they think) ancient lost city up in the hills.

 El Tajin
El Tajin pre inca

Costing 1,250 pesos, this full day excursion to the El Tajin ancient ruins was one of the main highlights of my whole trip to Mexico. Picked up from my hotel at 8am, returning around 13 hours later it was also an opportunity to see some of the rest of the Country. But life can Suck, sometimes, as I was to experience firsthand when by not bothering to charge my mobile the night before and watching, to pass the time on the bus, some programs that I had down loaded on the TV Player app on my phone, together with having my Location constantly turned on, on Google maps, in no time my old phone’s battery was about to go flat. I still managed, but only just, on an almost flat mobile phone battery to get a few pictures in before the phone died on me completely.

8 Afternoon Delight sessions in total

As well as, 8 afternoon delight sessions in total with 6 different women under my belt plus a visit on my second day out to the suburbs to one of the Casa’s specializing in one of those ticking all the right boxes hot sexy massages, which performed by a young Chica first in her underwear to tease my hard on was outstanding, address 879 Calle Sanchez Tagle, I felt I was getting very close to enjoying Veracruz mongering to the max, and as the saying goes, the best time to leave any party is when it is at its peak.

The world was my Oyster.

Then by day 6, at around the half way point of my trip I was relaxing somewhere over a beer when that Eureka moment hit me. Here I was not tied down to some 14 night hotel package deal with breakfast and dinner included, I still had 7 nights to go and do whatever I wanted, the World was my Oyster.

My decision to go into and stay in Mexico City for my last 4 nights was that to travel all the way to somewhere like Mexico without seeing the capital was something that I may have regretted later just like Rome, Istanbul and Paris, cities which I have flown in and out of but never visited.

As at that point I hadn’t done any proper mongering research on Mexico City, it was time to get online again and by the time I got to my second cup of coffee, I read that to book a reputable safe hotel in a safe area in Mexico City anywhere close to the action was going to be a lot more expensive than I thought, so to subsidize my new travel plans with every little helps, I decided to Check-out of the Hotel Emporio the next day to downgrade to a much cheaper hotel for my last 2 days in sunny Veracruz.

Maximum Hedonism on the Malecon

Being my last day and night now staying by the Malecon in Veracruz, I was determined to enjoy maximum hedonism pleasure in my room at the hotel with an escort I had arranged the previous night through mileroticas veracruz to meet me at the agreed time in a restaurant next my hotel for 2 hours at an agreed price of 1200 pesos.

While checking out escorts of mexico veracruz this was the first escort site I came across. whist finding escorts informative and good to read I thought it was a bit of a wind up with so many of the telephone number links either being number no longer in use or what I thought to be announcements in Spanish to leave a message. This other site, Sexservidoras also basically just gave me one big fucking hard on just looking at it.

Splashing out the equivalent of almost £50 for the girl to come to me was the most amount I would have been prepared to pay in Mexico for even Miss World, but I wanted to enjoy the experience nice and slowly with no rush which 600 pesos for 1 hour would not have sufficed.

Text messaging patience pushed to the limit

Texting her, and translating her replies as well as my own messages took over an hour, which I had arranged the previous evening while sitting outside a restaurant having my text messaging patience pushed to the limit but having my shoes cleaned and polished beautifully at the same time.

We agreed that instead of her coming straight to hotel reception and announcing herself to all and sundry, she would do what I preferred and meet me first in the restaurant, or as I tried to explain, get to know each other first over a coffee or a drink. She was hot, and I had thought I had moved a mountain even getting this far with the language barrier.

Last day by the Malecon

On the morning of my date which was to be my last day by the Malecon, I spent a pleasant part of the morning visiting as I have already mentioned the Mexican Naval Museum which was less than a block away from the hotel. Returning in ample time for our 1pm date at the restaurant and aware of every woman arriving alone, or in pairs, or even with dodgy looking men in tow, I did have to choose probably one of the busiest tourist restaurants on the Boardwalk.

1:30pm came when I got a text saying she was delayed but was on her way.

Time wasting gutted

At around 2:15 pm I got another text asking me for my room number and I replied back why did she want my room number, which she replied, so she could ring my room and speak to me while I was in the room so she knew it was me, (again roughly translated), and by bringing us near now to quarter to 3 in the afternoon which was nearing my other quality time usually on the beach or by the pool, reluctantly, I then left the restaurant and went up to the room to receive the call. 3:15pm came and went and still no call, then I got another text message saying that when she called the hotel they said there was no person under my name registered.

Then I realised the fucking screw up, as I do most of the time I gave her my convenient middle name not realising at the time that she was going to ring the hotel despite me thinking I had made it so clear that I preferred us to meet in a restaurant first. Literally pulling my hair out now, before trying to ring her I texted her back to phone again and be asked to be put through to my room, then the next thing that happened, 5 minutes later I got a call from hotel reception asking me if I had another name, followed by another text message from her basically telling me Adios.

Not only reading how similar things happen, frequently, on the other forums believe me it still doesn’t take away the anger and disappointment felt after putting in so much time, and wasting so much time and effort with a zero-zilch result at the end of it. At times like these you really do forget for a moment that you are lucky to be away in a warm sunny country away from it all. Basically, I was gutted.

Second Attempt

Going back to those escort sites again later, as my horny dick and balls dictated, on my second attempt, this time giving the full address, hotel telephone number and my full name and room number, I managed to arrange at short notice a takeaway visiting massage with all extras included es el precio (for the price) of 700 pesos for 1 hour in the room with a separate text message as well as confirmation, informing me in Spanish that two girls will be giving me the relaxing massage because that’s the package.

Sweet tapping sound on my door

And sure enough, right on time, I got their text informing me that they had arrived at the hotel and was it ok for them to proceed and come up to the room, before I heard that better late than never, I suppose, sweet tapping sound on my door.


Also sure enough, just as it said on the box, a twosome did arrive, the main girl, tall slim with a beautiful tanned face and long black curly hair in her early twenties, wearing tracksuit bottoms and her helper assistant, which was the impression I got, was totally the opposite, shorter and chubby with blonde hair wearing like a short skirt tennis outfit and her large boobs sticking out a bit, I thought on purpose and giving me a hard on.

Yep this was the night

Yep this was the night, getting down to it I would like to think we all had a good time. First stripping to their underwear while I lay on the bed, and the blonde girl taking instructions in Spanish, they worked their four-hands first professionally, then teasingly, with the blonde girl then taking the rest of her kit off, putting a condom on my dick before her boss took over, then totally naked as well, sucking my dick dry while I felt and stroked the blonde girls’ tits which she seemed to be enjoying .The boss had quite a black bush going on down below, whereas the blonde girl was totally clean shaven and pinkish in that same pussy region and there was no problem touching.

Feeling the health benefits as well, that was money well spent, and I tipped them accordingly 100 pesos extra, each. That’s what I call a proper massage. The End.

Coming up in Part 6 Depart Mexico City

By Monger Matt.

6 thoughts on “Escorts and whores in Veracruz”

  1. Matt, sounds like you would have liked a normal date after all the whoring, but the ‘escort’ was just a another whore. I know the feeling.

    I am sure these conquistadors of old were mongers too

    1. Yeah, sometimes I would pay the extra dollar ( but read dollars) for that non sex, first, gf experience, to relax together to get in the mood with the convenience of having already seen and liking the person’s face and body in advance. But in the real world as it becoming more and more apparent, your average whore just wants to get on with it, spend as little time with you as she thinks she can get away with and will claim she can not speak your language when it suits her. I am sure the Spanish conquistadors never took this shit 🙂

      1. The thing with being a lone ranger, its exciting the build up, then screwing a few whores, but then you do miss company, either girlfriend or friends having a night off, good chat, exhanging stories, laughs. Again, I know the feeling. Certainly mongering cannot give us everything we need. I guess that was what use to be good in Thailand you could always switch modus operandi, short time, long time, all week and they really knew how to be a girlfriend so much so you thought you may have found a wife. But eventually the crunch came I knew I could never again get emotionally involved with a whore

        1. Yep, most of what you said I have felt and experienced at least once when I have been alone, a long way from home often in very nice places which can often make those situations feel a lot worse.
          A couple of times I have travelled as two but usually with disastrous results with one person who turned out to be a complete fuckwit asking reception where he could get hold of some illegal substances and the other turning out to be a complete nutter so now in principal I prefer travelling alone to monger.

          So the obvious question is now, apart from Thailand where is there left to go to get that same still affordable gf experience? After I put some thought into this for me it definitely was Jakarta but when I was younger and obviously better looking and although successful for short time only, during my last trip there, then it was more like a trip down memory lane.

          For that quick short time fix, for me nothing beats a nice sexy blonde, and Polish or Russian can sound just as sexy to me as the French accent and I can get this practically anytime now closer to home without having to pay and stand in line to check in for a flight full of hoodies and family neighbours from hell types.

          Reading some of the reports with your own experiences here on monger planet it seems maybe the Gambia or Kenya still has possibilities for anyone into African women.

          Anyone out there have their own thoughts or comments?

          1. Yes there are big advantages on travelling alone, i guess we always want the best of both worlds.
            Yes Gambia and Kenya you can still get the girlfriend experience if you like black African girls. Kenya is more unstable now than it ever was.
            I actually kept the same girl all week in Gambia, but not fall in love. They play the same games there as they do in Thailand, they are all playing games to extract money and gifts.

  2. We are supposed to all learn by our mistakes, that is of course unless you are mongering a long way from home outside your usual comfort zone. Now doing most of their business on the internet with their smart phones most freelancer whores want to do as little as possible for as much money as possible before swiftly moving on to the next customer so we are going to get this same attitude anywhere in the world, that you can pay for sex but you are not going to get the girl friend experience.

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