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Veracruz Mongering Street Scene

Monger Matt’s Mexican Adventure Part 4

Veracruz mongering street scene

Visiting these foreign countries and different places in search of a different experience I am sure as well as enjoying the smooth, we all have from time to time experienced the same rough, screwed up women, from crackheads in denial to the usual bitches with or without pimps controlling them who at their worst look at men who are well-mannered and who may even be generous to them as being weak and even stupid.
But this is what happens when our dick takes over from any logic we have left in our brain when we honestly believe that prostitute, street whore or freelancer who we first thought was a good catch, and who also speaks a bit of our language has the same logic and reasoning as you. What we don’t do, though, is hold a conversation with them in their own language, and this maybe is not such a bad thing as I am sure we would otherwise be told some things we don’t really want to hear.

Now I think just to look at the women’s face and admire her body and enjoy the sex is more than enough. I went to Mexico wanting a total change and that’s what I got, and where my very basic knowledge of Spanish may just get me by on the Spanish holiday islands, I found trying to converse and be understood on the Latin America streets of Mexico a different matter entirely.

Mexicans and the street scene

So here is to what I made of the Mexicans and the Mexican street scene from day 1 mongering in Veracruz.

Maybe they just don’t want to go with foreign men

From day one when I was out and about trying to get the feel of the place, one of the first subtleties which became apparent was what I thought was their total disinterest towards me and the way that most of them made me feel like I was invisible. Here was a situation that I have never come across before, especially when I was getting those same vibes from several freelancers on the same street who were obvious who they were and what they were doing.

It was just a front.

Maybe they just don’t want to go with foreign men I even thought at one point, feeling waves of disappointment, but it was just a front and just as I got used to how you do things and play the game in Veracruz, I almost experience the same thing all over again in Mexico City.

In downtown Veracruz on the opposite side of the road to Parque Zamora is an old fashioned 1970s era Men’s and Ladies wear department type store which I walked passed many times and in the window was a display of female mannequins.

mexico manniquins
1970s-time warp almost

One Evening I could not resist taking a picture for they reminded me so much of some of the street girls in Mexico who although they know you are there and are aware of your presence, just look straight ahead;

are you being served
Are you being served
Mexico city whores
Mannequins again, almost, in Mexico City

Not Walking Street Pattaya or Boca Chica

Do not expect the same attention, come-ons and physical contact as you get in say Walking Street Pattaya or Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic either, it is us the punter who must make the first move but once you do break that ice, you will always get her full attention usually with a nice smile thrown in but with none of the hard sell, drama and usual bullshit that normally goes with it.

mexican whore
Put in the work in Mexico and you will be rewarded

It’s good to talk

But even then, you are not quite home and dry, just yet. On two occasions I was turned down by two diamonds in the rough due to the language barrier. Just because the girl knows you like the look of her and knows you want to do business with her is usually not enough, you have got to be able to convince her that you understand what she is saying and communicate to her exactly what you want and to be able to agree a price (two ways) so knowing some basic Spanish is essential.

These Mexican girls are usually working on their own, know no or very little English (like most of the Mexicans I had contact with in Veracruz and surprisingly Mexico City, which surprised me in 2017) and unlike Bangkok or Pattaya there is no bar Mama-san to go to, to negotiate and translate on your behalf.

If you don’t speak Spanish

Do have your mobile with you with a good local sim card internet signal for doing some google English/Spanish, Spanish/English translation because if you don’t speak Spanish you are going to really need it mongering  in Mexico. And if you can, do try not to drain the power in the phone too much, it is amazing how much power is drained from the battery just by having google maps with Your Location turned on which I experienced on numerous occasions and one with ‘Life Sucks’ consequences, more about that later, by keeping my phone on all the time.

Don’t be shy

Street Prostitution in Mexico is totally legal, so the other factor that may put some people off (including from a safety point of view taking pictures of the women) is the fact that the street scene is so public, on display right there in view of everybody from shops and usually market stall holders trading only feet away, to including the rest of the Mexican population going about their daily lives.

If you are too shy to do this, worrying and feeling that you are going to be the center of attention when approaching one of the latina freelancers on the street, then the other option while not ideal is to venture out later at night when most of shops and market stall holders have finished trading for the day.

In Veracruz I was very careful when taking pictures on the street, for all I know any of the stall holders could have been the girls friend, relative or pimp, but in Mexico City, when ironically I did let my guard down I was targeted and had I not known there were police nearby there could have been serious consequences.

Mongering bars

Complimenting the street scene are a lot of adult, seedy looking Mexican mongering bars which made the normal but still basic looking local bars look almost luxurious in comparison.

mongering bar
bar titos

Not particularly inspiring to look at from the outside, and if you are brave enough, not particularly inspiring to look at from the inside either with cheap plastic garden patio set chairs to sit on, and locals inside with cowboy hats looking just like US rednecks they can seem very intimidating places to be at first.

Usually a juke box will be playing or something loud on the television again with some Mexican music playing of some description. The bar girls bringing over the drinks and clearing the tables will usually have half their tits out showing through their tops and will usually be working girls themselves, just giving themselves a couple of days break from standing out on the street.

Grabbed the Bull by the horns

It wasn’t until three days into my mongering, using the short time fuck hotels that I finally grabbed the Bull by the horns and went into one of these places in Ground zero, and ordered a drink. The local Mexicans who I said looked like rednecks on first impressions were in fact lone Rangers just like me, keeping themselves to themselves, and just like me were just looking or participating in a bit of mongering themselves. Off course I was stared at initially, but Mexicans do tend to stare at foreigners especially if they are white and the don’t-mess with me looking barmen were, I thought, actually quite courteous.

Basically, I felt no hostility whatsoever from even the drunkest punters inside who the more drunk they were, were actually the friendliest by acknowledging me with an occasional nod and smile and the loud music, once I got into it, I found entertaining and the drinks were very cheap too with a bottle of Sol and other Mexican staple beers costing around 20 pesos (0.80p) with the usual wedges of lime and salt thrown in free of charge.

Busgirl fucking slag taking out her tits

Some of these adult bars in Veracruz, I heard, frequently have strippers inside but there weren’t any in the two that I visited near Ground Zero, but one of the busgirl fucking slags who took a fancy to me (or me tipping) and sat on my lap and took out one of her tits for me to feel, very nearly was one. Even if I had wanted to that loud music would have made it impossible to communicate even in an English-speaking country, never mind South American Spanish, so pulling was out of the question plus the fact I didn’t want to risk any conflicts of interest with any locals who were trying to pull in the few bars I did go into but they were a good place to just chill out, relax and rest my feet.

veracruz girl bars
(Taken from Google Maps Street View) this unnamed bar, one of 2, by the entrance to the short time f Hotel Palma was one of my favourites

One of my few regrets during my time in Veracruz was not checking out a lot more of these bars.

Parque Zamora, a pleasant Oasis

Using all the research I could find on Veracruz, all the mongering roads lead from Parque Zamora, just south of down town Veracruz 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from the Zocalo and Malecon, both different worlds away.

As well as serving an excellent cup of coffee in the park café, the park was a pleasant oasis from the hustle and bustle and the mean streets of the main mongering area close by.

park Zamora veracruz

Sometimes resting my feet for 10 minutes, usually sitting on the small pavement wall ledge that surrounded the park, prior to hitting those mean streets I sometimes felt like I was on one of those assault crafts, nice and safe before hitting the beaches of Dunkirk.

The next picture coming up was of my first view of the mean streets and what laid ahead of me from Parque Zamora. The side street which you see with the hotel was where I wrongly thought the main street action was, so I went away feeling pretty disappointed that afternoon. Also, not having a local sim card at the time for the internet and google maps did not help.veracruz mongering street scene
That hotel you can see in the picture, by the way, was where I was later in the week to enjoy a nice session with a lovely half Mexican half Caribbean girl next door type semi pro who I just happened to be sitting next to on the wall ledge in the park.

When I was doing my research the only mention I read of Parque Zamora regarding any night time street activity was that there may be some street action around the Park but late at night, but this was still unconfirmed. Well I can now update this a bit, and confirm that on a Sunday night around 10pm when I was walking nearby the Park, everywhere and the surrounding streets looked very quiet but for a solitary Tourist police officer standing guard outside their headquarters there.

If there is anything going on in Parque Zamora, the best time I think is late afternoon/early evening time which is a popular time of day for the locals for sitting around.

Veracruz Main Mongering areas

There are only 3 street names you need to know for Veracruz’s two main mongering streets.

1. Av. Salvador Diaz Miron which if you are staying more uptown in the Zocalo/Malecon area and prefer to walk, is best approached on foot via Parque Zamora. This is quite a complicated junction when you are walking so just make sure the petrol or gas station is on your right-hand side when you walk past it. Av. Salvador Diaz Miron which is the most direct route to take you to the main mongering area is a large duel carriage way with a nice parklike walkway in the middle if you don’t want to walk past the many shops and stalls trading on the main pavement, taking you straight (see the big green road sign post straight ahead) to Calle Jose Mariano Abasolo

Ave.Salvador Diaz Miron, taking the scenic route to Veracruz’s main mongering street

2. Calle Jose Mariano Abasolo which is more or less Ground Zero is where the street hookers congregate usually outside and around the street bar and main entrance and lobby of Hotel Abasolo, Hotel San Vicente to a much lesser degree, as well as standing outside the steps and entrance of Hotel Palma. Easily missed, you just turn right at the top of the street to get to what I consider to be one of the 3 main short time fucking hotels in the area where the freelancers are standing outside for you to pick and choose.

3. The Vicente Guerrero junction with/ Ursulo Galvan next to the Hotel CampoAmor.

Ground zero mongering veracruz
Putting the Ground zero mongering area onto the map. The 2 triangle caution signs I added was basically to warn of a section of Ursulo Galvan which turned into one big indoor street market with dead ends where it was very easy to lose all sense of direction if you tried to take a short cut, and the other sign warned of a section on a street corner directly outside the Hotel CampoAmor where the women standing on the pavement were actually not soliciting but waiting for a long-distance bus service to arrive

Prices, Patience, not attitude

Once I got used to their nonchalant mannequin staring into space shop window pose, and broke the ice which in Mexico is your job to do, in return I would usually get a smile and be spoken to in a quiet level headed respectful sort of way. Also, they showed patience, not attitude, whenever I was for example working my mobile phone to translate from English to Spanish. This was something I was not used to but much appreciated.

In Mexico I was never told ‘Up to you’ when asking ‘kwonto kwesta’ (cuanto cuesta- how much?)

The prices agreed, conducted in a proper business manner always included the cost of the short time hotel room (and unless told otherwise) for them to get naked, quickly wash their fanny etc in front of you if the hotel toilet wash area didn’t have a door, and time permitting, a blow job usually first, followed by one pop was always included in the price which varied from 250 to 300 pesos for 30 minutes’ service.

Of course, for various reasons I didn’t take pictures of all the women, apart from in Mexico City, and all had nice natural tits, not the false silicone ones which do nothing for me. I usually always tipped and gave an extra 100, I mean at those prices they’re not going to break the bank.

Short Time Fuck hotels

The bizarre thing about this was thanks to these short time fuck hotels which seem to be on every second or third street in Mexico, I didn’t have to worry about doing the hotel walk of shame pass my own hotel reception, yet in effect I was doing just that, every time I had a screw. What is that telling us about we humans, the human condition, how we act and behave. Any psychologists reading this? Well here is a subjective situation for you to take a long hard look at.

Clean enough (though some of the rooms were more cleaner than others) and convenient to use, after agreeing a price I just went with the flow, following the chick to whichever hotel she took me, which was usually close by, then handing the money to her, from the total amount she would then pay reception anything up to 30 pesos per 15 minutes’ slot for the use of the room.

A little commission here and there

If these freelancers didn’t have some other working side line going on in these hotels to make some extra money I would be surprised, even if it was just a little commission here and there and charging you for the room when there would no charge to her that time. More often and not, as well, some of their basic mathematical addition skills always a + and never a – when including the cost of the room sometimes did not add up 🙂

As standard every room would have a separate bathroom and toilet, at least a ceiling fan, usually a made-up bed with a towel, a bar of soap and 1 condom provided. Some of these hotels were pretty grim, but others dare I say were barely just about livable and this has left we wondering especially in this day and age of convenience stores open 24/7, the internet, internet radio, downloading films, TV and other entertainment onto your tablet if you could survive actually living in some these places for a month at a time. Anyone piss poor in the UK or in any other cold country trying to survive on a state pension would I’m sure jump at the chance.

Hotel CampoAmor, Vicente Guerrero junction with Ursulo Galvan

Standing all alone, situated away from it all on the wrong side of the tracks in an area of Veracruz which is already on the wrong side of the tracks, usually being a fan of the underdog I mention this underdog first which I found to be the least expensive place to walk to, to have a session, only about 4 minutes’ walk away from the other whore hotels in the area.

Hotel CampoAmor veracruz
Hotel CampoAmor

When I first saw the sandy red colour ugly slab of concrete from the other side of the road, I thought will the last person to leave please turn the light out. Or maybe last chance saloon street on a day when the mongering hasn’t gone well. But first looks can be deceptive, this short time fuck hotel is one of the top 3 in the area which has woman soliciting outside and I always found it to be ticking over nicely whatever time of day I visited.

Also, I thought the CampoAmor had the most amount of woman, around 5 or 6 at any one time, there standing under the shade of the trees, and while not beautiful, I still thought most of the young ladies working this hotel were not too bad, and above all, full blooded Mexicans with that black curly hair Latino look. The least I paid, was also here, as a one-off I’m sure paying only 200 pesos during my very first visit.


short time fuck hotel room
The opening scene from Apocalypse Now, all that was missing was the music from The Doors –
short time hotel bathroom
A clean pussy is a happy pussy
short time fuck hotel
But seriously, I do remember staying in places just like this with my mates in Benidorm and Magaluf in the 1980s, for not 20 to 30 minutes but for 14 nights. Club Tropicana drinks are free, fun and sunshine- there’s enough for everyone

Bus stop not Fuck stop

Because of its position right on the corner of two different streets, I liked the hotel having two entrances where when walking and looking to check out the talent, I could do a full circle or loop passing through the hotel lobby area without having to backtrack again which can sometimes can make you feel a little awkward. I do though repeat and say to any Mongers who may make it to this part of the world, beware of one thing, there is a section on the corner directly outside the hotel which is a bus stop, not a fuck stop.

hotel freelancers veracruz
be warned, the transport isn’t always there but there might be women still standing around waiting for the bus while standing next to the hotel freelancers

Hotel Palma, when you come to the top end of Calle Jose Mariano Abasolo

just turn right and it’s only a few doors down next to a couple of seedy looking bars, one of which actually got my custom. Here in this very small confined area amongst pavement stall holders selling parts for mobile phones and pirate DVDs, I found quite a cross-section from ‘She’s no oil painting’ or ‘No fucking way’ to my favourite ones, the Diamonds found amongst the rough.

Many times here though, on when I thought was on final approach I had to abort the landing and circle around a bit. Sometimes the ones I chose were not so obvious first due to their typical nonchalant Mexican attitude and the fact that some did not look like street pros anyway, added to blending in with the pavement stall holders. Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco or Mexico, if the eye contact usually with a smile is reciprocal with her making it last just that little bit longer, then I think it is OK to proceed.

Entered by walking up some stairs off the street, Hotel Palma maybe with not the friendliest hag on reception was my joint second favourite Short time fuck hotel together with Hotel CampoAmor.

Hotel Abasolo

towards the top end of Calle Jose Mariano Abasolo, this was the place that everyone seemed to rave about when I was doing my research. Usually sitting on the bar stools you can see in the picture, outside next to the hotel on the pavement, but usually congregating just inside the hotel entrance, or sitting in the hotel lobby and nice looking open patio area inside, with tables and chairs, all the girls I saw working here I thought looked the most like street pros.

hotel abasolo veracruz
hotel abasolo veracruz

Here again I saw quite a cross-section including two with dyed blonde hair who’s gender I thought was questionable. Proactive, or to be proactive is a word or action which I don’t think has blessed the street pros of Mexico yet and those working outside Hotel Abasolo really were the final straw as far as I was concerned. In the end I just could not be bothered. The only redeeming thing was what turned out to be a nice bar on the street that may be part of the hotel.

Hotel San Vicente

The first hotel on your right as you enter Calle Jose Mariano Abasolo.  I only used this place only once, choosing a chick who was standing on the opposite side of the road who gave me the right eye contact. All I remember of the place was that it was tidier than normal and I had a longer 1 hour session including massage to soothe my tired legs with all the walking I was doing. This hotel is a bit more lower key probably due to the fact that it is a normal regular hotel and it is more the street stall holders who tend to sit outside.

Hotel San Vicente veracruz
Hotel San Vicente

Early one evening while I was sitting on the wall ledge by Parque Zamora relaxing and watching the world go by, it was me who was picked up this time by a lovely girl next door type Mexican chick who was sitting near to me talking to another Mexican. Basically, she asked me outright if I wanted sex fuck.

mexican whore veracruz
Half Mexican and half Caribbean she was game for a laugh

The hotel she took me to was in that first street where I had wrongly thought the main street action was on my first afternoon there, so how is that for a nice ending.

happy ending veracruz
A nice ending to another warm sticky evening in Veracruz

Wham bam thank you mam!!

Coming up here in Part 5…..Pre Mexico city Ups and downs

By Monger Matt.

3 thoughts on “Veracruz Mongering Street Scene”

  1. Great Read Matt,
    That streetwalker shot I think its in Mexico city compared to the Manakins, is that chubby blonde girl not wearing anything below?

    Was it in bar Titos the busgirl got her tit out for you? 🙂

    Iv felt and been in all those situations before, good thing with chatting to these girls online with google translate you not even know they cant speak English, happened in Moldova too. So did you try social networking and dating sites like Tinder, Badoo? I guess there must be one which is the most popular in Mexico?

    I understand there is so many short time hotels as it is also where local couples go to fuck when they are having to live with their big families in a small house, sharing rooms etc.

    1. The Shot of the big blonde girl, etc, was taken right in the centre of Mexico City in a well-known mongering area called Pino Suarez. There is more about her and those very tight booty leggings and more pictures in my Mex City report.

      The bar where the busgirl sat on my lap and took out her tits was in Ground Zero next to the entrance of the Hotel Palma at the top end of Calle Jose Mariano. Bar Titos although rough but luxury in comparison is a typical local bar close to the Malecon which pays host to the more curious tourists wanting a sample of the more local Mexican experience. My sample of the local Mexican experience was two doors down on my first night where I met the big local booty girl.

      Yeah, those short time hotels are big business over there. I havn’t yet tried Tinder or Baboo as I’m still not too familiar with social media and all the apps

  2. Excellent report. You have probably given the most comprehensive and up to date mongering report on the Veracruz street scene of all the sites out there even including the International Sex Guide.

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